The Bountiful Health Benefits of Bone Broth


Bone broth, a simple broth made out of (you guessed it) meat or poultry bones, has become all the rage recently. [Of course we here at Wellness Warrior advocate eating plants and very little, if any, meat, we recognize that some of you do eat beef occasionally. If that's the case, please source organic, grass-feed beef bones from a source you trust.] OK, back to bone broth: While there’s nothing like a good bowl of conventional soup on a cold winter’s day, bone broth boasts much more than a quick warm-me-up. Unlike regular broth or stock, bone broth results from cooking down bones with a bit of meat still attached to them for a long period of time (up to 24 hours). This ensures that maximum minerals and nutrients are removed from the bone.

Although the secret healing powers of bone broth have been known and used in Asia and other cultures for centuries, a recent resurgence of broth popularity amongst NY hipsters and athletes alike has made it go more mainstream. Whether sipping it out of a to-go cup in a trendy bone broth shop like Bando, or preparing it yourself at home in the kitchen, the health benefits of this brilliant little broth abound.

A few examples:  

Immune Boosting Properties – Easily absorbable during digestion, bone broth is packed full of immune-boosting minerals including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. In fact, Chinese Medicine uses bone broth to fight infection by boosting the immune system.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties – Unlike muscle meat, the nutrients released by the bones in bone broth also provide amino acid, glycine and proline, along with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine which, when sold as supplements, are used as anti-inflammatories that reduce joint pain.

Help with Digestion and Leaky Gut Syndrome – The gelatin found in the bones can assist in sealing  holes in the intestines, thereby assisting with “leaky gut” syndrome and other digestive issues.

A Better Night’s Sleep and MoodResearch has shown that the amino acid contained in bone broth helps induce sleep and improve overall mood.

Detoxing the Liver – Nowadays toxins seem to be everywhere—water, air, food—and our livers work overtime as our body’s main filtering system. But what detoxes the liver, you might ask? Yep—the glycine in bone broth allows our livers to clear out unwanted toxins, leaving our bodies cleaner and healthier.

Help with Bone Repair – Copious amounts of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus in bone broth can assist with strengthening and repairing YOUR bones after injury.

Is making this magical elixir a hassle? Not at all. See for yourself with this simple recipe for beef bone broth made in a crock pot from Nom Nom Paleo. You can purchase bones from your local butcher or farmer’s market or save them after cooking meat yourself.

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