The Bountiful Health Benefits of Five of Our Favorite Herbal Teas

chamomile_tea.jpgIt’s officially hot-tea drinking season! Not only can a delicious cup of tea warm you up from the inside out, a multitude of varieties can also benefit your health in unique and interesting ways. That’s because certain types of herbs are chock full of antioxidants, and have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, not to mention vitamins and minerals. From soothing an upset stomach to boosting the immune system, the advantages of this beverage abound.

Choosing a flavor of tea is one thing, but understanding the health benefits is quite another. We’ve made it an easy task, however, with five of our favorite healthy herbal teas to pick from. Look them over and take your pick depending on your individual needs.

Peppermint - Along with clearing skin issues and reducing stress, this tea is known for its ability to ease nausea, relieve sinus pain, and ease muscle tension. 

Lemon Balm – Bright and fragrant, this tea has wonderful healing powers. Beyond easing digestion and helping with sleep, the flavonoids, phenolic acids and other compounds in lemon balm have been used to treat cold sores and lesions. It has also been studied as a possible aid to treating Alzheimer’s.   

Chamomile – Wonderfully soothing, chamomile can boost the immune system by lifting hippurate levels, which is known to provide antibacterial activity. Its muscle relaxing components are also used to ease cramps and spasms common during menstruation Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBM).

Ginger– Whatever ales you, chances are that ginger tea can help. Rich with Vitamin C, and Magnesium, as well as other healthy minerals, this tea can improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, fight respiratory issues, and boost the immune system. It’s also used for stomach issues including nausea and cramping.

Nettle Tea – Rich in B-Vitamins, Iron and Calcium, nettle tea is a lesser known but highly healthy tea. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it beneficial in treating arthritis, diabetes and even heart disease. It has also been used to help increase milk supply in nursing mothers. 

So pick your tea, put on the kettle and sip away Wellness Warriors, sip away!



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