The Disappearance of the Bees Explained on Video

Troubling but true, bees have been disappearing at an alarming rate for some time now. As important as these little pollinators are to our food supply, you’d think we would all be sounding the alarms with a call to worldwide action.

Unfortunately, it remains a mystery to most just how important these buzzing beauties are to our agriculture and economy. Without the bees, not only can we kiss our sweet, sweet honey goodbye, but also many fruits and vegetables, not to mention grains. Oh, and did we mention meat? Yep. The majority of our livestock rely on pollinated crops as a part of their food source too. In fact it is estimated that 1/3 of our food crops rely on honeybees for pollination. But it doesn’t stop there, the world’s economy, which is so tightly intertwined with the farming industry, would also take a huge hit without the bees.

According to the USDA, honeybees are disappearing so fast that it is impossible to guarantee their survival, which as I mentioned before is bad news all around. We might not starve but what kind of world would we be living in without the bees?

The most important thing we can do about this sad situation is to spread the word about Colony Collapse Disorder, also known as Disappearing Disease. While it’s still unclear what happens to the worker bees that simply seem to vanish into thin air, there is strong evidence that points towards the theory that Neonicotinoids (a certain type of pesticide) are to blame. Check out this video created by the folks at Brainstuff: How Stuff Works, and share it with everyone you know!


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