The Legacy of Cesar Chavez Lives On

Photo: Cornelius M. Keyes/Wikimedia

Cesar Chavez’s actions and legacy are perfectly reflected in his quote, “You are never strong enough that you don't need help.” We know that his work centered on uniting the voiceless. This week marks what would have been his 86th birthday, and although there is still a vast amount of work to be done before all farmworkers and other laborers are treated justly, Chavez helped change the way we feel about where our food comes from.

The movie Cesar Chavez, which chronicles the life and work of the the Latino American civil rights activist and labor organizer, hit the theaters timed to March 31st (Cesar Chavez Day). We found two great pieces on this film by Twilight Greenway, a review in Civil Eats

The film, directed by Diego Luna, written by Keir Pearson (Hotel Rwanda) and produced through a partnership between Pantalion Films and the progressive powerhouse Participant Media, portrays a decade in the life of the civil-rights activist and labor organizer. It’s a classic biopic—complete with a simplified story, heart-wrenching sound track, and lots of golden light.”

...and in a commentary published on Take Part, Ms Greenaway spotlights “Leaders of the modern food labor movement as they talk about the legacy of Cesar Chavez, and new challenges to protecting worker rights.” The bottom line: see the movie and be inspired! If you are feeling particularly moved to action, sign the pledge in this article that asks President Obama to create a National Day of Service on Cesar Chavez’s Birthday.

The Food Tank article details five great organizations who are continuing Chavez’s legacy.

We are a movement that builds and not destroys,” said Chavez in 1970. His legacy continues on through the hope that, one day, we might bring justice, equality, and fair wages to all farmworkers across the world.


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