The Mighty Veggie


Veggies are certainly the superheroes of the plant kingdom: mild-mannered, they sit in your fridge or on your counter, but as soon as they are called into action, their nutrients come to save us from impending doom by fighting cancer, increasing life expectancy, offsetting climate change, and (hopefully) helping to stave off that urge for a second helping of pie!

Okay, maybe we are being a little dramatic here, but Danielle Neirenberg and Sarah Small of Food Tank agree with us in their article on how veggies can save the world.

Highlighting the AVDRC-World Vegetable Center, Neirenberg and Small explain how investing in research into vegetables, specifically into indigenous varieties, will ensure less world hunger, better nutrient availability, increased revenue for small-holder farmers, and resilience in the face of climate change:

Vegetables are less affected by extreme weather because they have shorter growing times. Additionally, vegetable growers are protecting future plant biodiversity by creating seed banks and seed exchanges, which preserve important food crops. Seed saving also helps farmers and researchers find varieties of crops that grow in extreme climates."

Read on to learn a little more about how amazing vegetables are for our planet, and what you can do to support them.

PHOTO: avrene on flickr



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