The Monsanto 2,4-D was our first petition, and you came through!

dow_destroying_our_world.jpgUPDATE 10/15/2014: Wonderful News! I have just been informed that yesterday's deadline of November 14th has been extended through December 15th due to the overwhelming public response. You can STILL TAKE ACTION and tell EPA to revoke Dow’s toxic herbicide, Enlist Duo.

Wellness Warrior continues to grow, and even though we are a new and yet-small army in the nationwide fight to get harmful chemicals out of our food supply on all levels from farm to fork, we can surely call ourselves a battalion or a platoon that works with many other organizations—large and small—who fight for the health of all. 

During the last few weeks I asked you all to help WW reach a goal of 600 signatures on the petition we’re sending to the EPA today. As I write this, we are within 18 signatures of our goal. Our aim is to join the chorus of many watchdog organizations urging the Environmental Protection Agency to revoke their support of the toxic herbicide “Enlist Duo” made by Monsanto, which is innocuously called a “weed control system especially formulated for farmers who grow Enlist corn and soybeans.

Enlist Duo contains Roundup and Dow’s Agent Orange 2,4-D and has already been approved in six states. Today is the deadline to try and stop approval in 10 more states. We’ll keep you posted on this issue. 

deborah_szekely_tahiti_1930s.jpgIn my 92 years on the planet, I have watched the simple act of growing food in healthy soil become a complex business dominated by huge corporations. When I was growing up in Tahiti, my mother created our “system” of growing the family’s vegetables in abandoned dugout canoes so that the land crabs couldn’t lay waste to our harvest. By the time I was 18, I’d started a small organic farm in Tecate, Baja California, to feed the first guests at a health camp started by my husband Edmond Szekely and I in a relatively arid valley at 1,700’ elevation east of San Diego.

It was unthinkable to us then—and it is to me now—that anyone of sound mind would tamper with soil and the heritage-seed plants that have seen the millennia go by as they slowly develop in consort with climate, minerals, and billions of beneficial bacteria that can turn every square yard of dirt into the base-source of nutrition that every healthy body craves.

To the thousands of you who are reading "The Well" each week, and all who signed the petition, thank you!  We will continue in our efforts to gather what we feel is the top wellness news of the week, as well as embark on our own fledgling efforts to join—via real action such as petitions—the many voices that fight for wellness in our nation.

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