Three Great Apps to Help Curb Food Waste


The U.S. wastes 30-40% of its food supply. That equals more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. Yikes!

Reducing that waste has serious economic, environmental, and social benefits. From lowering disposal costs to reducing methane in our landfills and feeding the hungry, there are plenty of good reasons to waste less food.

Like so many important issues, the best place to start is at home. But how and where to begin? This is one area where technology can actually come in handy. In fact there are quite a few apps nowadays that work specifically towards curbing food waste. To help you wade through the jumble, we’ve compiled a list of three  of our favorites that make it easy-peasy to save food right in your own kitchen.

HANDPICK: How many times have you gone to look in your fridge for dinner inspiration only to come up with the most random ingredients. What do you make with leftover rice, tangerines, eggplant and chicken? We can’t tell you, but the handpick app probably can. The simple concept behind this brilliant little app? Name what you have in the fridge and/or pantry and Handpick will come up with a way for you to make it into a meal.  With 1,000 ingredients and 10 million dishes to choose from, it’s got plenty of material to pull from.   

FRIDGE PAL: This handy dandy little app has a multitude of uses. You can make your grocery list, track expiration dates to insure you use food before it spoils and find recipes to fit the food you already have. Brilliant!

LEFTOVER SWAP: Have you ever planned a dinner party, cooked all the food and then something comes up and you have to cancel? It happens … and when it does the question becomes what to do with all that extra food. Leftover Swap was designed to let people in your area know if you have food up for grabs...or “sharing” might be a better term.  



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