Time to unite the fight!


Many organizations and individuals throughout the U.S. are already advocating for a healthier nation — for a public healthcare system that is based on prevention rather than waiting for its citizens to become ill; for corporate transparency when it comes to the safety and quality of our food, water and air; and for policy change on outdated laws that put profits before the health of our people.

However, these great efforts individually need even more support. Only by uniting can we change our culture of sickness.

At Wellness Warrior, we are building a non-partisan, cross-sector national coalition so that our united voices for a healthier America can finally prevail.

Who do you follow? Which organizations are your favorites in the fight to prevent obesity, cancer, environmental degradation, the use of untested toxic chemicals present in everyday life, and other health hazards? Which voices would you like to join ours?

Tell us in the comments section.

As a Wellness Warrior, we know how much you value being your “own best advocate” for good health. You understand that exercise, plant-based meals, time with friends and family, and a philosophy for managing stress are what keep us healthier and PREVENT illness. Wellness Warriors see these common-sense approaches as essential.

And, we know that our nation is in the midst of a staggering public health crisis. We wait to cure diseases rather than preventing them! Despite spending twice the amount per capita on health care we rank last in a health and mortality analysis of 17 developed nations, while 85% of our chronic illnesses are “preventable.”

By uniting the many voices on health, we will be loud enough to be heard. Our collaborative approach seeks to create a coalition among top groups in the field of prevention and curate the latest health findings so you can stay responsible for your health as well as ready to take action on a broader scale. That’s where you come in; let us know in the comments what causes you are following. This is a collaborative effort!

Alone, never! Only by acting together can we become the agents of change and the saviors of our nation’s healthy future.

Happy 2014—the Year of Prevention!

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