Timely Talks About Food—In A Freezer Called D.C.


Greetings from Washington, D.C., where the weather has been cold and challenging in terms of me navigating the boulevards, but warm and heartening when it comes to news on the fight for healthy food front. I’ve fought through some freezing slush, pulling a suitcase, to be here...and it was worth it.

I’ll be reporting more about “Building Power: From Kitchen Tables to Capitol Hill” in the days and weeks to come, but I wanted to give you some quick background and an update.

Building Power was an “inaugural policy briefing” sponsored by Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders, and I attended Tuesday through yesterday, This was a “funders only” event, not open to the general public, but as your Wellness Warrior representative and a grant-maker myself, I can assure you we all had a presence.

And there were many times here when I felt like standing on top of the table and cheering!  So many groups and grant-makers are mobilizing behind the healthy food movement. We’re all speaking the same language, and it isn’t all talk: many programs are underway now that will seed INNOVATION across the country.

Now the challenge will be to coalesce our efforts and work together. Meetings like this are a beginning, but if we all go back to our “silos,” we will continue to operate like individual stars rather than a unified constellation.

SAFSF created this event to “focus on power building and how grassroots organizing, storytelling and unlikely alliances can and are leading to important shifts in policy across the country.”

Here are a few high points you can click to and/or view right now. More to come!

We will be the generation that reunites mankind with the earth!” View the 11-minute  “Youth Food Revolution” trailer. Produced & Directed by Emmy®-winning filmmaker Ron Rudaitis, this upcoming Public Television documentary explores the burgeoning Youth Food Movement, the reasons behind the rising activism surrounding our youth culture and the sustainable food movement, as well as highlights best practices in efforts to educate the next generation about the connection to our local food systems and the impacts on our nation’s economy.

Plenary speaker Jane Kleeb, founder of Bold Nebraska, organized a group of family farmers and ranchers to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, and along the way built political power with unlikely alliances. By acting in the streets together and taking the fight into local government and the halls of Congress, the alliance worked to connect the issues of clean energy and local food, revive the Cowboy and Indian Alliance, and bridge the urban/rural divide. Jane will describe why it’s time to build a bloc of ‘Mason Jar Voters’ to change food and energy policy and how it is happening in the streets (and corn fields), not just in board rooms."

Healthy fresh food is one of the biggest movements of our day. We’re all Wellness Warriors in this fight to know that what we eat is organic, sustainable, and just plain good for us.

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