TRAMAZ - Combines Sightseeing and Exercise to Motivate Travelers to Stay Fit


As the weather grows steadily warmer, many of us have already begun planning our summer vacations. Unfortunately, travel can be challenging when it comes to keeping up a healthy exercise routine. Even for those of us unable to take time away from work, there are those pesky business trips to contend with. How do we find the motivation to work out when we are jet-lagged and overstressed?

A study published in ScienceDaily concluded that,

People who travel for business two weeks or more a month have higher body mass index, higher rates of obesity and poorer self-rated health than those who travel less often. Overall, the researchers found that business people who traveled the most (20 or more days a month) have poorer health on a number of measures.”

While work stress may be an added factor to this drop in overall health, vacations can prove just as detrimental. One survey from Tripit found that eating healthy and exercising on the road were, in fact, more stressful for frequent travelers than airport security.

It stands to reason. After all, we are on vacation to see the sights, eat new foods, meet other people and explore, not confine ourselves to a hotel treadmill.

That’s where start-up Tramaz (a combo of the words travel and amaze) comes into play. Referred to as the Airbnb of exercise, they have a grand concept of creating a service for travelers to workout while experiencing a new place and interacting with local instructors.

Users of Tramaz can scroll through a variety of listings (everything from canoeing the Potomac in D.C. to guided bike tours in Paris to one-on-one yoga sessions in San Diego) which are organized by price, type and distance. Local venders have been vetted by Tramaz, which does not control the price but takes a small percentage from each booking. In other words it serves as a marketplace where patrons are encouraged to rate the participating businesses in order to keep up the quality of service.

Tramaz founder Sheetal Patel was previously a lawyer. She admits that this venture has been a huge departure from her old line of work. Still, she saw the need and great potential in such a site. Inspiration struck after a bike tour in Barcelona turned out to be a more personal and positive experience than expected. Patel explains in her interview with the Washington Post that the guide took time to explain the nuances of the area, leading them through lesser known areas of the city...

That’s the kind of experience I’m hoping we will provide, not just a typical yoga class. It’s more about connecting locals with authentic experiences that everyone craves these days.”

The service has the potential to change the name of the game when it comes to travel and exercise, encouraging stressed out or unmotivated travelers to learn about a new place and meet interesting folks—all while working up a sweat. Instead of dreading a workout, vacationers and business travelers alike can look forward to a new experience with well-vetted instructors in a fresh atmosphere. What could be motivating than that!?

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