VT – The Road to GMO Labeling Looks Long


Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed the state’s GMO labeling bill into law this past Thursday, making Vermont the first state in the U.S. to require such labeling standards. We were thrilled back when the bill passed, and we are still thrilled now, but it looks like it is going to be a long and drawn out legal fight before the bill is enacted in July 2016.  No matter what happens, our demands to know what we are eating are finally being heard up and down the food chain.

Here’s what might derail the bill. Most people seem to agree that a first amendment challenge to the law would be hard to defend. In Food Safety Magazine, Bert Rein and John Barry refer to “rational science” as a way that they validate GMO safety, whereas we believe that their position is just as much centered on the big food companies’ bottom lines. Another pro-food industry analysis by Elaine Watson in Food Navigator Magazine points out that food companies are now faced with a dilemma of changing their products or shutting out the Vermont market. After you read the Food Safety Magazine and Food Navigator articles, calm yourself down with a much more unbiased report from NPR’s The Salt (link below).

PHOTO: Clyde Bentley, Creative Commons


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