Wellness Trends to Watch in 2015


The New Year brings a slew of new health and wellness trends to wade through. Figuring out what might be worth your time can be a figurative workout in itself. To save you the sweat, we’ve created a quick list of six trends on our radar for 2015.


Treadmill Classes

When you can’t run outside, taking in the sights and sounds of nature, the only other option for most runners becomes the dreaded treadmill. Gone are the monotonous days of trudging along staring at torn magazines, digital time/distance readouts, and the wall, uninspired and alone. We’re seeing the rise of group treadmill classes. Similar to popular high-energy SoulCycle classes, treadmill classes incorporate interval training that can include running, lunges, knee lifts, and squats all in a group setting and with the encouragement and support of a trainer. The more creative the trainer, the more creative the workout!


Mindful Eating

Mindful eating aims to change our rush-rush dining habits in 2015 with a focus on savoring your food by chewing slowly, savoring the taste, and tuning into the signs of fullness. Not only can eating be more delicious, mindfulness has been shown to help digestion and weight maintenance. Try it: it hardly needs any instruction at all—the trick is to remember to be mindfully aware that you need to be mindful.


No Sugars or Artificial Sweeteners Diets

With the realization that sugar adds calories to everything while adding no nutritional value, more diets will be geared towards sugar-free eating this year. Sugar can be an addiction for some, and experts suggest tapering off slowly. Begin by limiting sugar in your beverages and switching to plant-based no-calorie sweetener such as Stevia when sugar is called for in a recipe or baking. Followers of no or low sugar diets report feeling less tired and worn down, not to mention having better success at losing weight.



With mindful eating on the rise,it’s no surprise that meditation leads the way in 2015. Expect to see a more Zen approach to life in the coming year with meditation practices being offered in gym settings as well as in many workplaces.


On-Demand Workouts

It’s like having a personal trainer with you anywhere, and at any time. That means no more excuses for not getting to the gym. Unlike the workout DVDs of yesterday, fitness on demand gives subscribers new and challenging workouts: customizable programs combine technology and fitness, allowing users to workout through their mobile devices. 


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