Who is the NRA? This one serves goodies, not guns.


If you opened up the New York Times and saw this full page ad on Monday, then you may already know that while the National Restaurant Association (NRA) was running its annual policy conference on Capitol Hill, the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United group was protesting and making their views known. The NRA is a lobby group for some of the biggest companies in the restaurant business (think McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, Famous Dave’s)—folks who haven’t always put the health of our nation in front of their profits.

Along with their ad and their protests on Capitol Hill this Tuesday and Wednesday, ROC United recently published a study on the hidden facts about the NRA. In it ROC United charges the NRA with harming public health, harming restaurant workers, gross displays of “inside politics” based on campaign donations and a lot more. They write:

Unfortunately, at the moment the NRA has chosen to pursue a different agenda — one that has eroded public health, employment, and other legal protections for both restaurant workers and consumers. Nutritional menu labeling; regulation of sodium, trans fats, and sugars; minimum wage increases; and paid sick days are just a few of the policy proposals that the NRA has fiercely opposed.

It is an eye-opening, well-researched piece of work that will hopefully make you think about where you choose to dine. If you are as tired as we are of seeing the interests of a few hold so much power over so many, then head down to our Get Involved! section to see what you can do to stop it.



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