Why Shop Til You Drop? Nature’s Gifts Are Free


The holiday season offers a beacon of hope during the darkest time of year, reminding us—despite the solstice—that Spring and new life are just around the corner. Oh, we’re also reminded that it’s time to shop for STUFF!!!! It is pretty easy to get wrapped up (please forgive the pun) in the hunt for Vitamixes, Furbies and Frozen paraphernalia. Offering some alternatives, Richard Louv, champion of teaching children about the natural world, offers some nature-based gift alternatives; experiences that could last a lot longer than a new toy or the latest version of Mario Kart:

1. Make an “Outdoor Coupon Book.”

2. Go on a Family Techno-Fast.

3. Together, build a treehouse or clubhouse.

4. Give a G.O. (Get Outside) bag.

5. Make a backyard park pack.

6. Purchase a Park Pass.

7. Create a snow fort, or buy a tent, and use it.

8. Bring the outside In.

9. Give a book that will Inspire a child or young adult to go outdoors.

10. Give a book that will ignite a revolution.

11. Exchange holiday love lists.

12. Radical amazement.

Read Louv’s explanations at the link below. Toys and other gifts have their place, but Louv reminds us that our place in this world is inextricably linked to the natural world and honoring that truth can be one of the most important gifts to give to yourself, your family and the world.

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