Women Writers on Food and Farming

iStock_000020986706_Small.jpgAccording to the most recent USDA census women now make up 14% of principle farmers in the U.S. This number would undoubtedly increase were we to include the many women who, with their partners are helping to make decisions about farm businesses. Worldwide, women are responsible for 43% of agricultural production, showing that a female perspective on farming is vital and under represented when considering the changes that we can make to create a healthier food system. This week, Naomi Starkman of Civil Eats compiled a list of24 influential women who report on food and agriculture (there are many more, of course). It is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in agriculture—regardless of their gender. To highlight Starkman’s list, we’ve gathered a few articles this week written by some fabulous female journalists and corespondents:

In addition to compiling an excellent list of women on the front line of today’s food media, Ms Starkman comments;

Women are the backbone of today’s food media. Take a look at our site and you’ll not only see that most of our contributors are women, but many of our featured stories are focused on female food movement leaders and projects spearheaded by women. And yet, the women reporting on this issue area don’t always get the attention they deserve.”


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