Work Your Wallet for Wellness—New Buying Habits for a New Year


Maryn McKenna of National Geographic’s The Plate suggests some ways that we we can take some things out of our lives and help support a more sustainable food system while not necessarily adding more time to our schedules.

Hers is a simple five-part prescription of ways we can work our wallets for the wellness of our selves and our planet:

  • Buy meat raised without routine antibiotic use

  • Purchase only US-produced shrimp

  • Choose “trash fish”

  • Look for local cheese and dairy

  • Seek out ethical chocolate

Check out McKenna’s brief and well-researched descriptions of why each of these five ideas matter and how you might easily achieve them. An added bonus is that in a lot of cases, supporting a healthier, local food system provides the efficiency of also supporting a healthier you.


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