Yes on 92 + 105 = The Next Big Win for GMO Labeling

Last week’s EPA approval of Monsanto’s and Dow’s EnlistDuo pesticide, for use on corn and soy that has been genetically modified to resist it, was a sad (and scary) moment for those of us concerned with the safety of our environment and our health. The fight is certainly not over yet and many battles over GMOs are in full force in our nation’s states. Colorado and Oregon both have GMO-labeling bills on their ballots, and Big Food companies (think Monsanto, Cargill, Kraft, etc.) are dumping massive ammounts of money into making sure that they don’t pass. Oregon Right to Know (ORK) and Right to Know Colorado (RKC) are fighting an aggressive campaign as well. The latest Organic Consumers Association (OCA) news letter suggests that Monsanto’s fourth quarter $156 million decline in stock value and a $90 million lawsuit loss are (along with similar campaigns) taking their toll. While public opinion for GMO labeling is gaining momentum nationally, the OCA suggests that now is the time to deal another heavy blow to these companies by making sure that the Colorado and Oregon bills pass:

Monsanto has been forced to spend millions of dollars fighting our GMO labeling campaigns—on top of the millions it’s had to spend on public relations campaigns and lawsuit settlements. Let’s not cry for Monsanto. Let’s just beat them.”

Both Colorado and Oregon have launched a new set of videos and TV ads urging voters to vote “yes.” This Colorado video uses celebrities to get the message across with satire and severity. An ORK video shows Dr. Ray Seidler, former EPA scientist and one of the first GMO researchers supporting the labeling measure:

Check out the rest of the Colorado ads on the Right to Know CO youtube channel, and the rest of the OR ads on the OR Right to Know youtube channel.

Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and always serious, we hope that the powerful message of these ads sways public opinion in the right direction.


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