Your Summer Bucket List


the-stick-400x350.jpgSummer is here! It’s time to collect lightning bugs at dusk, make a bat house, go camping in the backyard, collect stones, build a treehouse, and so much more, according to Richard Louv, author and nature educator. Summer often inspires us to get outside and get active, but for those moments when when we are lacking creativity, Louv has provided a stellar list to get us going. Number 3, for example, where you create an outdoor habitat for creepy crawly critters, seems particularly fun! The short list is below, but Louv’s elaborations are definitely worth reading.

1. Invite native flora and fauna into your life.

2. Revive old traditions.

3. Help your child discover a hidden universe.

4. Encourage your kids to go camping in the backyard.

5. Take a hike.

6. Be a cloudspotter or build a backyard weather station.

7. Collect stones.

8. Encourage your kids to build a treehouse, fort, or hut.

9. Plant a garden.

10.  Invent your own nature game.

And if you missed Louv’s Father’s Days musings last week, please take a moment to lean back and enjoy them. He offers a brilliant exploration of gender equality, the natural world, and raising children in a way that inspires an awe and love for the Earth.

We men — fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles and friends — can do our best to introduce children to moments of wonder, to the inherent risks of our world and the dangerous beauty of life. We can do this for children equally with the women in our lives.

PHOTO: Reprinted with permission of the Children & Nature Network


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