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5G Male Enhancement Pills Reviews – Ingredients, Side Effects, Customer Testimonials

Today, we’re going to take a look at a popular male enhancement supplement called 5G Male.

  • Is it worth your money?
  • Does it really work?

This review will give you answers to these questions and more…

Have you ever as a guy, about to have sex or were in the process of having sex; you were feeling excited and upbeat…

…Then the young beautiful female you were with made an off-hand comment either about your performance or that your penis was not hard enough to work properly?

Didn’t that just ruin everything and leave you with a limp penis and a just as limp ego?

You might at that moment have joined millions of other men who already have anxiety about their performance in any case.

So when a girl says something like that, you feel you’ve hit bedrock, don’t you?

You might have realized, sadly, that what she said was exactly what you had been thinking about yourself before she got in first.

That’s not to say you have erectile dysfunction

There are many reasons why a guy might suffer from erectile dysfunction [1] and therefore sexual problems.

It could be stress, anxiety, illness, low self-esteem, and much more.

If you are a young guy, you might have scoffed a bit at the thought of impotence.

But did you know that failure to have sex and carry it through successfully from start to finish is actually becoming more prevalent in young men?

One study found that 18% of men aged between 50-59 experienced impotence, 38% of men aged between 60 and 69, and a whopping 57% of men aged 70 and over.

Why are men experiencing such performance anxiety today?

Well, a lot of these men believe they have ED when they are really just anxious about their sexual performance.

There is enormous social pressure today to be the smooth operator; the highly experienced sexual performer.

Many guys will attest to being mistakenly diagnosed with ED after failing to perform sex fully.

And when you see how much porn is so readily accessible, people always have the expectation that that’s how men perform and it’s actually difficult to keep up with that belief!

A lot of medical professionals these days are reporting that more and more young guys come to them complaining that they have ED.

That’s true; there are more and more young men complaining about this problem.

They come into the doctor’s office looking super healthy, slim, toned bodies from working out in the gym, and young – but they have sexual difficulties.

It might be as a result of excessive drinking, it might be tiredness, and it might be stress.

Thing is, a lot of the drug companies these days push the idea that if you have erection problems, there is something “wrong” with you, that your condition is totally unacceptable.

And the problem with ED is that a lot of men literally believe and think themselves into having it.

Then when they do have a couple of bad, fumbling experiences, they panic and believe emphatically they have ED.

Many guys think it is shameful to seek professional help for ED

 They will rather use Viagra as a quick fix.

Viagra might prevent embarrassment in the bedroom, but it can also lead to other humiliations.

One guy once said he got searched by a bouncer at a nightclub who discovered his Viagra pill in his pocket.

Unfortunately, when men feel like sexual failures, it can start eroding even their identity.

They believe like a lot of people believe that men are supposed to always want sex; always ready for action.

When they don’t live up to that kind of code, the men’s club excludes them!

And as one young guy said, ED can feel to them like “total humiliation – it’s a profound feeling of being less than everyone else.”

At the end of the day, a man is there to perform because there is nothing more satisfying for him than knowing he is in control as a man –  5G Male gives you that feeling again.

5G Male Review – All You Need to Know

5G Male

5GMale is a male enhancement system that has been made with a blend of high strength ingredients.

It has been specially formulated to restore a guy’s sexual performance as when he was young.

It helps a guy to feel like he is getting his first youth back again, like “starting over” again with those intense, powerful, and blissful sexual encounters.

It has the capability of giving you an instant surge in your sexual power and performance.

It will also treat the root cause of your sexual dysfunction and ensure that you can satisfy your partner without hearing those dreaded words, “You are not hard enough!”

Let her see how you can consistently satisfy her now!

What is so comforting about 5G Male is that it’s made from all-herbal extracts and botanicals.

That means no harmful side effects.

Lots of people will be adamant that it is your age that will determine how often you can have sex, how fast, hard, and firm you can keep it up, and also, can you keep it up in the first place!

If you are a guy in the age group 40 years and over, you might have started seeing some of these things happening already!

Your energy levels have plummeted and you can’t even get erect on demand.

You might have found yourself straining to stay erect, starting to feel anxious, and losing your self-confidence in the effort.

5G Male enhancement supplement pills will be able to help you increase the length and girth of your penis.

5G Male supplement is also highly effective for increasing sexual stamina to produce bigger, harder, and longer erections.

The reason that happens is that the natural specifically selected ingredients will help you re-establish the testosterone layers.

The blood flow around your important muscle is improved and it might well be the answer to why your libido has become less effective and powerful.

5G Male comes with the comps of Supernatural Man LLC

Unfortunately, you won’t find this fantastic product by simply popping into your closest store or chemist.

It is actually only available from the 5G Male website or Supernatural Man LLC.

Maybe you haven’t heard of any of these names before, but they are all legit.

Supernatural Man LLC was started in 2016 in New York City.

This manufacturer was aware that men seemed to have less drive, passion, and intensity than what they used to have.

They wanted to set about creating a natural solution with superb ingredients to supercharge the guys.

And 5GMale was created to do just that – the solution to long-term sexual performance.

Apart from that, it’s for those guys who feel zoned out, anxious, and embarrassed about themselves and their sexuality, and who long to get back in.

Do you want to get some power back, some inner glow, a relaxed feeling that you’re on top of your game?

Well, that’s what Supernatural Man went and did; they created 5G Male to address those problems and feelings.

You might not even be middle-aged yet and yet you are already feeling a loss of vitality – like you have forgotten what your youthful days were like.

5G Male helps men to effectively and naturally get back into positive momentum and not feel like just quitting and giving up.

Many men today feel they are losing their confidence due to their decreased masculine drive and vitality.

Today, with nasty pandemics around, loss of finances and jobs, poor diets and lifestyles, it would seem understandable that poor self-esteem and even depression could set in.

It’s just fortunate that there are people like those at Supernatural Man LLC who have caught on to the problems and have developed something; a gift to guys to improve their lives as a whole.

Is 5G Male a Fantastic Solution?

Scientists were the ones who created the 5G Male supplement.

In their research and studies, they actually discovered a natural wonder, a 70-year old man called Dave.

He was a retired veteran who had served in Vietnam.

Actually, it was in Vietnam that he developed his own superpowers. At 70, he claimed that he could get a hard-on and stay like that for ages, pleasuring women with his “miracle” working powers.

The scientists wanted Dave to become an example for men with penile problems – they wanted to find out from Dave what it was that was keeping him so hard and “agog” with excitement and sexuality.

They soon discovered that Dave had a secret.

There were five foods that Dave always used to eat in Vietnam, and it was these five that contributed to him having a long-lasting hard cock that made women crow with delight.

The scientists were delighted to discover that Dave was able to have such hard erections, not from conventional prescription medicines or gadgets, but from natural foods.

Dave said a plate of Xao Toi did it for him

Xao Toi

See, Dave, when he was in Vietnam, had visited some brothels there.

To his horror, he discovered that he could not perform.

He was unable to keep his dick hard and erect and he couldn’t perform like he so wanted to.

But the overseer of the brothel, being his friend, gave him some noodles to eat and Dave couldn’t believe how he went on to rock at the brothel, again and again.

Actually, that was the starting point of Dave’s sexual freedom.

It was the contents of the “magical” dish that had given him such a powerful erection he was able to keep going all night long.

It was this power that he took with him into the porn industry.

What were the 5 top foods in the Xao Toi dish and their benefits?

Because the five foods we are going to mention made Dave feel 50 years younger again, we have to share them with you.

It is these that make up what 5G Male is based on.

Are you ready?

1)  Garlic


The first ingredient in this amazing dish is GARLIC.

We actually all know and have heard about this powerful herb with its strong and pungent smell.

There is a very strong ingredient in garlic called Allicin.

But to be honest, the Vietnamese garlic is quite a bit different from the regular garlic that is found in other places.

2) Ginseng


The next ingredient is GINSENG [2].

The ginseng grows wildly in the Vietnam jungles and can be eaten raw.

This ginseng has demonstrated amazing effects against phonological and physical stress and depression.

It stimulates the immune system being a strong antioxidant.

It also protects the liver cells and fights against cancers, and much more.

3) Ginkgo


Next up is GINKGO, another ingredient that is often used in this dish that Dave benefited so much from. Ginkgo is also drunk as tea!

Ginkgo allows for the expansion of blood vessels.

It is excellent for circulation and allows the blood to get circulated to the penis by releasing nitric oxide into the blood.

4) Green Tea and Ginger

Green Tea and Ginger

The other two ingredients are GREEN TEA [3] and GINGER [4].

Drinking green tea regularly improves your overall sexual performance.

It also helps to strengthen the blood vessels and helps blood to flow easily to the penis.

This will result in thicker, harder, longer-lasting erections.

Ginger is responsible for encouraging the body to produce testosterone, and we know that this is necessary for the production of sperm.

Other 5G Male ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract
  • Gelatin
  • Rice Flour
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Silica

How 5G Male works

Allicin in garlic is truly a wonderful health tonic.

It aids your blood vessels to stay clean and that is so important.

And best of all for you guys, it encourages blood to flow freely to the penis region, enabling you to get rock hard erections that will last you for a long time instead of a flaccid incapable organ.

You see, it’s also got much needed other health benefits – one is that it is capable of reducing inflammation as well.

How important is that!

Other uses of allicin are that it can fight other major diseases such as;

  • Cancer and heart disease
  • Protecting the body from atherosclerosis
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol, and
  • Diabetes.

It is even known to enhance your exercise performances and that means in bed too!

Are there any side effects of taking 5G Male?

  • There can be side effects of taking allicin-containing supplements. These can be heartburn, diarrhea, nausea, and gas.
  • There is a lack of clinical trials about the effects of garlic supplements as well as their long-term effects. There is no clear evidence of how it interacts with prescription medication or even over-the-counter medications.
  • Because allicin can increase the risk of bleeding, it’s very important to avoid taking allicin-containing supplements before surgery. You would need to talk to your doctor about taking allicin-containing supplements. Allicin and garlic supplements also shouldn’t be taken with blood pressure medications, because they can lower the blood pressure.
  • Remember too, that any supplement taken should be discussed with a doctor if you are pregnant, a nursing mother, or young children.
  • If you are a really young man, this product might not be best for you unless you’ve tried everything possible. Quitting checking out porn and giving up smoking can actually do wonders for a young guy who is looking for vitality again and also improving your heart health can also do wonders for your sexual health as well.

How do I take 5G Male?

5G Male is a simple-to-use supplement.

You will only need to take it once a day – this is to ensure you won’t forget to take it.

You don’t have to carry it around with you either to keep taking the dosage.

In order for 5G Male to work as effectively, you will also need to eat a balanced diet, keep as fit as you can, and get sufficient sleep as recommended.

Take one pill per day of this supplement – don’t take more than you should as that will be overdosing.

Some great advantages

1) On-demand erections

You might discover that you get stiff erections just thinking about sex now, or flirting with or in the presence of a beautiful woman!

Remember we said the blood in your penis area is going to be flowing strongly and that is what is bringing this area “alive” again.

2) A more relaxed mood:

No more anxious moments because this supplement improves your mood.

Anxiousness isn’t cool and to be cool and on top of your game is attractive – it makes you feel more confident.

Your harmonious mood gets passed on to your sex partner as well.

3) You have increased stamina:

Imagine being able to last longer in bed because you have more stamina – that will give you and your partner more pleasure.

4) Improved sex drive and libido:

5G Male replenishes sexual energy, flooding the penial chambers with “hot” blood to keep you going longer and with vigor.

5) Your penis appears larger too:

The regular boosts of blood to the penial area might add inches to the size of your member.

Can I return the product if I find it not satisfactory?

The company will then give you a 90-day money-back guarantee.

You can try out the supplement for almost three months to see if you can notice any difference.

If you are still not happy with the product, contact the customer support line and they will give you a full refund – that will exclude shipping and handling costs though.

There is a return policy you can look at on the Supernatural Man LLC website.

A Customer Review

He says he’s a 48-year old guy and he likes sex and women a whole lot.

He says he’s never really had any major problems but says that his recovery time between erections took much longer as he got older.

He noted in the last few years there were a couple of times when things just dropped off in the middle of sex and he often used to think it might have just been the booze that did it.

He didn’t think there was anything medically wrong with him but he felt it took away a bit of his sexual confidence when he couldn’t always rise to the occasion with age.

And that’s when he decided to try out the 5GMale supplement from Supernatural Man.

He had read that it was supposed to make erections “stronger, more engorged, and longer-lasting.”

And he also liked the idea that it used natural plant-based ingredients.

Further, he liked the fact that it was made in a lab in the US so there was nothing dicey about any of the ingredients.

He stocked up on a 90-day supply and took one capsule a day.

He got a letter with his tablets which said that if he took it for 60-90 days, he would find himself “rebooted” in around 2-4 weeks.

This is what he noticed after 60 days

  • He says he definitely saw results; maybe not maximum results at that stage, but certainly positive results.
  • Before he started taking 5G Male, he says it would take him anywhere from 25 to 50 minutes after ejaculation before he could take on another round of sex. He noticed an improvement; that after 60 days, his recovery time was in the 15-25-minute range. He says that he credits 5G Male with his improved recovery time.
  • He noted three more exciting improvements since starting with 5G Male:
  • His erections were much harder; his penis was more rock hard and the girth seemed wider as well
  • He gets his dick up faster and he has noticed it stays up longer!
  • His ejaculations are more powerful and he notices he gets hard-ons during the day without even being provoked!
  • He concluded that for older guys, or for that matter, any guys who want to give their sexual performance a little bit more cutting edge fun; that he would recommend giving this supplement a try.

5G Male CTA


5G Male is a highly effective and natural formula for lifting men’s’ spirits as well as their penis in ways never imagined before.

5GMale might possibly be the best male enhancement product on the market today.

This fantastic formula contains all-natural ingredients, making it extremely safe to use, while it does the job of nourishing the body with nutritional properties.

It has been specifically designed to help men achieve longer-lasting as well as stronger erections.

Not only that, it improves stamina and mood; helping you to feel more self-confident and not so anxious about your performance.

If you are using 5G Male for your sex life, you will notice improvements already in the first bottle of 90 capsules that you start taking; you and your partner are going to see the bedroom in a whole new light.

Isn’t it fantastic to know that there are natural healthy ingredients that might have been lacking in your body…

…now that the body is being fed these nutrients; it can change and improve the way it operates?

This amazing male enhancement product will meet the desires of many a man because it can mean having a satisfactory sex life once again – 5G Male is definitely something worth looking into.

It certainly is worth the shot seeing as it does not have any unhealthy side effects. Give yourself a blast into the New Year – and best wishes!


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1114727/

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5G Male CTA

David Kessler, MD

David is a certified personal trainer, a licensed clinical pharmacist, and a practicing rheumatologist and immunologist for 7 years.



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