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A Powerful “ Toxic Soup TEDx Talk” That Will Sadden, Infuriate…And Give You Hope

Written by Jane Summerfield

Speaking powerfully about the effect of household chemicals on her twins and her decision to do something about it by creating a small but mighty non-profit organization called MadeSafe, founder Amy Ziff has created one of the most definitive 15-minute summaries of the unsafe chemical situation in America today.

We recommend it highly, especially if you have children and/or grandchildren.

When you hear Ziff say…

The World Health Organization says that 17% of all cancers are attributable to household air pollution. Think about that. Not outdoor…indoor!”


…in the EU they have regulated 1400 chemicals [from being used in cosmetics], the U.S., 11. Clearly it is time for a private sector solution.”

…you pause in disbelief. Could I have heard that correctly?

What does the E.U. know that the U.S. doesn’t? Is it possible that the E.U. is so radically liberal and controlling that they’ve gone overboard in banning a plethora of chemical ingredients found in a dizzying array of products?

Of course not.

The E.U. has justifiable concerns, and strong disclosure and testing methods, just as the U.S. should…but our laws don’t have the teeth to make such wide-ranging vetting of chemicals a reality.


Instead of bemoaning the United States’ intransigence and “look the other way” approach to the “toxic soup” all around us, Ziff decided to do something about it.

She wanted to create “the likelihood of good health.”

It’s time for us to tell companies we can do better. We must do better…I would ask all of you to make conscious choices when you shop.

We have the power to move the market with our purchases, to vote with our dollars, and send the message to mass-market marketers that it’s time to clean up your act.”

MadeSafe has done the hard work by testing everyday products to see if—it’s simple—products are made safely, with ingredients that are safe and aren’t “known or suspected to cause human health harm.”

Look for the seal, demand more from your retailers, and speak loudly for health with your dollars.


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