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AirSnore Mouthpiece – Reviews, Customer Testimonials, Side Effects, & Results

by Jane Summerfield

Last updated on March 14th, 2021 at 05:20 pm

Welcome to my comprehensive review of the AirSnore mouthpiece.

You’ll agree with me that only those people who live with snorers know what other people who complain about it are talking about.

Snoring can be from just gentle snuffling sounds to loud snorting and rasping sounds.

And it truly divides people – people get divorced because of snoring [1].

Kids and young people also can snore, smashing the fallacy that it’s only old people who snore.

A lot of times when it appears in young people it could be because of lifestyle habits.

When it comes to old people snoring, it is also their lifestyle habits that can cause it, but also because of their age.

Did you know that snoring is potentially a serious health risk?

Sure, snoring was once considered as just an amusing social nuisance that old people suffered from; that’s what everyone believed.

But today, snoring is increasingly recognized as a sign of a serious medical problem [2] in some snorers.

That’s according to experts at a scientific convention.

There are a vast majority of snorers who do not face health dangers, but there is quite a sizeable minority who experience heart pains, high blood pressure, or the nighttime breathing disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea can cause lung, heart, and neurologic problems, let alone feeling extremely tired in the day.

And sleep apnea can be responsible for many cases of unexplained sudden death during sleep – that’s again from the experts.

Dr. David Fairbanks, who is a clinical professor at the George Washington University medical school in Washington, says that ‘Snoring is an extremely prevalent disorder which often leads to medical problems and also disrupts personal relationships.

He says patients who complain of snoring should never be ignored.

Don’t ignore sleep apnea

Dr. Fairbanks says that snoring, which is obstructive breathing during sleep becomes more common as we get older.

For those between 30-35-years old, 20% of men and women will snore.

By 60-years, 60% will snore, with more men snoring than women – but nobody knows why men snore more than women.

Dr. Fairbanks goes on to say that snoring is three times more common in people who are obese than those who are not.

Today, current theories around snoring attribute it to be mainly a result of poor muscle tone in the pharynx, palate, and tongue.

This results in the airway tubes becoming flabby and collapsing, similar to the neck of a balloon collapses.

Poor muscle tone and snoring are usually made worse by sedatives, alcohol, tranquilizers, and antihistamines taken before bedtime.

Unbelievable records from the Guinness Book of World Records about snoring

Can you believe that the Guinness Book of World Records lists the loudest snore at 87.5 decibels!

And Dr. Fairbanks says that some snoring has been measured at 80 decibels, as loud as the sound that a diesel engine makes when riding at the back of a bus or it can be as loud as a pneumatic drill breaking up concrete!

 Fortunately most snoring is considered medically benign

Snoring is considered nothing to worry about, unless it is a breathing irregularity, and there are no other adverse signs.

However, two epidemiologic studies in recent years, from Finland and Italy, have linked snoring with high blood pressure.

The study also found that male habitual snorers had significantly more angina pectoris or heart pains than those who did not snore.

Experts view obstructive sleep apnea as the most extreme form of snoring

Sleep apnea is a dangerous health problem too because in most instances, with snoring, the airway is partially blocked.

But with sleep apnea, the airway is totally blocked.

Apnea snorers will snore loudly for a while, and then they become silent while they struggle unsuccessfully to breathe.

After a few seconds, they partially wake up and start breathing again, with loud snoring, which is often accompanied by body spasms and flailing limbs.

Some people have been known to have breathing obstruction for over 30 seconds at a time, and this can happen hundreds of times in the night.

That means the snorer spends a lot of their time without breath.

This makes them sleepy the next day and also unaware of their nighttime ordeal.

In a lot of cases, the rhythm of the heartbeat becomes disrupted and the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood become abnormal.

In fact, apnea might well account for the sudden deaths in the bed of over 3000 people each year, says Dr. Fairbanks.

Even people who died in their sleep from a stroke or a heart attack could lay the cause at the door of sleep apnea [3].

And right now apparently there are no drugs developed yet that help to stop breathing abnormalities or the collapse of the upper airways.

 We do snore more the older we get

Man snoring

As we get older, as our sleep changes, so we find it harder to get to sleep.

Remember when we were kids, sometimes as our heads hit the pillow we were asleep almost immediately.

We are going to introduce AirSnore to you to help you stop snoring by tackling the reason that causes the problem in the first place.

As we sleep, the body starts to relax – our tongue, too, relaxes and slips to the back of the mouth. Also, the tissues in the throat at the back relax as well.

The fleshy pipe; the throat; needs to remain open to effectively and efficiently carry the air that you breathe through the mouth and nose and which goes to the lungs.

If your tongue were lolling back in the mouth it could cause an obstruction that would restrict airflow.

When the tissue at the back of your throat relaxes during sleep, the air passing by it makes it susceptible to turbulence, and the flesh vibrates, causing that horrible rasping noise called snoring.

Besides getting AirSnore, there are a couple of things to do to combat snoring

1) Mouth exercises

Exercise the weakened muscles in the throat.

It’s going to be a bit long to show you all the fantastic ways to do mouth exercises, but we show you more about it

2) Treating your blocked nose

Your nose can be blocked for a number of reasons, so there is a multitude of solutions.

See our guide to snoring and nasal blockage to see what’s stuffing you up and what you can do about it.

3) Losing weight

And losing weight almost seems impossible when you start getting older, but just changing your diet and losing weight is going to make a difference.

Here we have just the diet and lifestyle for you to consider for the rest of your life!

  • Exercise regularly [4].
  • Try and cut down on drinking alcohol as well, particularly a few hours before you go to bed, and try and quit smoking altogether.
  • It is a good idea to use a nasal decongestant or natural allergy medications as well.
  • Try and avoid sleeping on your back
  • Try and avoid taking medications of a sedative nature.

Now let’s introduce you to AirSnore.

Airsnore Review – All You Need to Know

Airsnore mouthpiece box

AirSnore is a mouthpiece, very easy to use, and it comes combined with essential oils to completely prevent you from snoring.

The AirSnore mouthpiece enables the pulling forward of the tongue, helping to keep your airway open. T

his helps to reduce any turbulence at the back of the throat – effectively controlling your snoring in a safe and natural way.

Who created AirSnore?

AirSnore is an anti-snoring brand created by Wolfson Berg, and it’s proved highly popular in the USA, Britain, Australia, and Canada.

Wolfson Berg is based in Cyprus.

They boast of a long-standing reputation for supplying top-quality products.

On the official company website, it is claimed that AirSnore is ‘manufactured in ‘FDA approved facilities to the highest standards.’

What you get with AirSnore is the mouthpiece and AirSnore drops if you want them.

The mouthpiece controls your snoring while the drops consist of plant extracts that provide you with natural sleep.

You can even buy the products separately if you wish or together in the combo pack.

AirSnore isn’t a new brand either; it’s actually been on the market for some time already and has helped over 80,000 people sleep better during the night.

You can try AirSnore drops too if you have congestion

If you are someone who experiences a lot of colds, flu, and chest infections, and you just can never seem to get a good night’s rest, then you will find the AirSnore drops absolutely wonderful in helping you to drop off to sleep easily.

The drops contain some essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, scot pine leaf – all known for their snoring-prevention benefits.

They all work together to clear the sinuses and make your breathing easier, and help you to relax which brings on restful sleep.

But it’s really the mouthpiece that does an excellent job of preventing snoring.

The drops might be a bit on the expensive side, but they are not compulsory with the AirSnore mouthpiece.

You probably might not even need the drops although they will benefit you if you have nasal congestion.

This review is about the mouthpiece though and not the drops.

It’s a mouthpiece belonging to a category of anti-snoring aids known as MADs (mandibular advancement devices).

It will fit over your teeth in such a way that it draws your lower jaw forward.

As the jaw comes forward, it brings the tongue in line with it, which opens up the airways at the back and you stop from snoring.

That’s a benefit already.

But here are some more:

Benefits of AirSnore

  • Easy to wear and also comfortable
  • Stops your snoring
  • No other special fittings required
  • You breathe properly and that means sleep better – no keeping your partner awake
  • Bad night sleeps are a thing of the past
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

The AirSnore Mouthpiece is a MAD (mandibular advancement device).

It costs a few thousand dollars for you to have a MAD custom-built mouthpiece constructed by your dentist.

However, with the AirSnore mouthpiece, no dental impression is required because AirSnore works through the boil and bite system.

About the boil and bite system 

A lot of the more advanced anti-snoring mouth guards use a ‘boil and bite’ feature.

This allows the device you have purchased to be personalized, allowing for custom-fitting of your mouth and teeth.

You usually have to place the device in boiling water for a few seconds.

When the device has cooled down, you place it in the mouth and bite down on the formable pieces, pushing the soft plastic against your teeth, forming the shape of your mouth.

Once this process is over your snore guard is actually customized for your mouth.

If it doesn’t feel 100% for you, you can repeat the process again to make sure your fit is comfortable.

Look here to see exactly how it’s done.

Is there discomfort wearing the AirSnore or any side effects?

AirSnore is not the only MAD anti-snoring device around; there are many, and some of them can be uncomfortable, particularly when you use it in the first few days.

Naturally, advancing the jaw will force it into an unnatural position which will require getting used to.

And due to the way they work, the MAD can also add pressure to your teeth, particularly the ones in the front of your mouth.

If you are someone who has ongoing problems with dental crowns and implants in the front of your mouth or you suffer from gum health, then the MADs are probably not going to be suitable for you.

Maybe your front teeth are simply not strong enough to tolerate and work with the MAD, so perhaps in your instance; you should get advice from your dentist.

And if he tells you that a MAD anti-snoring device is out the question for you to use, you also could consider buying a tongue stabilizing device (TSD) instead.

Read here about these.

No maintenance required on the AirSnore, just a 10-minute clean

AirSnore mouthpiece

As far as the anti-snoring mouthpiece goes, they don’t have any maintenance requirements and once you’ve gone through the initial boil and bite process, that’s pretty much all there is to it.

It’s just a simple product that works to do its job and it does not have any moving parts either, which is necessary…

…because you wouldn’t want to swallow these while you were sleeping, would you?

The only requirement with the AirSnore device is that you must keep it clean.

Wolfson Berg, the manufacturers of AirSnore, says all you have to do is soak it for 10 minutes in a glass of cold water that’s got a bit of toothpaste in it.

You can also use a denture cleaning solution as well.

You just leave the mouthpiece to soak and it won’t be the end of the world if you leave it longer than 10 minutes either.

After its soak, you just allow it to dry in the air.

AirSnore Customer Reviews

Haha, you will find a lot of the reviews come from satisfied partners and not from the actual AirSnore users themselves!

Most of the people said they were finally able to get a good night’s rest!

Check these reviews out!

“I had to buy my partner one; his snoring was driving me nuts. After much research I bought an AirSnore. I am so glad I did he sleep much better now and I have fallen in love with the smell of lavender”

“If you or your partner snores get one of these – seriously. The first night made such a difference to my night sleep I slept through the night without waking up once. I feel like a new woman”.

“The AirSnore is magic I love it. My husband used to snore like a drain but he is much, much quieter now. I can still hear him a bit but I manage to sleep through the night now.”

That makes the AirSnore worth the shot!

AirSnore CTA

Costs and Guarantees, etc., and where to buy the AirSnore

AirSnore does have a money-back guarantee, and it’s a good one.

Wolfson Berg backs its AirSnore product with a guarantee that lasts for 60 days.

This guarantee period will start on the day you receive your AirSnore, not on the date you order it.

So you get a full 60 days to test the mouthpiece.

It is best to buy your AirSnore from the official website.

You might decide you want both and often there’s a special deal – but the best is if you look on the website.

There you will find the most up-to-date costs, discounts, and specials.

AirSnore often has regular flash sales as well, so you might get your products at even cheaper prices at times.

Conclusion – AirSnore MIGHT be a device to change your life

It is highly recommended you try the AirSnore mouthpiece and drops if you are really serious about overcoming snoring.

The mouthpiece becomes custom-fitted after using the boil and bite system for optimum comfort.

The AirSnore is also safe to use and easy to clean.

The device also works well with people with dental appliances.

Other than affecting your normal sleep patterns, snoring can also be a major cause of problems such as headaches and depression.

It can also affect people’s relationships seriously as mentioned by some above studies, and many people feel embarrassed because of their constant snoring at night – many end up being teased and jeered the next morning by those who shared their space.

Using AirSnore can help people get rid of these unwanted problems and help them to start sleeping in peace.

A good eight hours of uninterrupted sleep can do wonders for your health again.

It can bring many positive benefits to the physical as well as mental health…

It is true that for many, snoring might not seem like a serious problem in itself, but it can lead to many health problems by affecting sleep quality.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, it should never be ignored.

AirSnore is designed to help people get rid of snoring and sleep in peace; it comes with drops too, at extra cost, which can further enhance the success of the device.

If you are a snorer and desperate to put your snoring to bed once and for all, get AirSnore, it can save your life as well as your relationships!

Frequently Asked Questions about AirSnore (FAQs)

Does AirSnore need a prescription to purchase it?

Neither the AirSnore mouthpiece nor the drops require a prescription. Anyone can buy them and start using them straight away.

Can AirSnore be used with someone who suffers from sleep apnea?

The AirSnore Mouthpiece might be able to help in controlling sleep apnea. You will need to discuss using the AirSnore with a professional if you suffer from sleep apnea.

There are some doctors and sleep specialists who recommend this type of device to their patients instead of using a CPAP machine.

Wolfson Berg markets AirSnore as a device for controlling snoring.

Is AirSnore safe?

AirSnore is a safe and natural method to control snoring.

It might take a bit of time to get used to sleeping with this device in your mouth; maybe jaw pain and/or headaches, but there should be no side side-effects that would impact your well-being and general health.

Is it OK to use AirSnore if I wear dentures?

No, then you should not use Airsnore. The boil and bite anti-snoring mouthpieces require that you have strong and natural front teeth.

It might be possible for you to use the AirSnore Mouthpiece if you have partial dentures that replace the teeth at the back.

If you are worried about your teeth or whether you are a suitable candidate for this device, your dentist can offer you the best advice.

Can I expect a long-term snoring solution with AirSnore?

Yes, no doubt about that. The boil and bite mouthpieces can be a great solution for snoring long-term.

The mouthpiece will suffer from normal wear and tear, and then you might need to replace it every now and then.

But you can continue using the AirSnore for the rest of your life.


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