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AlignerCo Treatment: Better Than Invisalign or SmileDirectClub? My Honest Review + Customer Reviews

Written by Jane Summerfield

For several years, I have struggled with the alignment of my teeth.

Although it didn’t affect my self-confidence initially, as I grew up, the appearance of my crooked teeth took a major toll on my self-worth.

People around me started noticing the fact that my teeth were not aligned properly and pointed it out to me.

Then, on a visit to my dentist, I was told about the long-term consequences of not fixing my teeth’ alignment at the right time.

That’s when I made up my mind and decided to fix this problem.

That is how I came across the Alignerco treatment.

I read several Alignerco reviews and decided to purchase the SmileAdvantage aligners.

My positive experience with Alignerco aligners is what has led me to pen down an honest review of this fantastic product.

As I have already mentioned, I know the struggle of dealing with crooked teeth.

Don’t worry, this problem can be solved effectively with the AlignercCo teeth aligner!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been looking all over the internet for reliable clear aligners for your teeth.

You want clear aligners that are cost-effective and of good quality.

This review will answer all your questions about clear aligners and provide all the information that you should know before purchasing invisible aligners from AlignerCo.

So, if you want to learn more about the AlignerCo treatment, just sit back and read on!

AlignerCo – Is it safe and Legit

AlignerCo Kit


To begin with, let’s first understand what AlignerCo really is.

What is AlignerCo?

AlignerCo is a US-based dental company that specializes in providing people with affordable, customized invisible aligners.

The AlignerCo treatment plan and products are best suited for people dealing with anywhere between mild to moderate cases of spacing or crowding of teeth.

This is a dental company that is backed up by the expertise of certified dentists. All customer purchases are overseen by the dentists associated with the dental company.

The treatment plan for every customer will be supervised and guided by a certified dentist.

With AlignerCo, there is higher accessibility to orthodontic treatment.

It becomes accessible to anyone struggling with dental hygiene issues as it is personalized and cost-effective.

AlignerCo has two main focus areas.

AlignerCo offers a treatment plan that could be done at home at a significantly lower price than what you would incur if you visited an orthodontist.

Therefore, top-notch orthodontic treatment is the first focus area and the cost-effectiveness of the entire process is the second focus area.

Who made It?

This reputed dental company was founded in the year 2018 in New York City (NYC). The company consists of approximately 25 to 50 employees.

You can even find this company’s profile on LinkedIn.

I was sure to do a thorough background check before availing of the services of the company.

On LinkedIn, you’ll find that the number of employees in this company is between 11 and 50.

Why was the Invisible Aligner created?

To understand why Aligner co was created, it is important to first understand the utility of their primary product- invisible aligners.

AlignerCo invisible aligners were manufactured with the motive to serve as an alternative to traditional braces.

Invisible aligners are a more sophisticated and convenient alternative to traditional braces.

The advantages of using Alignerco’s invisible aligners over traditional metallic braces have been discussed in another section of this review.

Both braces and aligners serve the function of straightening teeth that are not aligned properly. Alignment issues may include overbite, underbite, gapped teeth, or crowded teeth.

However, Alignerco’s invisible aligners are probably the most affordable clear aligners available in the market.

These aligners were produced and manufactured to provide a comfortable and affordable, at-home mild to moderate orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth.

The Treatment Process

So, what’s the treatment process like to wear aligners by aligner co? Just read through the following steps to understand the process:

Step 1

The very first thing you’ll do if you’re interested in getting your hands on these transparent aligners is that you’ll have to go to the main website of AlignerCo.

Then you’ll select the Shop option and purchase an impression kit.

At this point, you may even book a free assessment or speak to the excellent customer service personnel to get your doubts cleared.

Step 2

The impression kit will be delivered to you within a week.

This is when you have to use the kit to take your teeth impressions. It’s not complicated.

  • Keep a timer nearby because you just have to be a bit quick.
  • Brush your teeth and wash your hands. Don’t forget to brush because the teeth impressions must be as neat and accurate as possible.
  • Take the impression kit tray and check if it fits inside your mouth. In case it doesn’t, contact customer support. If it does, check again to ensure it accommodates your bottom teeth and upper teeth, including the molars.
  • Now you have to quickly mix the colored putty and the white putty in the impression kit. It’ll take you approximately 30 seconds to do this. Don’t take any longer.
  • Once mixed, make a sausage shape from the putty mixture and it should be long enough to fit the tray. Then, place the tray inside your mouth.
  • Align it in such a way that the putty covers your teeth and gums properly.
  • Now leave the putty in your mouth for approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • After that, take out the tray swiftly. Keep it straight.

The impression will be left on the tray.

You now have to repeat this entire process twice so that you have two impressions for your upper teeth and your lower teeth.

After this is done, and before you send the impressions that you’ve taken, be sure to take multiple clear pictures of the impressions.

This is important for approval.

Don’t mail the impressions before they’re approved.

Also, send several clear pictures of your mouth along with the pictures of the impressions via email.

The different angles that you should cover include lower occlusal, upper occlusal, right side, and left side views, and a front view where your teeth are clenched.

Step 3

If you’re considered to be eligible for this treatment, you will then have to choose the package that you want and the package will be sent to you.

It will take approximately two weeks (10 business days) to get your plan by email. After this, you’ll have to wait another 2 weeks to actually receive the aligners via mail.

Who can use the Aligners?

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the company and the services that they offer, it is also important to know who is eligible for this treatment.

Since this is a treatment that does not need to be done at an orthodontist’s office, there are certain drawbacks or limitations to this treatment.

  • One of the most important things you have to keep in mind if you want to wear aligners by AlignerCo is that it’s only effective for mild cases and mild to moderate teeth misalignment cases. So, if you’re unsure about your unique situation, you can consider getting a consult from a dentist a few weeks before purchasing the impression kit.
  • If you have an underbite or an overbite, you may still be eligible for the treatment process. Your eligibility will be determined by the dental impression that you send to AlignerCo via mail.
  • People who play musical instruments that involve the mouth such as a mouth organ or flute or saxophone, etc., can opt for this treatment. It won’t impact the efficacy of the treatment.
  • If you’re pregnant, the good news is that you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be eligible. Since AlignerCo’s transparent aligners are made with BPA-free plastic, they can be used by a pregnant individual. AlignerCo manufactures its aligners in collaboration with RainTree Essix. Essix is an aligner manufacturing company that is well-respected in the industry. Therefore, it is safe for pregnant individuals or someone who is planning to become pregnant, to use.

Differences between metallic traditional braces and invisible aligners: A comparison

You can get straighter teeth with transparent aligners and metallic braces.

However, there are certain differences between both the treatment processes.

Braces, as a tooth straightening option is undeniably a more complicated one.

Conventional braces are more high-maintenance in comparison to clear aligners. They are difficult to clean and are not as aesthetically pleasing.

Plus, it comes with certain lifestyle restrictions. Plus, they have to be removed and fixed by orthodontists.

Conventional braces are effective for treating severe and moderate misalignment cases as well as overbite and underbite conditions.

On the other hand, clear aligners are great for people who have active lifestyles.

They are simple to put on, clean, or take off.

You don’t require an orthodontist to do any of this.

The best thing about aligners is that they aren’t painful to wear.

It may be a bit uncomfortable initially but they’re easy to adjust to, as per AlignerCo review left by customers and my own experience.

Plus, aligners work much faster in comparison to braces.

However, it isn’t effective for treating complicated or severe cases of misalignment.

How do clear aligners work?

It’s quite simple. After you send the teeth impressions to AlignerCo, a 3D model of your mouth, to be precise, your teeth are created by AlignerCo professionals.

This is why the process is highly personalized.

After this, the team of general dentists, as well as orthodontists, work together to curate a treatment plan suited to your requirements.

Then, AlignerCo offers the number of trays deemed necessary for you are ordered by the orthodontist.

Once you receive the aligners via mail, you will receive a certain number of trays.

You will have to wear each tray for one week or two weeks.

Every tray that AlignerCo offers is made in such a way so that your teeth become straighter with each new tray that you wear.

This is because every tray has a minutely straighter impression of your teeth.

This is how you can get your teeth straightened gradually over 6 months to 12 months.

AlignerCo’s NightOnly Aligners

When you check AlignerCo’s website, you will see that they offer different products and packages for treating misalignment, such as retainers, aligners, teeth whitening kits, teeth impression kits, pull tools, retainer cases, and so on.

You will also find two main types of aligners: SmileAdvantage and NightAdvantage.

The night aligners are especially useful for people who find it feasible to wear the aligners at night.

There are the NightAdvantage package, NightFlex package, and the NightFlex Easy Package.

These packages all have nightonly clear aligners.

All you have to do is wear these aligners every night before going to sleep and keep them for approximately 8 to 10 hours.

That’s all!

However, you must remember that these aligners are only effective for very mild cases of misalignment.

Why is it important to treat teeth misalignment?

There are several reasons that can cause the misalignment of teeth.

Some of the main causes include poor dietary choices, malocclusions, injury, genetics, poor repetitive behaviors such as tongue thrusting, thumbsucking, mouth breathing, etc.

No matter what causes the misalignment of teeth, it is imperative to treat it.

Why so?

It’s because if you have spacing issues, underbites, or overbites, it leads to very poorly regulated oral hygiene.

It becomes very difficult to clean your teeth effectively.

This means that a lot of food can get deposited and cannot be removed easily through brushing, flossing, or mouth washing.

This in turn can lead to gum diseases, teeth decay, and can even affect the underlying bone structure of teeth.

Apart from poor hygiene, there are other consequences such as low self-esteem which in turn can impact the quality of life of individuals.

You may feel low self-confidence and self-worth. Other consequences include affected speech ability, health issues, extreme wear and tear of teeth.

That’s why it is imperative to treat such misalignments.

Therefore, you should definitely consider treatment options if you’re dealing with crooked or misaligned teeth.

This is where the Alignerco smile studio becomes relevant.

Who is the aligner not for?

Here are the people who should not use AlignerCo invisible aligners:

  • One of the most important things that you must remember if you want to straighten your teeth using alignerco treatment is that since it is an at-home treatment plan, it is not suitable for people who have severe dental problems. For instance, people who have severe malocclusions such as a significant underbite or overbite or excessive crowding gapes should not opt for this product.
  • If you are an athlete who engages in high-impact sports activities regularly, this product is not safe for you. This is because you may be prone to experiencing mouth injuries.
  • AlignerCo is also not suitable for individuals who are under the age of 13. To be very safe, it is best to opt for this treatment plan after you turn 18.

Please keep these three important pointers in mind before making your decision.

These three categories of individuals are not eligible to avail AlignerCo’s services.

The Cons

Here is a list of the disadvantages of undergoing the AlignerCo treatment process based on my personal experience as well as AlignerCo reviews:

1) No Specialized Personnel

AlignerCo’s clear aligner treatment is overseen by a team consisting of general dentists as well as orthodontists.

Therefore, a clear drawback is that you may not have the most specialized personnel working on your case.

This is significant because teeth straightening and teeth movement require extensive training.

Although general dentists are well-trained and certified, they may lack the training and work experience regarding teeth movements.

You may be in the dark about whether an orthodontist or a general dentist is curating your aligner treatment.

2) Caters to Mild Cases of Misalignment

Secondly, if you were under the impression that no matter how severe your case is, you could avail of this service, you’re unfortunately wrong.

AlignerCo offers treatment to only those individuals with mild cases or moderate cases of misalignment.

3) No Physical Location

Thirdly, AlignerCo does not have a physical office that you can go and visit.

The whole process will be online.

Unlike smile direct club, you cannot go to a physical location to get a free teeth scan.

4) Takes time to see results

AlignerCo’s products do not offer the fastest treatment for mild or moderate cases of misaligned teeth in comparison to byte aligners.

It will take you 6 to 11 months to see results whereas it’ll take 3 months approximately to see results with byte aligners.

5) Treatment Plan Delays

It will take quite a while for your treatment plan to be curated.

AlignerCo is slower in comparison to other dental companies in terms of the time taken to ship the aligners.

Reviews from Customers

I came across several Alignerco reviews from customers on the parent website as well as other websites.

Here are some of the customer testimonials:

“My experience with AlignerCo was AMAZING! I have completely finished treatment and I am pleased with the results. They were affordable, convenient, had great customer service, and most importantly, the process WORKED! The process was easy to understand. When it wasn’t, I was offered the guidance and assistance that I needed.  Clear aligners we’re actually that, clear aligners. I was only questioned upon taking them out and once at the very end of my treatment, so the invisibility was a plus!  Originally, I was worried about the price difference and thinking that I meant I was sacrificing quality, but that was NOT the case. I am just overall pleased with my experience.”

“I tried Alignerco and was very pleased.  Everything was easy and user-friendly from the beginning. I received my packages in the mail in a timely fashion, and I received support along the way at every step from the Alignerco staff. I received my package to make a mold of my teeth, sent those in, and received a plan of action by email, then I received my step-by-step kit. Super easy and very efficient!! If you are thinking about using them, don’t hesitate, it really will be worth it!!!!”

Although most of the AlignerCo reviews that I came across have been positive, there were a handful of negative reviews that are in the same vein as the drawbacks of using AlignerCo’s aligners.

However, the majority of the feedback has been positive with a lot of emphasis on great customer service.

I would personally recommend Alignerco invisible aligners to anyone who has a mild or moderate case of teeth misalignment.

If you have a mild underbite or overbite, you will still be eligible for treatment.

If you’re on a strict budget, and that is your topmost priority, then you can definitely go for AlignerCo’s products.

The Pros

The advantages of availing of this at-home teeth alignment treatment are based on my personal experience as well as Alignerco reviews.

1) Affordable

The affordability of the clear aligners is one of the most significant advantages.

For me, money was my topmost priority. Going to an orthodontist for treatment was out of my budget. So, I opted for AlignerCo’s invisible aligners.

This is undeniably the most cost-effective treatment option available.

2) Convenience

Convenience is another big advantage.

The hassle and time commitment involved in seeking treatment for orthodontic issues by actually visiting an orthodontist can be completely avoided through AlignerCo’s products.

3) Awesome Customer Service

It can be quite unnerving to sign up for a dental treatment online.

I was quite nervous because I wasn’t sure whether I could get in touch with the company as per my requirements.

But AlignerCo offers great customer service.

Therefore, the overall treatment process will feel very hands-on in the best possible way.

4) Varieties of Products

AlignerCo offers different products that you can choose from based on your lifestyle, budget, and convenience.

There are different aligner kits they offer such as the SmileAdvantage package, NightAdvantage package, and impression kit.

5) Aesthetic Appeal

One of the best aspects of my overall experience of using the invisible aligners was the aesthetic appeal of the product.

It’s clear and can be barely seen by others.

One of the reasons I delayed treatment for my misaligned teeth in the past was because I was conscious of the unappealing aesthetics of metallic braces.

AlignerCo’s aligners are made with invisible BPA-free plastic.

So, in my experience, nobody could even understand that I had aligners on!

6) Free Extensive Consultation

If you’re interested in any of the products like I was, the best part is that you do not have to commit without a consultation.

What I really liked is that I could book a free consultation before making up my mind.

I had the opportunity to speak to a smile specialist on a video call.

7) High-Quality Products

Another thing that I really liked about AlignerCo’s invisible aligners is that they’re made from BPA-free plastic in collaboration with RaintreeEssix.

Therefore, the quality of the products is top-notch.

8) Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is another important criterion for me.

If orthodontic products are not easy to maintain, it becomes a big problem. This is one of the reasons why I did not want to use braces to fix my teeth alignment.

The good thing about AlignerCo’s invisible aligners is that they’re easy to maintain.

They can be cleaned easily and kept on the tray that they come with when you’re not wearing them.

A few of the main takeaways from this section is that AlignerCo’s products are quite flexible to use because there are quite a few options such as the impression kit, NightAdvantage, and SmileAdvantage packages.

Free assessment is another one of the major perks.

But, go for this only if your teeth’ alignment issues are mild to moderate. It will take approximately 6 to 12 months to see the results.

Insider information

There are some important pieces of information that you should know about AlignerCo.

A great thing about AlignerCo’s impression kit and other packages is that they are frequently on discount.

Before finalizing anything, give yourself some time and keep checking their website.

They have a lot of sales throughout the year so you’re sure to find an Alignerco coupon code.

Apart from the discount codes, another effective way to save money on the SmileAdvantage package is the refer-a-friend cash offer.

In this offer, you can save money if AlignerCo sends you an invitation link.

You can then send this invitation link to any friend or family member.

If they use this link to purchase anything from AlignerCo, they can save money.

Not a lot of people know about the refer-a-friend offer, but this is a very effective way to save money on AlignerCo.

Although AlignerCo is based in the US, people living in Canada can also avail their services.

Given the fact that AlignerCo frequently has sales, people in Canada can also make the most of these sales.

If you’re from Canada, make sure that you check their website frequently to use a special promotional code for Canadian residents.

The Smile Guarantee is another feature that you should know about.

AlignerCo uses this feature to allow their customers to return unused or empty impression kits within 2 weeks of purchasing the same.

Say you’ve had a free assessment and appointment and you’ve found out that you’re not an eligible candidate for invisible aligners, then the money you paid for the impression kit will be refunded to you.

It’s also important to note that if you’re not satisfied with the results after the AlignerCo process, you can communicate the same to the great customer service personnel.

AlignerCo will then make arrangements to send you additional aligners.

Buying Advice

When it comes to buying advice, you’ll be able to save the most amount of money if you’re in a position to pay the full amount upfront.

This is undoubtedly the most economical option. You can make use of the sales or promotional codes to get a considerable discount.

However, paying the full amount upfront may not be possible for everyone.

That’s completely understandable.

There are other options.

But before delving into those options, just remember that you can only get your hands on these invisible aligners online.

It’s best if you purchase from the main website.

If you have medical insurance which covers dental care, then you can use that for purchasing AlignerCo products.

You may use your HSA (health savings account) or FSA bank account for making the payments.

You also have the option of using both the payment methods, namely, HSA and FSA, for paying.

Therefore, there are multiple payment options. You can also use your FSA credit card or HSA credit card to make your payment.

Apart from that, other major payment options such as MasterCard, Google Pay, PayPal, etc, are all accepted.

There are other payment plans.

If you opt for the SmileAdvantage package, you don’t have to pay in installments.

If you prefer monthly payments, you can either opt for the Smile Flex plan or the Smile Flex Easy package.

The main difference between the Smile Flex package and the Smile Flex Easy package is that there is no down payment involved in the Smile Flex plan but the amount you pay per month will be slightly higher than the monthly payment amount for the Smile Flex Easy package.

However, the Smile Flex Easy package requires you to make a down payment.

The good news is that both these plans include the price of the impression kit, invisible aligners, free shipping, and retainer.

Another amazing feature is WorryFree Protection Plan. In this package, you’ll get your routine supply for clear aligners for 6 years.

For this, you have to pay a certain amount upfront.

But it’s great if you don’t want to go through the hassle of periodically paying for new aligners.

Another advantageous point you should keep in mind especially if you live in the US is that AlignerCo offers free shipping all over the US.

However, it does not apply to Canadian residents.

My Verdict

Now you know everything that you should know about AlignerCo before avail of ng their services and products.

So, here’s my final round-up up of everything that has been covered in this review.

AlignerCo products are a great option for anyone who is 13 years and above and are dealing with a mild case to a moderate case of teeth misalignment.

However, if you’re below 18, you will need parental consent and supervision to avail of the services of the dental company.

I would recommend AlignerCo to anyone seeking a cost-effective solution for their crooked teeth.

There are several payment plans, flexible spending account, and special offers, and different packages that you can pick and choose from.

AlignerCo aligners are easy to maintain and use.

They’re made with premium quality plastic and are barely visible.

If a tight budget is your topmost priority, then I would highly recommend that you try out this product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is AlignerCo legit?

Yes, it definitely is! You have nothing to worry about the authenticity of the dental company. Although AlignerCo is new to the market of at-home orthodontic treatments, it is definitely a genuine tooth straightening company. AlignerCo products are ideal for those looking for budget-friendly at-home teeth straightening option. AlignerCo provides professional and affordable orthodontic treatments.

How long does AlignerCo treatment take?

A significant advantage of AlignerCo over the traditional orthodontics treatment route which includes visiting an orthodontist and receiving treatment for several years to fix one's teeth alignment is the treatment period.

Although AlignerCo products don't work as fast as byte aligners, the average treatment time for AlignerCo's aligners ranges between 6 months to 12 months. Just remember that this is the average treatment time. It can vary depending on how severe your case is.

How long has AlignerCo been in business?

AlignerCo is a reputed dental company. It was founded in the year 2018 in New York City (NYC). The company consists of approximately 25 to 50 employees. Therefore, in comparison to the other invisible aligner companies in the market, AlignerCo is relatively new.

Do you recommend Invisalign?

It honestly depends on several factors such as the severity of your teeth misalignment, your financial condition, and how much time and money you're willing to dedicate to this. AlignerCo is an at-home tooth straightening treatment whereas Invisalign is an in-office treatment.

Invisalign is significantly more expensive than AlignerCo. But it is also important to remember that AlignerCo is not effective for severe cases of teeth misalignment, overbite, crowding, spacing, or underbites. Invisalign is more effective for moderate to severe cases of dental malocclusions. So, it depends on your situation.

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