How Many Carbs Allium Cepa Have: Are Onions Keto?

are onions keto?

Onions are vegetables that are used to add flavor to the meals you cook.

However, for most keto dieters, the number of carbs an onion has may hinder them from eating it.

One cup of sliced onion can provide around 11 grams of total carbs. The question is, are onions keto-friendly?

In this article, we will discuss how many carbs a raw onion has, onion nutrition facts, why these vegetables are suitable for a keto diet, what are the best keto recipes with these veggies, and what alternatives you can use aside from Allium cepa.

Onions: Nutritional Information – Can You Have Onions on Keto Diet?


How Many Carbs Does Onion Have?

When we count how many carbs an onion has, we have to consider the type of onions used.

Generally, there are four types of onions such as red, white, yellow, and green onions. All of these types provide different carb counts.

1) White Onions

White onion is the most commonly used one.

1 cup of white onion can provide around 9 g of net carbs. This value is not that high as we do not usually use a whole cup of this type. 

Usually, when cooking, we do not use a whole white onion. Instead, we only use some slices of white onions.

2) Yellow Onions

Based on the US Department of Agriculture, keto dieters may also consider a yellow onion.

One cup of yellow onion can only give around 7 grams of net carbs. Yellow onion is best for making caramelized onions, too.

Yellow onions are also referred to as brown onions. Also, yellow onions contain high amounts of calories, around 132 per 100-gram serving.

Take note that yellow onions are rich in fats, around 11.5 grams per serving. Keto dieters would surely appreciate this amount.

3) Green Onions

Keto dieters may also consider green onions or scallions.

The net carbs of green onion are around 1.2 grams per ¼ cup. This value is significantly lower compared to other varieties.

Additionally, green onions have a milder taste compared to others.

Also known as spring onions, scallions are also a great source of vitamin A, protein, vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D.

Green onions also contain cobalamin.

4) Red Onions

The red onion is also fit for a keto diet.

The net carbs of red onion are around 2.8 grams per ¼ cup. On the other hand, the total carbs of red onion are around 4.9 carbs.

Aside from red onions, there are also Vidalia onions. One cup of Vidalia onions can give around 12 grams of net carbs.

Based on nutrition facts, these provide a low-calorie content, around 60 per cup.

A Keto Diet Does Not Eliminate Carbs

If you still question, are onions keto? Understand that a keto diet does not mean eliminating carbs. Onions are keto-friendly, only when they are consumed in moderation.

Keto dieters aim to lose weight and this is by keeping their bodies under ketosis.

Remember that a keto diet means focusing on low-carb foods and consuming high-fat ones.

The carb intake should also be limited to less than 50 grams per day.

What does this mean?

This means that ketogenic dieters should still consume foods that contain carbs. But, they should only take those with lower total carbohydrates.

These veggies can be keto-friendly as long as they are used in moderation.

Generally, these veggies are only used to add flavor to your favorite keto recipes in replacement for sugary condiments or BBQ sauce.

Thus, you should not put in too many of these veggies to maintain ketosis.

Health Benefits of Onions on Keto 

These veggies are packed with nutrients and impressive benefits everyone would appreciate.

Some of these benefits will be discussed in this section.

1) Nutrient-dense

Most meals are cooked using these veggies and did you know that these meals can become rich in nutrients?

They are low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

They are also rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is essential in regulating immune health, collagen production, and tissue repair.

Aside from these, according to a study from Boston, these veggies are rich in B vitamins such as folate and pyridoxine.

These vitamins are essential in the production of red blood cells and proper nerve function.

2) Support cardiovascular health

Onions can fight inflammation, reduce triglyceride levels, and decrease bad cholesterol.

When the levels of these are low, this can reduce the risk of heart disease.

As an anti-inflammatory food, these veggies work by reducing blood pressure and protecting the vessels against blood clots.

One of the antioxidants in these veggies is quercetin and this is proven to reduce blood pressure.

These veggies are also found to be effective in managing polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS.

In a study from Iran, it was found that women with PCOS were able to reduce their weight and bad cholesterol levels after eating onions for 8 weeks.

3) Rich in antioxidants

If you decide to eat an onion, you are helping your body become rich in antioxidants.

These antioxidants inhibit oxidation that can cause health problems such as cancer. According to a study from Norway, these veggies contain over 25 flavonoid antioxidants.

4) Anti-cancer

Again, these veggies are rich in antioxidants. Therefore, these veggies can act as anti-cancer agents.

In a study from Italy, it was found that they can reduce the risk of stomach and colorectal cancer.

In another study from Iran, it was also stated that these veggies can inhibit tumor growth.

5) Regulate blood sugar

Patients with diabetes or prediabetes eat onions to help them control their blood sugar.

In a study from Sudan, onions can reduce fasting blood sugar by around 40 mg/dl after four hours.

Again the compound responsible for this blood sugar regulation is quercetin.

In a study from Canada, quercetin can interact with cells in the small intestines, pancreas, and liver to control the blood sugar in the whole human body.

6) Boost bone density

We all know that dairy is a good source for boosting bone health. But, did you know that onions can provide this benefit too?

In a study from China, it was reported that consuming onions daily for eight weeks can improve bone mineral density.

Additionally, postmenopausal women who eat onions regularly were able to experience a reduced hip fracture by more than 20%. 

In a study from Switzerland, onions were found to prevent osteoporosis and reduce bone loss.

7) Antibacterial properties

A single net carb of onions comes with antibacterial properties.

According to a study in Korea, onions can fight bacteria such as E.coli, S. aureus, and B. cereus.

These veggies can also inhibit the growth of Vibrio cholera, making it helpful for public health.

Other bacteria onions can combat include H. pylori and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

8) Boost digestion

Onions are rich in dietary fiber and prebiotics.

Both of these are essential for optimal gut health. As we all know, prebiotics and dietary fiber can support healthy gut bacteria. 

Along with onions, you can eat foods rich in prebiotics and dietary fiber to improve the absorption of other minerals such as zinc and calcium.

Onions Keto Recipes

Many keto dieters ask, are onions keto? Definitely, yes, as long as they are consumed in moderation.

They can be added to your favorite recipes as well. Some of the keto recipes you can try with onions will be discussed in this section.

1) Keto onion rings

To make a low-carb onion ring recipe, it is highly advised to use the air-fry method.

Typically, the net carb content of a regular onion ring recipe is around 44 grams.

But, when you use the air-fry method, the net carbs you will get will only be around 4.3 grams.

When trying this recipe, do not consume a whole onion. A whole onion provides around 11.3 g of net carbs and keto dieters should avoid this amount.

2) Gazpacho salad

Another low-carb recipe with keto onions includes Gazpacho salad.

The total carbs for this recipe are only around 3.1 grams per serving and the net carb is around 1 gram.

Generally, this recipe is made of cucumbers, lemon, tomatoes, basil leaves, garlic, and onions.

3) Marinated onion and cucumber salad

You can add onions to keto recipes such as marinated onion and cucumber salad.

This keto meal may contain a moderate carb content but it is still considered keto-friendly.

The total carbs for this meal per ½ cup are around 5 grams.

4) Keto French onion soup

The carb content of a keto French onion soup is around 9.7 grams.

This keto meal is creamy and can be enjoyed by keto dieters at breakfast time.

Eating this recipe is also nutritional as it can provide you with protein, fiber, calories, and fat.

5) Caramelized onions

Caramelized onions are one of the favorite recipes of keto dieters. One serving of this recipe can give around 4 g of net carbs.

This is also one of the easy-to-prepare recipes. All you have to do is cook a raw onion, sliced, with olive oil until it is richly brown.

6) Keto blooming onion

You can also enjoy onions by trying the keto blooming onion recipe. The net carbs of this recipe are only around 3 grams per serving.

To make this keto meal more keto-friendly, you can add some spinach as one of your toppings!

7) French onion dip

If you are looking for easy keto recipes, this meal might also interest you.

This is one of the low-carb recipes you can try as 2 tablespoons of this recipe only give around 1 gram of net carbs!

8) Smothered pork chop with onion gravy

If you are looking for keto comfort recipes, this meal may be highly recommended.

This is one of the best keto dishes that are packed with protein and fats. Per serving of this recipe can give around 11 g of net carbs.

9) Keto egg drop soup

Keto egg drop soup is one of the flavorful recipes that are low in carbs you can try.

Per cup of this recipe can give around 1.4 g of net carbs. 

Final Thoughts

Most keto dieters, especially those who are following a strict keto diet, may wonder, are onions keto?

Can I consume onions on keto?

The answer is yes, you can consume onions on keto.

Onions are keto-friendly and nutritious but if you are starting keto, you should limit your consumption of these veggies as most of these veggies are high in carbs. 

These veggies are used in different recipes but before you consume these recipes, make sure that what you are getting is low in carbs. 

There are many free recipes you can search on the net but not all of these are compatible with the keto lifestyle.

For free recipes you can trust, you can try the Wholesome Yum app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What onion type is lowest in carbs?

Green onions contain the lowest carb count. They provide around 1.2 g per ½ cup serving. If you want to make some recipes, you can use these onions instead.

What can I use instead of onion?

Instead of onion, you can try garlic or shallots. Both of these alternatives are suitable for those who are following a keto diet.

Are onion rings keto?

This depends on the way you cooked this food. If it is air-fried, the meal is keto.