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Bathmate HydroMax Pump – Reviews, Testimonials, Side Effects & Results

by Jane Summerfield
  • Does the Bathmate Hydromax pump really work?
  • What is Bathmate Hydromax pump?
  • Is it a scam?
  • How do you use the Bathmate Hydromax pump?
  • Is it safe to use?

These and many more will be thoroughly answered in this comprehensive review of one of the most popular penis pumps in the market…

Bathmate Hydromax Pump – All You Need to Know

Yeah, we are talking about the man’s penis – that has Grecians statues depicting it, monuments dedicated to it, and buildings designed about it.

And bathroom graffiti has been scribbled and etched all over the world.

It has an outsized profile, this protected part of the male anatomy that could be the most well-studied human organ on the planet.

They belong to just the average Joes

Did you know that an erect penis of a man is measured at around 5.56-inches?

That’s what a 2013 study of the penis, from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, says, which surveyed over 1500 men.

In the survey, there was a variety of men’s penis sizes, ranging from 1.6 inches to as much as 10.2 inches…

…it makes one wonder if the guy with the 1.6 inches penis smoked a lot because according to studies, smoking reduces blood flow to the penis and it can shorten the average penis by as much as 0.4 inches.

Size does matter

As far as penises go, size does matter.

Many women say that when it comes to penises, size does matter — at least for some women.

Many women have said they are more likely to experience vaginal orgasms with men with longer penises.

In a study detailed in the journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, dated 2013, researchers reported that women said the ideal penis size was suitable to a man’s height so that a larger organ was suited more to taller men.

Anxiety about the crown jewels is common and real.

In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2013, 30% of men in the UK professed to be highly dissatisfied with the size of their penises with some men being so stressed about their penis size…

…they feared others would be able to notice the shape of their genitalia through their pants.

Not double the pleasure

What do you think of this?

It is extremely rare, but there have been men who have been born with two penises!

It is called diphallus, but it doesn’t mean double the fun, unfortunately.

Both the organs are never really fully functional, often requiring surgery to correct.

Then you get another penis condition called priapism.

It is the erection of the penis, without sexual stimulation.

This is the guy who suffers from a persistent erection that doesn’t go away, even hours later.

It is when the blood doesn’t return to the rest of the body – it requires emergency medical intervention in the form of therapies, medications, or surgical procedures.

An ancient relic of the past is the penis bone…

This ancient bone is called the baculum.

Many apes have a bone that keeps their organ erect, but human men lost theirs at some point in time [1], needing to rely on blood pressure to keep their organ erect. ​

In some animals, the penis bone is inside the body and gets pushed out into the penis for a reliable erection.

It’s a mystery why the human male ‘lost’ this bone.

In his book, “The Selfish Gene”, the famed biologist, Richard Dawkins, suggests that the bone-free penis was selected because it allows females to assess their potential partners’ health…

…that men who can’t get an erection have poor blood flow.

Most men have three to five erections during the night

This usually happens during the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of sleep.

It’s this night time action that apparently keeps the male member in shape; that penises that don’t experience these regular erections are at risk of losing their elasticity and shrinking.

That’s why a lot of doctors ask a man about his nighttime erections to determine what the cause of his erectile dysfunction is about.

Some men experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

ED (Erectile dysfunction) happens to men who persistently have problems achieving and sustaining an erection, and many times…

…it becomes impossible for men to have sexual intercourse unless they actually have treatment for this condition.

ED can happen or emerge in a man as early as in his forties.

According to a Massachusetts Male Aging Study on sexual dysfunction, an estimated 18-30 million men are affected by ED.

Men who do have erectile dysfunction very often do have a healthy libido…

…it’s just that their bodies fail to get aroused or respond to sex to produce an erection.

Have you heard of a penis pump? There is a special one for you if you are an ED sufferer

Mostly a penis pump is a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). They are pretty easy to operate.

It’s a tube that fits over the penis and it comes with a battery-powered or hand-powered vacuum pack.

Air is removed from the tube, which triggers an erection of the penis.

If you are someone that has been diagnosed with moderate ED, this pump might be just the thing for you.

It’s called the Bathmate Hydromax.

The suppliers of Bathmate Hydromax and more about it

The supplier of this product is Procom Communications, based in New York.

They realized, saw, and heard how men’s’ perception of their penis sizes impacted greatly on their confidence and body images.

Men who were worried and self-conscious about the size of their penises [2] become anxious and awkward, experiencing emotional problems, as well as anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction.

John Oakes wanted to overcome this problem for men, understanding their predicament; so he went on to develop the hydrotherapy pump called Bathmate.

Their reputation in the male enhancement genre has grown enormously (excuse the pun!) over the past few years.

As you can hear, the Hydromax pump uses water pressure to stimulate the penis and bring blood flow to the organ.

Over 1 million pumps from Bathmate have been sold across the world.

But that’s because the Bathmate Hydromax products have undergone very strict dermatological tests at each stage before production by the world-renowned Aspen Clinic.

Bathmate is one of a very few companies that actually make medically-classified penis pumps, certifying that all the pumps are fully tested and built for safety.

The Bathmate brand was born in 2004

When John Oakes developed the hydrotherapy pump, he wanted to help a friend of his who was disabled…

…a top engineer and sports enthusiast, but who had become wheelchair-driven due to a spinal injury.

Because of this injury, John’s friend was unable to keep an erection and John decided to go better than the current air vacuum pumps that were around at that time.

He decided to discard the concept of air-based pumps, creating a Hydromax prototype for his friend to try out…

…both guys were amazed at the results.

John tried it out on himself too, because as a weight lifter, he had noted that after pumping iron; even though his body was still pumped up, his penis wasn’t so pumped up.

He noticed in the shower, how his hydro-pump restored the flow of blood quickly to his penis.

With continual use, his erections became firmer and longer.

That’s how the Bathmate Hydromax pump was born, with John naming it the Hercules.

By the time 2013 came around John was selling his hydro-pumps in over 70 countries.

Naturally, you will be asking how can one size fit all, but John knew full well about that and went on to design 12 different types of pumps for all different penis sizes.

What the Bathmate Hydromax can do for YOU

Much as you probably want us to say it here, unfortunately, the pump is not going to give you guys a bigger penis – it can’t do that.

At the moment, yes, it will, but you are not likely to see anything permanent, although some people claim it does.

But that will be only while you are using the Hydromax.

What the Hydromax does do is increase the blood flow to your penis so you can achieve an erection or maintain it so that you can have sex.

Yes, you might see extra length but that will only be temporary.

They are good for people with erectile dysfunction [3] and can be used along with ED medication, such as Viagra.

They have proved effective, too, in helping to preserve erectile function in men who have undergone radiation therapy or prostate surgery, or for men with prostate cancer.

Bathmate hydromax review

How does this penis pump work?

So we know now that a penis pump works by a suction method to draw blood to your penis.

The blood will fill your blood vessels and cause them to swell so your penis grows, getting big and hard.

Then a constriction ring called a cock-ring gets placed around the base of the penis.

This helps to keep the blood in the penis, helping the man to maintain his erection for longer.

There will be some guys that the penis pump is NOT meant for

Even though the Bathmate Hydromax is safe, it might not be suitable for people who have certain medical conditions.

And the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says that if you use a penis pump or other external rigidity devices, you could aggravate priapism which we spoke about earlier.

Sometimes too much air pressure in the cylinder can cause some mild bleeding under the surface of the skin.

If you have a blood disorder or a history of blood clots or you take blood-thinning medication, the pump is not recommended for you.

As far as the cock-ring is concerned, if it is too tight or left on for too long, it can cause your penis to bruise or to become cold and numb.

Don’t buy pumps that advertise that your penis will become larger

Penis pumps that are made for erectile dysfunction and that are FDA approved are the way to go.

Ask your doctor to provide you with a prescription – not that you need a prescription to buy a penis pump, but at least you will get the right one.

And you might be able to have some of the costs covered by insurance or by patient assistance if you have a prescription.

The pump you would get should have a vacuum limiter because this controls the pressure in the cylinder from getting too high – and that could hurt your penis.


You also need to consider your penis size when you buy a pump or a tension-ring if this is not included with the pump.

A lot of the kits offer a one-size-fits-most deal.

But dynamite comes in small packages and if the package is smaller or bigger than the average, you will want to choose accordingly.

How do you use Bathmate Hydromax?

hydromax 7

Some of the penis pump products might have more bells and whistles than others do, but still, the basic function is really all the same.

The effects of this can last for around 30 minutes, but remember that every person is different.

Your arousal levels and how you put it on during your session will also influence how long the effect lasts, and you can use it safely a few times a day, as you use it correctly.

To improve function and to get stronger erections, you will need a balanced lifestyle to give you the ultimate in performance.

That means you should try and reduce your stress levels.

You will need to get good quality sleep as well as put in some regular exercise, as well as limiting your alcohol and nicotine habits.

There are also other medications that can interfere with a man’s sex drive and cause problems with an erection…

…these can be antidepressant medication or blood pressure medication.

Remember, to feel horny and to become aroused is all key to becoming hard, and being able to maintain your erection – and fun and sexy foreplay before penetration can really get the blood going.

Getting back to size

There is no way you can increase the size of your penis without surgery if that is what you want to achieve with a penis pump.

But if it is of top priority for you, there are ways you can look and feel bigger.

Want to know how?

  • Keep your pubes trimmed so that every inch of your penis is on display and not covered up by too much hair.
  • If you are obese the penis looks small, if you are lean and trim, the penis can look bigger.
  • Learn to work and take pleasure from what you have, making use of particular sex positions that allow you to go deeper so it feels bigger for you and your partner.

The Bathmate Hydromax can boost your sex drive

The Bathmate Hydromax is fantastic because you choose the pump according to your size.

It is also waterproof, which means you can use it in the water when you are in the bathroom or while taking a shower.

Don’t worry; it’s very safe because professional, skilled engineers created it – aimed particularly at the guys who have weak erections.

And it’s no ordinary pump this one, it’s sought out from people all over the world.

Around 70% of people have given favorable reviews about their experience with the Bathmate Hydromax, and many have reported 100% satisfaction using the product.

Let us show you how to use your pump:

  • All you do is fill the pump cylinder with warm water and then place your penis into it. Apply backward pressure opposite to the groin because this creates a proper seal around it.
  • Now, you pump the Hydromax slowly, slowing raising the pressure from the interior of the pump. This brings the blood flowing into the penis, and in this way your penis grows bigger and you are ready for sex.
  • Once there’s no water coming out, you will know it’s working; you can then achieve high pressure. Keep the same position for around 5-6 minutes and afterward, repeat the same steps, around 2-3 times.
  • Here it is for you to view as well.

What to look out for in a penis pump

When you’re looking for a penis pump, there are a few important things to consider:

1) Safety

Many penis pumps on the market have never been tested for safety, and some might offer pleasure, but can actually be harmful, offering dangerous levels of pressure.

That’s why make sure you purchase a medically tested and certified pump.

2) You want good results

Especially when you pay a good price for something as intimate as a penis pump.

3) Reviews

Read about the reviews so you can gain all the knowledge you need, otherwise, you might lose out.

4) Power

All the different penis pumps come with different power strengths and if you want something that’s worth it, make sure you get power to give power.

Check out how to choose a penis pump, there is all the information you need here.

The fact of the matter is that Bathmate is the only medically-graded penis pump that can promise you guaranteed results.

The results will vary, depending on your biology and how often you use your Bathmate.

Look at these long-term effects that you can look forward to:

  • An increase in penis length and girth.
  • Can help to sustain an erection.
  • Might be able to reduce your dependence on a penis pump to get an erection.
  • May help with symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • Will help you to maintain stronger, harder erections.
  • A boost in your self-confidence as you experience success rates.

Getting Hydromax and Other Bathmate Products

You can buy your Bathmate Hydromax online directly from Bathmate.

That way you get an original real-deal Hydromax pump, with the best prices, and a guaranteed top quality product.

By going directly on the site, you are also affording the opportunity of noticing monthly promotion programs.

How’s about trying your luck to get a free Hydromax pump? 

That’s what you might notice on the website, so always be on the lookout.

Sure, you can find the Bathmate in various sex shops as well, but we think go directly to Bathmate.

When you buy through our official site, we offer a few useful extras such as a 2-year warranty for your Bathmate pump, and also a 60-day return policy (no questions asked), and free worldwide shipping as well.

And because a penis pump is a recognized treatment for ED, a lot of insurance companies will cover at least part of the expense, around 80%.

HydroMax Series

  • Hydromax5: Best for users measuring up to 5 inches when erect
  • Hydromax 7: Suitable for those measuring between 5 and 7 inches, the Hydromax7 is the world’s best-selling penis pump.
  • Hydromax9: For those measuring up to 9 inches when erect.

Bathmate hydromax review


The Bathmate Hydromax won’t let you down – because it’s a superb product to increase your penis size even for a short time span.

It has been said that if you use it frequently, it can produce a permanent outcome too.

Read the reviews because you will find it hard to resist the Bathmate Hydromax after that.

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction affects around 40% of men who are age 40 and older and a huge amount of men over the age of 70.

But a penis pump might well be worth investigating, particularly if both partners are patient and positive in managing ED.

Most men with moderate ED can use the penis pump safely.

Always remember to be careful that the penis pump you buy is specifically for ED because the ‘sexual toys’ penis pumps that promise to enlarge your penis provide no evidence that they are effective and you risk injuring your penis too.

Remember there are many on the market which are not approved by the FDA or any health facility and which you might find at novelty sex shops or be able to purchase easily online.

Remember these might not be safe or effective – rather shop on the Bathmate site for an FDA-approved penis pump.

Don’t let erectile dysfunction disable you – here are invaluable tips to follow along with using the Bathmate Hydromax

…they come with no hard feelings from us, but you will surely feel them!


[1] https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-humans-have-no-penis-bone

[2] https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/sm2.63

[3] https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/penis-pump/about/pac-20385225

Bathmate hydromax review

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