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Bathmate HydroXtreme Reviews, Benefits, Testimonials & Results

by David Kessler, MD

Last updated on March 14th, 2021 at 05:08 pm

Welcome to my comprehensive review of Bathmate HydroXtreme

When it comes to penis pumps and erectile dysfunction, you won’t find a shortage of jokes, myths, and some second-hand stories, and usually at the detriment of the user.

And unlike a lot of sexual health products out there on the market, penis pumps aren’t exactly something that guys want other guys or women for that matter, to know they are using…

it is quite a taboo topic.

After all, you are not likely to see many commercial ads about it during prime time television for instance, are you?

A top belief about penis pumps is that straightaway everyone assumes you are secretly trying to make your penis bigger, that’s why you bought it, right?

And sure, this is what penis pumps can do, although not really on a permanent basis [1].

What can a penis pump do then?

Well, it can increase your blood flow to your penis so that you can achieve and maintain an erection so you can have penetrative sex.

Yeah, you might even gain a bit of extra length, but it probably is just temporary.

For anyone with erectile dysfunction (ED), penis pumps are less expensive and safer than other options if they are used correctly.

They can even be used alongside ED medications, such as Viagra.

Penis pumps have also been shown to preserve erectile dysfunction after having prostate surgery and after radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

A penis pump works by the use of a vacuum seal which sends blood flowing into the penis, engorging it and making it larger, but once the erection has passed, the penis goes back to its normal size.

One myth is that it’s just the old guys who have erectile dysfunction.

This is actually a common misconception, sometimes causing a young guy to feel awkward about his own male impotence problems [2].

But in reality, erection problems today can affect men of all different ages.

50% of men experience erectile dysfunction by the time they have reached middle-aged and 25% of men under 40-years old struggle with it.

But none of these men have to give up on sex – and we are here to show you that with the use of a penis pump, you can put some pep back in your sex life again and start to let the good times roll again.

How does a penis pump actually work?

A penis pump works by the use of a vacuum seal which sends blood flowing into the penis, engorging it and making it larger, but once the erection has passed, the penis goes back to its normal size.

One myth is that it’s just the old guys who have erectile dysfunction.

This is actually a common misconception, sometimes causing a young guy to feel awkward about his own male impotence problems [2].

But in reality, erection problems today can affect men of all different ages.

50% of men experience erectile dysfunction by the time they have reached middle-aged and 25% of men under 40-years old struggle with it.

But none of these men have to give up on sex…

…and we are here to show you that with the use of a penis pump, you can put some pep back in your sex life again and start to let the good times roll again.

Introducing the Bathmate HydroXtreme

The Bathmate HydroXtreme is the most powerful penis pump in the entire Bathmate series, and this one is aimed at advanced guys, that really know and have had experience using penis pumps.

If you are new at using penis pumps and you are thinking of buying one, you might find the HydroXtreme a bit on the intense side.

But no problem, you can check out the other fantastic pumps in the series such as:

  • Bathmate Hydromax series – these are great for intermediate users but beginners will also find them suitable.
  • Bathmate Hydro series – This series is for the beginner.

Whichever pump you do decide to get, you will know that you are getting the best.

The Bathmate penis pumps are the Rolls Royce of penis pumps so you have come to the right place, no matter which one you purchase.

You will be delighted with whichever one you feel is the right one for you.

Naturally, you want to get right down to business and know what you are getting when it comes to the HydroXtreme, particularly what all its benefits are.

Because when it comes to lengthening the penis, increasing its hardness and size, well, Bathmate can deliver!

Only get legit Bathmate products

Bathmate has grown very substantially since 2004, as a brand.

They offer 10 different devices across the Hydromax, Hydro, and HydroXtreme series – 5 come in multiple color options such as blue, red, or clear.

The brand, Bathmate, sells its products across the world because of its mass popularity, so you can imagine that there are quite a few counterfeit and fake Bathmate products on the market.

And you can be assured that the illegitimate copies of Bathmate look identical to the real deal Bathmate penis pumps.

Don’t buy them away from the official website of BathmateDirect.com because then you are going to end up with albeit cheaper products, but also inferior and weaker products.

If you are not getting a real Bathmate product, but a counterfeit one, you should know that there can be dangers involved in doing this.

It is highly recommended that you purchase authentic Bathmate penis pumps directly from the manufactures website, BathmateDirect.com.

All legitimate Bathmate products include a PID number and this is included on the measurement scale of the cylinder…

…the numbers are used to prove that your purchase of a Bathmate product is authentic and it will also activate your 2-year warranty.

When you buy a real Bathmate product, you will register and confirm that you have received a genuine product and complete the registration form on the official website page by following the instructions.

Bathmate HydroXtreme Benefits

To begin with, the HydroXtreme is of the top-most quality, it is literally one of the best on the market.

The job of the HydroXtreme is to see your penis becoming hard and big, and this gadget does its job perfectly.

After your first try, you are going to see how fully loaded you are, and if you have used the Hydromax series before, well expect around 40% of better results with this bad boy.

Remember, you cannot enlarge the penis without using the forces of pressure and tension.

What happens is, as the necessary micro-breaks occur inside the tissues, so the cells divide.

This is not unnatural or abnormal and it is actually the same principle that happens with building muscle.

And with the HydroXtreme, the water completely eliminates the side effects or any painful sensations, softening the pressure.

No matter the size of your dick, the HydroXtreme will accommodate you.

Penises are all different – you won’t find a standard size penis pump because that would be impossible.

But check here, we are going to show you the different sizes that you get with the HydroXtreme series:

  • HydroXtreme3 – for a penis measuring below 3 inches when erect
  • HydroXtreme5 – for a penis measuring from 3-5inches when erect.
  • HydroXtreme7 – for a penis measuring from 5-7 inches when erect.
  • HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy – for a penis that measures from 3-5 inches when erect and has a girth of over 6.5 inches in circumference.
  • HydroXtreme9 – for a penis that measures from 7-9 inches when erect.
  • HydroXtreme11– for a penis that measures over 9 inches when erect.

You see, all sizes are accommodated – there are even solutions if your penis is not only big but wide – we’ve got the perfect fit.

The HydroXtreme is extremely comfortable to use and fit and doesn’t cause chafing discomfort, and stress to the body.

You are able to see from the design and quality of the pump that the engineers have put all their effort and energy into seeing that a man’s needs are catered for.

All the materials, too, are used to make this product a top-quality one…

designed to keep the skin safe from allergies and irritations, no matter what kind of skin you have.

The pump is also 100% waterproof, created to use with water which means you can comfortably use this pump in the bath or in the shower.

Bathmate HydroXtreme

Bathmate Hydroxtreme
  • Top-most Quality
  • Expect Around 40% of Better Results Than Other Penis Pumps
  • All Penis Sizes are Accommodated
  • 100% Risk-Free
Hidden Content

How Bathmate HydroXtreme works?

It’s not hard at all to understand how the Bathmate works.

Basically, it’s putting the device on – just follow the instructions – and it causes a kind of vacuum around your penis.

It is that vacuum that allows blood to flow into your penis and give it “life”.

That will cause it to become big and hard.

Of course, you have to realize that these fabulous results are short-term, well mostly, anyway.

Because once the effects wear off, your penis will return back to its regular size.

However, and it’s a fact, that there are some men who have noticed more permanent results when they use the pump regularly.

Contrary to other Bathmate products, the HydroXtreme comes with a hand pump.

This makes it very convenient to use.

You will find detailed instructions in your package, but we’ll just quickly give you a bit of a demo.

  • Be in a relaxed position, loosening up in a nice warm bath or shower for a few minutes, say around 5 minutes.
  • Fill up your penis pump with water and continue this by pressing in the pressure valve. Be sure to keep your finger over the valve while filling.
  • Once the pump is filled, place your penis which should be non-erect into the pump, and see that it forms a tight seal between the pump and your body.
  • Now using the handball pump, you will eject water from the valve. This movement creates pressure which will result in a false erection. The job will be complete when there is no more water coming out of the pump.
  • Stay like this for about 5 minutes and then compress the main valve. This will release the pressure. You can repeat this process at least 2 or 3 times to get the best results.

See how easy that is? 

It is user-friendly and easy to use, only taking you around 15 minutes of your day to increase your penis size.

Everything discreetly delivered to your doorstep

Whatever Bathmate products you order, they will arrive in a discreet package…

…not a soul will realize that this is something out of the ordinary.

Choose whether you want it delivered to your home or work, you don’t have to worry; there is no indication of what is being delivered.

Each HydroXtreme pump package is exactly the same for every client; the only difference will be the size of the pump that you have chosen…

…because every guy has a different size penis.

And if you aren’t sure what size you happen to be, that’s not a problem.

Here we have a good instruction guide from Bathmate themselves to help you to find out.

You will also notice that the Bathmate products come in three different colors: red, blue, and clear.

Choose which one you would like.

Then apart from that, expect to find these things in your package:

  • Bathmate HydroXtreme penis pump of your chosen color and size.
  • A carrying case making it so simple to store your HydroXtreme pump away from the public eye, especially if you are traveling.
  • A sponge for cleaning: You will love it because it makes it so easy to clean your Bathmate.
  • The handball pumper.
  • A detachable comfort pad: This is inserted into the base of the gaiter giving added comfort, suction power, and support.
  • A flexible hose that you attach to the pumper.
  • A shower strap (check the video out to see how you use it)
  • A manual with detailed instructions.

The science behind the penis pump and why you will benefit from getting one such as HydroXtreme

First of all, a penis pump can actually benefit guys who have erectile dysfunction (ED)…

…even prevent them from developing it because the pump helps to maintain good penis health.

That in turn improves the quality of erections and strength during orgasms.

A penis pump might work even better than some surgical interventions and medications which prove not to be that successful.

In fact, if you use a penis pump on a regular basis, you could even reduce the risks of the formation of abnormal fibrous tissue in the penis [3]which also can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Your penis needs to be exercised

The penis needs exercise so that it can function properly, particularly for the older guys.

Medications might have sexual side effects that could impact sexual function in any case, but regular use of the penis pump can reduce or even prevent the incidence of erectile dysfunction developing.

And the pumps have proven to be effective in helping men with erectile dysfunction to actually get an erection that is suitable for sex.

The side effects of using a penis pump are also minimal.

OK, there might be a small amount of bruising around the base of the pump where it gets pressed against the body, but that sensation will disappear as you get used to the pump.

Also, once you have made your initial purchase of the pump, it will turn out in the end, cheaper than buying medication on a regular basis.

A penis pump is non-invasive with no lasting side effects such as what injections, surgical treatments, or medications can produce.

Did you know that penis pumps are often recommended by urologists and surgeons after certain procedures…

…procedures such as radiotherapy for prostate cancer, or prostate surgery – sometimes these treatments can actually cause shortening of the penis.

Studies were conducted [4] on the early use of vacuum therapy for penile rehabilitation in 109 men – they had all had a radical prostatectomy.

Some men used penis pumps and others did not.

In the pump group, 80% of men reported having achieved an erection that was sufficient for sexual intercourse compared to only 37% of the non-pump using men.

32% of the men said they could achieve a spontaneous nocturnal erection 9 months later compared to just 29% of the non-pump ground.

After the study concluded, 71% of the non-pump group of men sought out additional treatment.

This plant-derived component does exactly that. It also helps in nitrogen retention that in turn helps protein synthesis to aid bulk growth.

Researchers concluded from the study that the early usage of a vacuum pump facilitated sexual intercourse, a return of natural erections, and satisfaction after undergoing radical prostatectomy.

Penis pumps help men overcome the psychological effects that can occur from the effects of erectile dysfunction

Just the sight of seeing a good strong firm erection when a man has not been able to achieve it himself over a long period of time can be a huge psychological boost…

…unlocking the emotional, even mental problems that might have been preventing him from getting an erection.

Who can use a penis pump such as HydroXtreme?

HydroXtreme is ideal for guys who have poor blood flow to the penis, for those with diabetes, or who have had surgery for prostate or colon cancer.

Guys with psychological conditions such as anxiety or depression can also benefit greatly here.

Don’t use a penis pump if you suffer from these disorders:

  • If you have any forms of leukemia or any blood disorder which makes you susceptible to bleeding or blood clots, you should not consider using a penis pump.
  • If you take any medication to thin your blood such as heparin, warfarin, and some over the counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen.
  • You suffer from priapism whereby the penis remains erect for a prolonged period of time causing pain and discomfort.

Sometimes guys will get petechiae [5]; these are pinpoint-like dots under the skin which is caused by bleeding…

…often as a result of over-pumping which is why the hydro-pumps are generally gentler to the penis.

That’s why it is the best idea to buy a pump that has a quick-release valve because this will allow the vacuum to be released as quickly as needed.

Other times, guys can experience coldness and numbness when using a constriction band.

The constriction band helps to maintain an erection longer and it can be left on safely for around 30 minutes so that successful intercourse can take place.

Just always be sure that your device has a quick release feature to avoid injuries from the vacuum being released too slowly.

Constriction bands can also decrease ejaculation force even though they won’t interfere with any of the pleasure and intensity of an orgasm.

Semen usually comes out after the band is removed.

Using a penis pump might just make you feel rejuvenated again

If you are a guy who hasn’t had an erection for a long time…

…then the erection with a penis pump might feel unnatural in the beginning; almost unspontaneous.

But with a bit of perseverance and encouragement from your partner, and once you are comfortable with the pump, you are going to feel rejuvenated when you see what it does for you.

A lot of penis pumps require manual coordination which sometimes is a deterrent for a guy with disability problems or limited manual dexterity but that is what is so great about the Bathmate HydroXtreme.

Many guys love the handball pump which makes it so easy to use.

It is recommended that you discuss using a penis pump with your doctor to see what he says about your condition, your health, and what medications you are using as well as injuries, etc.

Sometimes you might not even need a penis pump if you have erectile dysfunction.

All that actually might be required is a change in medication.

Remember that using a penis pump isn’t the cure for ED but it makes the penis firm enough to enjoy sexual intercourse…

…and regular use improves the oxygenation of the penile tissues and enhances blood flow.

Will I see results?

All Bathmate products have been clinically approved.

Believe it or not, but well over a million penis pumps have been sold all over the world!

And there are more than 72% of users who bought the pumps say that they noticed measurable growth after only using the pump for about a month.

One study completed in 2018 had 100 customers participate in using Bathmate products.

The poll revealed an 85% satisfaction rate.

And as we mentioned in the beginning, the HydroXtreme gives a 40% bigger result than the Hydromax penis pump gives…

…that’s according to feedback even though some customers did not report long-term changes in their penis size.

You might have to look at a penis extender if you want the length and size to be more permanent.

Some customers report that they use both to achieve short-term and long-term results.

Are there any downsides to the Bathmate HydroXtreme?

Bathmate HydroXtreme does come with enough benefits to make any guy just want to get it, but we have to come straight out and say that it is possible that you might encounter some issues.

For us, they are insignificant and minor, but it’s fair to give them to you so you know exactly where you stand if you decide to purchase them.

For some, the pump is too intense

The HydroXtreme is the most intense of the Bathmate series and if you are a beginner, you might find it too intense to start off with.

But that’s not a problem for you really, because you can always get the Hydromax series and if you love that, you can move on to the HydroXtreme later on, although we think we will love this bad boy straight away.

The HydroXtreme is for intermediate users, who have had some experience with penis pumps before…

…but if you are a beginner and you like the thought of some intensity, it might be just up your street.

Comes with quite a steep price tag

That’s why it might be wise if you are a beginner to think about the intensity, because these pumps, being in the Rolls Royce division, don’t come all that cheap.

Actually, the HydroXtreme prices range anywhere from 250-400 dollars.

But probably it’s because of the results you get-go along with the price!

This pumped-up version is worth it!

Overall, you are going to find the Bathmate HydroXtreme simply the best!

It does give results and you saw from the video, in a short amount of time, no struggling or frustration here!

It’s all about the right choice

Sometimes men don’t understand fully why they need or want a penis pump.

One guy will want to increase the size of his penis permanently and one guy will want his erections to last longer.

Another guy might be suffering from erectile dysfunction, and believe me; it is excellent for ED too.

Thing is, lots of guys are guided by their friends because basically, they are looking for adverts that say “How to make your dick bigger” – guys that want to go out there and brag in front of admiring hook-ups.

But these guys can check out the sex toy stores; they only might find what they are looking for there.

But this pump does make your penis bigger when you are worried about weak erections and small penis size for sex, but the results might not be permanent.

Look at this review that came in the other day about size: 

“I was able to enlarge my penis by 2.5 inches wide and 0.8 inches wide thanks to HydroXtreme and simple hand-done penis enlargement techniques called Jelqing.

It took me only 7 months to do this, and everyone can repeat my result.”

One guy said he also wanted to enlarge his penis, but he also wanted to strengthen his potency, which began to weaken after he turned 35; from his stressful job…

…overworking, family concerns, and overwhelming household chores – so he turned to Bathmate.

Bathmate HydroXtreme

Bathmate Hydroxtreme
  • Top-most Quality
  • Expect Around 40% of Better Results Than Other Penis Pumps
  • All Penis Sizes are Accommodated
  • 100% Risk-Free
Hidden Content

How to buy your HydroXtreme

All the Bathmate penis pumps come with 60-days money-back guarantee.

During this time, you can return the product and you will get your money back if you decide it is not to your satisfaction, but we believe this will be highly unlikely.

Besides that, with your product, you will get a 2 years warranty.

That’s longer than some expensive appliances and electronics get.

If anything thing happens like breakage or malfunction, it will be taken care of; you just need to remember that you need to register the warranty online.

As Bathmate are the makers of the world’s top-rated penis pumps, they have warehouses all over the world.

See here all about their discreet shipping services offered and how you can order your product.

They also have a support line that you can contact at support@bathmatedirect.com.

The prices will vary depending on the models, ranging from whether you buy the Xtreme 5, 7, 9, or 11 series.


The HydroXtreme pump is truly the perfect way to enhance penis growth and erection.

If you use it along with jelqing techniques you are going to get consistent results.

For those guys with erectile dysfunction, well urologists and medical people recommend the penis pump – you will wish you had thought of it a long time ago.

Because quite simply, you won’t currently find a better penis pump than the HydroXtreme – as we mentioned above, the Rolls Royce of penis pumps, in a class of its own.

That’s because it has amazing durability and the build-quality by the engineering team is faultless.

But more than anything, it delivers on its word and gets the job done.

Whether you want it to improve your symptoms of erectile dysfunction or you are looking potentially to increase the length and girth of your penis.

Really don’t get anything else before you try the HydroXtreme.

Bathmate is definitely on top of their game with this series, and if you can handle the cost, well, you are making an investment that might have lifetime benefits.

You can’t afford to go soft on this one.


[1] https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/do-penis-pumps-work#short-answer

[2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5313296/

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Bathmate HydroXtreme

Bathmate Hydroxtreme
  • Top-most Quality
  • Expect Around 40% of Better Results Than Other Penis Pumps
  • All Penis Sizes are Accommodated
  • 100% Risk-Free
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