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Belle Bella Reviews & My Experience – Is This The Best IPL Hair Removal Device?

by Jane Summerfield

Welcome to my honest Belle Bella review…

Advertisements are always so tempting.

They are meant to be of course.

For me, however, it has always been the flawless smooth skin of the models that was the biggest draw.

Clothes and accessories, I have aplenty.

Question was, how do I get those super smooth and hairless, bump-free, wrinkle-free limbs and underarms?

Normal hair removal methods like shaving, epilating, and waxing were all doable at home but were not lasting solutions.

Hair always grew right back.

I wanted a permanent solution; however, I did not want those costly salon or dermatologist visits either.

Intense Pulsed Light technology or IPL is seemingly the newest method for a permanent hair removal solution.

In my search for such devices, I came across Belle Bella.

The positive Belle Bella reviews seemed an affirmation of its effectiveness. And indeed, it worked great for me.

Belle Bella Review – Does This IPL Hair Removal Device Work?

What is Belle Bella?

Belle Bella is a hair removal device that uses IPL (intense pulsed light) technology.

Its effect is as near to permanent hair removal as one may get from undergoing laser removal professionally.

It uses IPL technology to target pigment in your hair that heats up and destroys the hair growth cells.

This device allows the user to achieve this from the privacy of the home.

Who made Belle Bella?

Belle Bella is manufactured in the USA and ships to customers across the globe.

It is the result of research and suggestion by dermatologists and is safe to use.

Why was Belle Bella created?

The need to look groomed and beautiful is inherent in people.

Unwanted hair removal is part of this process for many people, irrespective of gender.

The problem with normal hair removal devices has always been their impermanent nature.

All the efforts made to remove hair from certain areas will only have to be repeated in a few days’ time because of re-growth.

Going to a beautician to get permanent hair removal with laser technology is neither convenient nor easy on the pocket.

It is to fulfill this need that Belle Bella was invented.

It provides a solution to the hair removal problem by going to the very root of the hair, literally.

That all of this is achieved from the comfort of home is definitely the most appealing part.

What are the contents of the Belle Bella kit?

There are different parts in the Belle Bella Hair Removal Kit that I am describing below:

  • IPL hair remover handset.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Adapter.
  • User manual.

The user manual gives detailed instructions on the correct mode of use. It is a step-by-step guide for every user.

Every feature in the device and its use is described in the manual.

Safety glasses are a must in such technology since one will be handling laser technology at home.

These are part of the Belle Bella kit.

There is an adapter in the kit that lets the user plug into the nearest power supply and begin using the device.

How does Belle Bella work?

Belle Bella uses intense pulse light technology.

This involves producing an intense light beam which when directed at the hair root, will destroy hair follicles.

This ensures almost permanent hair removal.

Each area would require at least four sessions at two-week intervals in order to see results.

The user would need to follow proper precautions after use.

How to use Belle Bella?

Follow these steps to get the best effect from the device:

  • Step 1: Shave off visible longer hairs.
  • Step 2: Choose the most suitable mode in the device, gentle or full speed.
  • Step 3: Switch on the power.
  • Step 4: Place the device on the chosen area and glide it smoothly. Keep doing this until the entire area is free of hair.
  • Step 5: Switch off the device and disconnect the plug.

Before and aftercare guidelines with Belle Bella

Follow these simple guidelines before and after Belle Bella use:

  • Avoid getting tanned before use because the device might get a bit confused with the extra pigmentation.
  • Keep the area clean and devoid of any creams before using Belle Bella.
  • After use, clean the area again and do not apply any cream for 24 hours.
  • Avoid sun exposure immediately after use.
  • Do not scratch the area immediately because it will remain a bit sensitive.
  • Stick to the routine so that hair does not go into the growth cycle. This will ensure that re-growth slows down with use.
  • Keep the device clean and free of hair for the next cycle.

Who should not use Belle Bella?

  • Those below 14 years of age must not use this product.
  • Those with profuse hair growth might face challenges.
  • Those with extra sensitive skin should stay away.

What are the cons of Belle Bella?

  • While this device is generally safe to use, it is advisable to use protective eyewear during the process.
  • There are chances of staining or scarring albeit minimal. Careful use and practice will obviously make the user perfect.
  • Belle Bella definitely works better on lighter complexions than darker complexions.

Belle Bella Reviews from Customers

Sandra P.

I have not been using this device for a long time, but it seems to be working (I have way less hair growing back than I used to). It was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time”.

Mia Watson, Wyoming.

“Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal has become my best friend. It has saved me more money than previously used gadgets. It is very professional and gives you the best results when it comes to making your skin silky. It is easy to use, and the technology is safe for all skin types. I found my husband several times trying to use it so I had to buy one for him. My house has the best smooth looking people you will see around”.

Cindy L.

“I’ve been using it for almost 8 weeks and the results are great! I have seen around 90% of my unwanted hair magically disappear.”

Users, specifically women, do aspire to hairless beautiful body parts that they can expose without care.

What are the pros of Belle Bella?

  • Belle Bella uses technology cleared by the FDA.
  • It provides the convenience of laser hair removal from the privacy of the home. There is no need to spend time or effort in visiting aestheticians repeatedly.
  • Along with hair removal, Belle Bella also helps to rejuvenate skin.
  • Regular use of IPL helps to reduce spider veins and other venous malformations.
  • Belle Bella can be used in any part of the body where unwanted hair growth is present. It is effective for all areas.
  • It is helpful in hyperpigmented skin conditions and for acne as well.
  • Enjoy the freedom from regular shaving or waxing.
  • Belle Bella can also reduce the effects of sun damage with regular use.
  • It is easy to use and precision comes with every use.
  • It does hurt a bit to use but gets better with each use.
  • Regular use reduces hair re-growth rate considerably.
  • Each area takes no more than 15-20 minutes.
  • Belle Bella is used regularly by beauty experts and is backed by dermatologists.
  • There is a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Every transaction is protected by a secure payment protocol.

Insider Information

It is my bit of advice to be very careful when using the product for the first time.

After all, it is a new technology that is in use.

Hasty use could cause unpleasant scarring on rare occasions.

I began with using Belle Bella in areas where any such thing would be least noticeable.

Everything went great for me and I proceeded to use it for all areas.

Buying Advice

There is a 50% discount offer on Belle Bella right now upon purchase from the website.

Buy directly from the website to get the most genuine product at the best rates.

Online transaction is guaranteed safe on their website.

Since it is their patented product, product guarantee, as well as refunds, apply to every purchase made here.

My Verdict

Belle Bella provides a long-lasting hair removal solution.

It uses new light technology to achieve this.

Of course, complexion plays a role in how effective the removal is; however, all said I would definitely recommend the product for the most satisfying home hair removal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Belle Bella (FAQs)

How safe is Belle Bella?

Belle Bella is a noninvasive laser-based technology for hair removal. This technology is cleared by the FDA and is safe for home use.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Indeed, there is a 90-day money-back offer by the manufacturer. One may request a refund from customer care via e-mail.

Does Belle Bella deliver outside the USA?

Yes, this product ships to customers globally. The delivery time may vary between 14-21 days depending upon location.

Does Belle Bella work?

The device works on the premise of the difference in color between skin and hair follicle. It will be more efficient in those where the difference is pronounced.

Other skin tones will need repeated usage for complete hair removal.

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