January 16

Best Natural Test Boost Supplements (Pills) For Men (to Increase Testosterone and Muscle Gain)


Testosterone is the principal hormone that is responsible for the development of masculine features.

From muscle building, body sculpting to better erectile and sexual libido, a balanced level of testosterone in males ensure that you are mentally and physically fit.

From pleasing your partner in the bedroom to feeling more confident about yourself, testosterone ensures that you have strong stamina and strength.

It boosts your performance, both in the gym as well as in your bedroom.

But it is only natural that with growing age, the level of testosterone starts to decrease.

Moreover, our sedentary lifestyle, fast foods, and alcohol and smoking habits also lead to hormonal imbalance.

A low level of T-hormone in males can be a nightmare.

You will not be able to ejaculate, or erections will not last long, your body will become weak, you will gain fat near the stomach and chest.

Imagine a chubby bald man that you don’t want to be, well, low hormone levels pushes you to that deadly zone.

But with the advancement of science and clinical research, natural test boosters come to your rescue.

They help you combat the perils of age by providing you a surge of herbal antidotes that raise T-levels in the body.

But not all the marketing gimmicks and ads that you see are safe.

With many fraudulent and counterfeit products in the market, you must find a test booster that has the least side effects and is focused on your needs.

To make your job easier, here we have selected our top 7 best testosterone boosters of 2021.

But before you go ahead and buy them, take a sneak peek into our rigorous selection criteria to know how we have arrived at this list.

5-step Rigorous selection criteria for choosing the best natural testosterone boosters of 2021

1) Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Men and women often find themselves taking steroids as they give a lot of stamina and a fulfilling look.

But anabolic steroids are packed with unwanted banned substances that have negative impacts on our body.

A T-booster is a healthy and safe alternative for anabolic steroids.

We have made sure that all the testosterone supplements on our list are made of natural ingredients.

We have prioritized products that have no exterior color or fragrance to ensure the safety of our consumers.

2) Brand Value

Brand Value

As test boost pills are available without a prescription, we must go for a 100% reliable brand.

A company that discloses its ingredients with proper measurements works in an FDA approved facility and claims to do scientific R&D gains the consumer’s trust.

We have given 2nd most important priority to the brand of the supplements.

3) Scientific Research

Scientific Research

A dietary supplement taken daily can have the power to make irrevocable changes to the body.

Scientific research and clinical tests must ensure that the product is legit for usage.

4) Availability


Availability is an essential criterion, and we have ensured most of our products have global shipping facilities.

5) Value for Money

Value for Money

Time and money are the most precious things that a man has.

While we don’t intend to waste your time, we also make sure that your money is not wasted.

A product that works for your friend may not be suitable for you.

So, most of the products on our list come with glowing recommendations and replacement guarantees.

Quick Guide to Choose the Best Testosterone Supplement

Top test boost supplements

Strongest Testosterone Boosters

TestogenTestoMax, and TestoFuel are the most potent T-boosters.

They can legitimately raise T-levels in most males and have strong results.

Cheapest Testosterone Supplements

Testogen and TestRX are the cheapest T-boosters for 1-month.

Safest Testosterone Supplement

Hunter Test is one of the safest Testosterone tablets.

They have invested heavily in clinical R&D, and their facilities are also FDA and cGMP approved.

Best Testosterone Booster for Men over 50

Prime Male reports a significant improvement in energy and stamina among older men.

Nugenix, composed of testofen, increases testosterone in older men, while other boosters may not work for aged men.

Now let’s get to the meat of this article…

7 Best Testosterone Boosters of 2021 – The Only List You’ll Need

1) Testogen – (Overall Best)

Testogen reviews

Need a 100% natural test booster that improves your muscle strength, stamina, and sexual performance?

Testogen promises all that and more.

Power-packed with eleven powerful yet safe ingredients, this supplement is one of the most reliable choices promising no side effects.

Hundreds of regular users have claimed that Testogen made them energetic, feeling ageless, and improved their libido.

You can benefit from this product if you aim to have lean muscles and a healthier body.

Some reviews reported an increase in the size of their chest, biceps, and quad muscles.

It also helps to boost the metabolism to reduce unwanted body fat.

How does it work in the body?

Testogen does not contain any artificial T-boost, and that is why it is considered so safe.

Instead, it is blended with a specific balance of natural ingredients proven to increase testosterone released by the male body.

Who should use it?

You should go for Testogen if you have any of the following conditions :

  • You have less energy, your gym sessions are short, and you feel out of energy
  • You are not able to gain body muscles, and you have fat around your waist, which just does not go away
  • You feel depressed or lack motivation or competitiveness. This supplement will elevate your mood and make you enthusiastic

Men above 18 years can consume this supplement. You do not require a prescription to buy Testogen.


1) D-Aspartic Acid (2352mg):

D-Aspartic Acid

A kind of amino acid that stimulates testosterone production helps build lean fat and improve your stamina.

According to Testogen research, D-Aspartic Acid can increase T-levels by 45% within weeks of consumption.

Testogen is the only natural test booster that has the highest serving of this ingredient.

2) Magnesium (200mg):


It is a mineral that promotes relaxation, good quality of sleep, and reduces stress.

3) Vitamin D3 (50mcg):

Vitamin D

Testogen is composed of Vitamin D, cholecalciferol, which prevents them from attaching to protein, so there is more test boost in the bloodstream.

It also reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

4) Nettle Leaf Extract 4:1 (40mg):

Nettle Leaf Extract

It is another pure herbal extract that reduces testosterone’s protein synthesis, making the hormone float more in the blood and build body mass.

5) Korean Red Ginseng Extract 4:1 (40mg):


A popular natural aphrodisiac, this ingredient is a libido stimulator that protects the testes from dioxins.

It surges arousal and desire in males, enhances erectile functionality, and makes you receptive to your partner’s signals.

6) Fenugreek Extract 4:1 (40mg):

Fenugreek Extract

This was an organic remedy used by ancient Chinese people for improving their sex-drives.

Fenugreek also comes with antioxidant properties to keep check of the harmful free radicals.

It enhances strength and stamina and keeps you energetic.

7) Bioperine:


Extracted from black pepper, Bioperine is an active ingredient that helps with libido and better erections.

Known for its benefits against erectile dysfunction, it works in the body to give better penis performance.

Other ingredients include:
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin K1
  • Boron and
  • Zinc


  • Focused testosterone supplement for energy-boosting, lean muscle gain, and improving sexual libido
  • Gets rid of the stubborn fats around the waist or chest by improving the metabolism in the body
  • Composed of 100% natural ingredients
  • Shows no side effects, as claimed by their website
  • Offers a 100-day money-back guarantee, which enables users to see results before they can return
  • Free worldwide shipping


  • Dosage of consumption is high, 4 pills to be consumed each day
  • Only available on their website
  • May result differently in men; for some, the time required for results can be more


The price of a 1-month supply is $59.99.

For bulk orders, you get discounts on the MRPs.

For a 2month supply, you pay $119.99, and for 3-months, you pay $179.99.

You can also buy Testogen and Testodrops combo at discounted offers.


2) Testofuel – (Second Best)


Frustrated with the workouts and diets that fail to give you the body sculpt that you dream of?

Testofuel is a focused test booster that is here to break the barriers of your muscle growth.

The supplement comprises natural ingredients essential to produce lean muscles, cut down on body fat, and bulk up the muscles.

The healthy T-booster promises to produce testosterone naturally to enhance muscle growth. Your body will be healthier, and your overall body fat is likely to reduce.

Moreover, the supplement will also lighten your mood and improve your self-esteem.

Testofuel reviews reveal how men have sculpted their arms, chests more than 2 inches.

Men have started feeling like going back to the gym, as with Testofuel, they see better results than ever before.

How does it work in the body?

Testofuel is without any synthetic testosterone, which can cause side effects in the body.

It contains natural ingredients that help to generate more testosterone.

It introduces the concept of ‘compound nutrition,’ a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that have a holistic impact on muscle growth and energy.

Whenever you work out, your muscle fibers break into smaller pieces and then regenerate.

This process of repair helps to boost up the lean muscles and sculpt the body.

Testofuel generates testosterone, which aids this regeneration procedure.

Who should use this product?

If your target is to boost muscle mass, gain a lean body, grow, or sculpt the body, this product is the product for you.

Get compliments on a new physique, look like a hot-bod, and feel confident about yourself.


1) D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid

An amino acid is responsible for testosterone synthesis.

It signals the brain to regulate the pituitary glands accountable for handling the testicles to produce testosterone.

2) Vitamin D

Vitamin D

The vitamin enhances testosterone production in the body, improves cognitive performance, endurance, and reduces soreness.

3) Oyster Extract

Oyster extract

An outstanding zinc source, this ingredient helps to heighten up the energy and sexual libido.

Zinc reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, thereby retaining the hormone in the body.

Other herbal ingredients: Fenugreek & Ginseng, which help improve sensations during sex and better muscle gain.

Other vitamins & minerals – Magnesium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B6, and zinc.


  • Made of natural ingredients and risk-free
  • The website gives transparency about the composition. This creates an extra level of reliability on the products.
  • It helps to burn off the fat and also recover from intense workouts. It does not make the muscle sore, increases performance capability.
  • It is suitable for athletes or performers. Contains no banned substances, no stimulants.


  • Some people may be allergic to oyster extracts
  • Product is only available on the official website, not available on eCommerce platforms
  • Discounts on long term pricing are not available


The 1-month supply pack is priced at $65.

The 2-month supply and 3-month supply comes at $130 and $195.


3) Prime Male (For Over 50s)


There was a time when I used to be fascinated by the movie The matrix.

How taking a red pill transformed the entire world.

PrimeMale is that red pill of reality that not only changes your world but makes it better.

The product comes in two variants:

  1. The red pill enriches men’s vitality, making them stronger, muscular, and reducing body fat.
  2. The black pill is your virility support, making you sexually active, improving your libido, and improving your sperm and erections’ quality.

How does PrimeMale work in the body?

The 12-natural ingredients in the T-booster stimulate the testes and adrenal glands to increase testosterone secretion.

The optimized concentration of each element makes sure that the effect is balanced and not overpowering.

Furthermore, the ingredients reduce the anomalies, which may prevent natural testosterone production in the body.

So, anything that reduces your regular testosterone flow, PrimeMale curbs them down to let the body do its best function.

Who should use Prime Male testosterone booster?

This supplement is formulated for men above 30 years who are looking ahead to regain their vitality.

Bring back the youthful energy, libido, and lean look without worrying about any side effects.

Older men with symptoms of fatigue, muscle flab, weight gain, brittle bones, and insufficient energy should go for PrimeMale.


1) Boron


Available as boron amino acid chelate, this form of boron is easily absorbed by the body.

It helps to balance hormones, maintain blood plasma level, bone strength, and cognition.

Scientific research has proved that daily consumption of boron increases T-levels in the blood.

2) Luteolin


It is a Chinese citric flavonoid that is responsible for stopping the production of aromatase.

The action of aromatase is to enhance estrogen production.

Luteolin reduces the output of ‘girly hormones’ in males.

3) Ashwagandha Extract 4:1 (root)


An exotic Indian herb that has been used for centuries to regulate blood pressure, reduce stress and relax the mind and body.

It is known to improve potency and make men more fertile.

Other natural ingredients are:
  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate
  • Bioperine
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • Nettle Root Extract
Other Vitamins & minerals include:
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc and
  • Magnesium


  • It is one of the few test boosters that has 12 natural ingredients. The formula comes with a high dosage of D-AA-CC ingredients (1600mg) and an exclusive balance of vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
  • Alongside good body fitness, it also focuses on maintaining conditions, depression, fatigue, blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular health.
  • There has been little, or no side effects reported from this product yet.
  • It comes with worldwide shipping options


  • The product is only available on their own website.


A 1-month supply is priced at $69.

The 2-month supply at $138 and the 4-month supply is $207.

The pricing is cheap for the long term but expensive for the short term.

There are combos available for vitality PrimeMale with Enhance ( PrimeMale for virility).


4) Testo-Max (Third Best)

Testo max review

Scientifically formulated with DS- Aspartic Acid, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, B6, and K1, TestoMax is a natural test booster that helps sculpt the perfect body to maximize strength stamina.

It enables an extreme muscle gain, bulking, and boosts performance power.

It is targeted two men who focus on bodybuilding.

However, unlike the steroid Sustanon, TestoMax is the safe and legal alternative that enables fast recovery, enhances sex drive, and claims results in less than 2 weeks.

How does it work in the body?

Testosterone is also known as the godfather of bodybuilding.

It enhances your height, strength, stamina, strength, and efficiency.

TestoMax contains one of the highest compositions of D-aspartic Acid.

Natural ingredient D-aspartic Acid is an amino acid regulator that produces a luteinizing hormone that boosts testosterone production.

By stimulating the luteinizing fluid, D-Aspartic Acid in the test boosters promotes your body to increase testosterone production.

Who should go for TestoMax?

TestoMax focuses on extreme bodybuilding.

So if your target is to gain massive strength, stamina, bulk up without using steroids or harmful preservatives for your body, then you can definitely go for this testosterone supplement.

Men above the age of 18 can consume this product without any prescription.

  • Pair it with other products for bulking the body include – Dianabol (D-Bal), Deca Durabolin, Trenorol, and Anadrol.
  • Pair it with other products for faster results include – Clenbuterol, Anavar, Winstrol.


Active ingredients
  • D-aspartic Acid
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Bioperine
  • Boron
Minerals & Vitamins
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D3
  • K1 and
  • B6


  • For bodybuilders and athletes, if you want to sculpt your body like ‘The Rock’ but don’t want to risk your health, go for this natural testosterone booster.
  • It has no illegal ingredient to ban you from sports or competitions.
  • It boosts sexual stamina, also burns fat, and gives a lean physique.
  • No need to do cycles like you have to do with steroids. But regular workout definitely helps in the process.
  • Free shipping is available worldwide.


  • Less emphasis on R&D and scientific research for ingredients.
  • Only available on the official website.


A single bottle of TestoMax, a 1-month supply, comes at $59.99.

It comes with a buy 2 get 1 free offer. So, you can get 3 months supply at $1198.98.


5) TestRX

TestRX Review

TestRX is a powerful test booster that comes with the power of four.

As claimed by this supplement, four unique features make this one of the most effective test boosters;

  • The product’s comprehensive formula promises to give you increased muscle growth, an attractive physique, and more energy to sculpt the body of your dreams.
  • The ingredients are well-balanced and have an optimum dosage. The muscle fibers that break during heavy workouts are recovered quickly.
  • The brand value of the product makes it reliable. It is manufactured at a cGMP facility in the USA. Furthermore, you are assured of the authenticity of the ingredients used in the formula.
  • The formula is made with the combination of ZMA, known as the godfather of testosterone boosting. It is widely used by sportspersons to bulk up and gain strength.

How TestRX helps in muscle growth in the body?

TestRX is a testosterone booster that contains ingredients to produce more testosterone in males.

This supplement’s ingredients are clinically proven to enhance oxygen flow throughout the body and gain more endurance.

In the human body, amino acids make proteins, and proteins fuel muscle growth.

Testosterone aids in protein synthesis by attaching itself to androgen receptors present in the muscle cells.

This protein is used by the body to repair the damage to the microtissues, which happen when we workout.

Thus increasing the testosterone in the body fuels protein synthesis, which enhances body muscles.

Who should choose TestRx?

Men dedicated to sculpting their bodies, building body mass, and improving overall fitness can go for TestRX.

This supplement is formulated with natural ingredients and can be taken by athletes to boost their stamina.


1) ZMA Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine):

This is a composite ingredient that is popular as a source of energy and muscle booster.

Research conducted upon NCAA football players revealed that after 7-weeks of ZMA consumption, their body stamina and build had improved.

2) Fenugreek Seed Extract (50% Saponins) – 300mg Per Serving

An ancient Indian antidote popular as a fat burner and boosting testosterone.

It contains a compound called 4-hydroxy isoleucine, which also enhances men’s libido and sexual performance.

Other ingredients are:
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • D3 and
  • Vitamin K2


  • TestRX is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a renowned company in the USA. They have undergone a series of clinical research to ensure that the formulation gives the best bodybuilding results.
  • The scientifically engineered formula is made of natural ingredients, and the company assures the quality of the components.
  • TestRX has gone through a rigid clinical testing procedure and shows no side effects in healthy males. However, Men with clinical conditions should solicit a doctor’s advice before taking these tablets.
  • TestRX comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • This supplement is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. One of the ingredients contains gelatin.
  • The product is only available on their official website


1-month supply of tablets is priced at $59.95.

For 3-month and 6-month supplies, you end up paying $159.95 and $299.95, respectively.

You can get a hefty discount on your yearly supply, a 12-month package at only $549.95.


6) Hunter Test (Safest Test Booster)

Hunter test

Composed with unique ingredients backed by science, the HunterTest Test booster promises to raise your confidence levels and elevate your lifestyle.

The product emphasizes how it enhances your focus, mood, and determination by making you fitter and active.

A supplement that could drive up your sexual game and make you motivated and healthy from within.

How does it work in the body?

HunterTest contains natural elements that help to produce more testosterone hormone in the body.

Unlike steroids, it does not have any synthetic fibers or preservatives.

  • The ingredient D-aspartic Acid releases a luteinizing hormone, which is the precursor of testosterone.
  • Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 increase the arteries’ calcium content, regulating blood flow, and boost testosterone in the body.
  • The type of Asian ginseng used in HunterTest, Panax Ginseng, is exclusive and gives better T-boosting results than other forms.
  • Ashwagandha, another active ingredient, reduces fatigue, stress and helps to relax the mind.
  • Indole-3 Carbinol is known for its fat reducing properties and also controls estrogen secretion in the body.

Who should consume Hunter Test?

HunterTest can be consumed by both men and women above the age of 18.

Anyone looking ahead to grow muscles, stamina, and increase the testosterone balance in the body can opt for this product.


After extensive research, 9 natural ingredients have come together to formulate this testosterone supplement.

1) Ingredients for Energy Boosting:

3 of these ingredients are targeted to drive energy and deliver higher confidence levels.

  • Ginseng
  • Ashwagandha
  • Boron Chelate
2) Ingredients for muscle mass amplification:

Hunter’s R&D team has identified these ingredients that strengthen the body, increases muscle mass, and reduces unwanted fat.

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin D
3) Ingredient for increasing performance power:

Hunter’s vitality composition is packed with 3 of the most potent ingredients that enhance male libido, works as a virility boost, and raise sexual stamina.

  • Zinc
  • Indole-3 Carbinol
  • Magnesium


  • HunterTest has been manufactured after intense clinical analysis and testing. The product is backed by the latest scientific research. It is a safe and reliable choice for beginners.
  • The elements do not have any artificial color, fragrance, or preservatives. No traces of GMO, gluten, or soy has been found in the supplements.
  • Hunter Test is manufactured in the USA and UK. The production units have undergone strict FDA and CGMP guidelines to ensure safety and reliability. There are no Chinese factories or counterfeit sources of manufacturing.
  • This is one of the best test boosters that offers a 3+1 benefit for the users. One pill will give you energy, uplift your mood, stamina, and boost your sexual desires.
  • The supplement comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, only applicable to the first purchase with HunterTest.


  • The product is not as cheap as its competitors.
  • Shipping worldwide is available, but delivery charges are applied.
  • of capsules per day is 6, which is higher than other similar supplements.


1-month supply bottles are available for $75. 2-month supply bottles come at $150, and 4-month supply bottles are at $225.

For more than 1-month supply, delivery is free in the USA and UK.

The price is slightly higher than other products in this category for a 1-month supply.


7) Nugenix


Nugenix is a famous brand that is known for releasing products to boost sexuality and muscle growth.

There are several variations of different test boosters that are targeted for definite outputs.

The most popular, Nugenix Free testosterone booster, is a safe, scientifically formulated dietary supplement that enhances muscle strength and drives up energy.

It is exclusively designed to supercharge the libido, increase arousal, and perform better sexually.

In older men above the age of 30, testosterone level drops by 1% almost every year.

Many face difficulty to have a strong stamina to satisfy their partners; others feel weakened because of the feeble outer appearance.

A safe and reliable test booster can come to your rescue.

Nugenix, with its vast range of T-boosting products, can be an excellent option to best suit your needs.

Who should use Nugenix?

Nugenix is suitable for men looking forward to boosting their T-levels.

If your focus is on increasing your stamina and energy, this is the right product for you.

It can also help to rebuild your confidence and give desired results during sex.




The power ingredient of Nugenix is Testofen.

It is a clinically researched element that makes massive improvements in bodybuilding and boosting confidence.

It helps to combat the natural decline that occurs with age.

According to a clinical study, 82% of men who consumed testofen regularly reported a surge in their energy levels.

63% gained satisfaction with muscle and strength, and 85% improved their libido.

Other ingredients:
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6 and B12
  • Boron
  • Fenugreek
  • Long-jack


  • It has been manufactured and used since 2012. The product is well-reviewed by thousands of users and has been a reliable testosterone supplement for over a decade.
  • Improves sex drive, libido, and energy levels.
  • Available on commercial websites like Amazon and eBay.
  • The supplement comes with a 14-day trial period. You can always cancel your subscription in the first 14 days and get a full refund.


  • Modern research in science has led to many new compositions with ingredients like Ashwagandha, magnesium, and Bioperine.
  • It contains gelatin; it is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.


Nugenix free test booster comes at $69.99 for 1 bottle on the official website.

You can readily get a discount on the supplement at Amazon or eBay.

There are no bulk discounts available for this product.

Benefits of Testosterone on the body

Aside from boosting libido and building lean muscles, the testosterone hormone impacts several systems of our body.

A balanced amount of testosterone in men can elevate energy and benefit overall bodily functions.

1) Sexuality

The T-boosting hormone is responsible for the growth of the penis, testicles, pubic hair, and body hair in men.

During adolescence, this hormone is secreted more in men, and it is known as hitting puberty.

Many men reach puberty later than others as the level of testosterone is lower in them.

Testosterone makes males sexually active, boosts the libido, helps in sperm production, and improves fertility.

Lower T-levels may result in erectile dysfunction.

If you do not feel aroused, have a low quantity of sperm during ejaculation, or feel a lack of energy, give our top natural test boosters a try.

2) Muscle, Body Building & Sculpting

Men looking ahead to bulk up often go for test boosters as a safer alternative to steroids.

It increases neurotransmitters in the body, which encourage tissue growth.

The hormone reacts to nuclear receptors in the DNA and enhances protein synthesis.

Metabolism of the body plays a significant role in burning fat and build muscles.

Testosterone helps to burn fat effectively.

Men with lower T-levels often suffer from low metabolism, becoming obese.

T-hormone also helps increase bone density in the bone marrow by increasing the generation of red blood cells.

It strengthens the bone and gives more stamina.

3) Skin & Hair

The T-hormone’s effect behind the growth of pubic hair, armpit hair, and beards is scientifically proven.

Testosterone replacement therapy, a surgical procedure, comes with several side effects, leading to an imbalance of hormones in the body.

An imbalance in males may cause acne, skin irritation, or enlargement of male breasts.

Instead of risking your health and efforts on a clinical procedure, we recommend going for a safer option with the best natural test boosters.

4) Circulatory System

Testosterone is a hormone that resides in the bloodstream.

It flows through the artery and veins and can have an impact on our heart.

That is why athletes with higher testosterone levels in their body have elevated heart rates and more blood pumping stamina.

You must be aware that steroids with a high testosterone dosage can result in higher blood pressure and cardiac issues.

Testosterone abuse may even lead to heart attacks.

T- boosters, on the other hand, have limited side effects, as they are dietary supplements.

However, any kind of tablets must be consumed in moderation and in a prescribed dosage.

5) Reproduction

Testosterone is the prima facie hormone responsible for male fertility.

Even when a baby is inside the mother’s womb, the testosterone starts to form the male penis.

The testicles of the endocrine system produce the hormone and later generates sperm when males hit puberty.

Defects in testicles, softer testicles, or prostate issues may reduce the testosterone production of the body.

A healthy supply of testosterone is necessary for a man to be fertile and produce enough sperm for reproduction.

How T- Boosters work in the body

Test boosters are scientifically engineered with ingredients that enhance the production of testosterone hormone in the body.

The way these supplements act on the body may vary according to their formulations.

In natural conditions, the brain’s hypothalamus sends a signal to the pituitary gland to start testosterone production.

Once the call is received, it is passed on to the testicles and adrenal glands, which produce the hormone.

The testosterone supplements can function either by increasing the brain’s signaling or preventing the other hormones that stop testosterone production.

The former directly impacts the central nervous system and is not considered safe.

Hence, most of the natural T-boosters increase the T-levels by reducing the other hormones which come in the way.

a) Reduction of Cortisol

Cortisol is a stress-inducing hormone of the body that reduces the production of testosterone.

Many T-boosters help to combat and keep cortisol at bay.

b) Enriched with Zinc, Magnesium ad Vitamin

Testosterone supplements contain ingredients that are rich in Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6.

All these natural components have a massive impact on the T-levels of the body.

c) Reduction of Estrogen

Other Classes of T-boosters reduce estrogen, the hormone responsible for feminine attributes in the body — higher estrogen results in man-boobs, feminine voice, and less body hair.

A high level of estrogen indicates a low level of testosterone.

The supplements reduce estrogen production to balance and empower T- levels in men.

d) Using Saw Palmetto

Another type of test booster functions by using an ingredient called Saw Palmetto.

Research has proved that 5-alpha reductase is an enzyme that breaks the testosterone into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

Saw Palmetto is used to slow down this enzyme, so the levels of the hormone retain.

This ingredient can be found on T-boosters, particularly concerning male prostate issues and male pattern baldness.

Natural Vitamins and Supplements for Testosterone Boosting

1) D-aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid

Aspartic Acid is a kind of amino acid which are the building block of proteins.

Aspartic acids are two types – L & D. D-aspartic acids help to release hormones in the brain.

According to Healthline research, D-aspartic Acid produced luteinizing hormones, which promote Leydig cells in testes to produce more testosterone.

2) Vitamin D

Vitamin D

If this vitamin directly helps testosterone increment remains inconclusive; however, a study reported that lower vitamin D in the body results in lower T-levels.

3) Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

It is an ancient herb with properties to have strong sexual desire by raising T-levels in the body.

A study reported that men who consumed this supplement for 90 days observed an increase in their testosterone level by 16%.

4) Zinc


Zinc is a natural aphrodisiac that enhances the erection and arousal during sex.

The mineral also boosts stamina and is best for people who struggle with high-intensity cardio.

Research has proved that men who consumed 30 mg of zinc every day have seen increased T-levels in the body.

5) Ashwagandha


Used for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicines, Ashwagandha is known for its adaptogenic properties.

It helps to regulate hormonal balance and improves the immune system. Cortisol, a hormone responsible for inducing stress, is reduced by this supplement.

6) Fenugreek Extract

It is a popular Indian herb known for its usage in medicinal practices.

It is popular for reducing blood sugar levels, cholesterol and has anti-cancer effects.

A study published in Healthline revealed that supplements with 500 mg of fenugreek daily have improved men’s T-levels.

7) Magnesium


Magnesium supplements are known for revival of the testosterone levels in the body if they fall below average.

Clinical studies have proven that magnesium supplement intake of 420 gm in males daily has improved motility and sperm production.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a naturally occurring hormone in the body.

DHEA enhances the production of other hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

Studies have shown that intake of 50-100 mg of DHEA every day can increase testosterone by 20%.

9) Ginger


Ginger has been a widely used ingredient for its medicinal and culinary benefits.

Ginger is also known to improve fertility in men.

According to a scientific study, Ginger’s regular consumption improved semen production and T-levels in the body.

Risks of Testosterone Boosters

In most men, testosterone production starts to reduce as they turn 30.

By the age of 50, most men require supplemental testosterone to remain sexually active.

Most men consume these pills as a dietary product daily.

Like other supplements, this too may show different side effects.

Be aware of what could be the possible risks when going for T-boosters.

1) Preservatives & Harmful Chemical Ingredients

With the wide variety of testosterone enhancers in the market, you may end up buying a product full of preservatives or unwanted chemicals.

Tablets that do not reveal their composition or aren’t made of natural or herbal ingredients are most likely to cause reactions to your body.

2) Reactions to Medications

Testosterone supplements are made of vitamins, acids, or components that make a hormonal balance in the body.

But if you are already taking medications, you should solicit a doctor’s advice before going for a T-booster.

T-Boosters are often packed with zinc, magnesium, or vitamin D.

If your medication already contains those minerals or vitamins, then testosterone supplements may result in higher concentration than required.

3) Consumption in higher dosage

Do not make the mistake of thinking that a higher dosage of test booster will result in better body sculpting or increased libido.

Sure, an extra pill or two will boost up your stamina, but in the long run, a higher dosage may result in medical complications.

4) Side effects

Keep in mind that the side effects occur for two main reasons –

  1. You consume more than you have been prescribed.
  2. The product you consume is not suitable for you.

According to the report by piedmont healthcare, T-boosters’ long-term consumption may result in dependency of the body on these supplements for nutrition.

So, when these tablets are not consumed, the body exhibits specific side effects.

  • Regulated dosage testosterone cures hair loss, but the higher dosage may cause hair loss
  • Acne, or irritations on the skin if the pills react to the body
  • Testosterone boosts the libido by increasing red blood cells. Too many red blood cells may cause a risk of heart disease.
  • Other effects could be prostate enlargement, hypertension, increased aggression, and stress

10 Natural Foods for Boosting Testosterone

1) Low Fat Milk enriched with Vitamin D

Low Fat Milk

Milk is a terrific source of calcium, protein, and vitamin D. Milk helps strengthen the bones and is an all-rounder nutrient for the body.

A clinical study from 2011 concluded that Vitamin D helps increase T-levels in the male body.

For T-boosting, choose milk fortified with Vitamin D but is low-fat or skimmed.

Generally, Plant milk, which has low-fat content and rich in Vitamin D, is outstanding for boosting T-levels.

Milk from soy or almonds is some of the standard options.

Another source of Vitamin D could be exposed to the sun.

But not everyone can afford to have time for sun-exposure.

Moreover, sun rays may also cause a burning sensation or irritation to the skin.

Soaking in the morning sunlight is recommended to get its benefits.

2) Tuna or Sea Fish


Another great source of vitamin D, Tuna, is packed with protein but has low-fat contents.

Fresh Tuna is best to serve your daily dosage of vitamin D, which naturally helps ramp up the testosterone levels.

If Tuna is not your fish, you can also go for salmon, sardine, trout, or cod, some healthy alternatives.

Keep a check not to consume seafood more than 2 or 3 times a week.

Fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids have tremendous benefits for the body.

Moreover, fish oil is also known to improve semen and serum levels.

3) Ginger

Green Tea and Ginger

As known from ancient ayurvedic remedies, Ginger was used for improving fertility in men.

A study performed in 2012 concluded that taking ginger supplements for 3 months increased T-levels by 17.7% in men with fertility issues.

Ginger can be easily incorporated into the daily diet.

Rich in antioxidants, Ginger further helps to make you immune against viruses and germs.

4) Green leafy Vegetables


Research has proven that magnesium supplements and exercise improve the T-levels in the male body.

Cruciferous vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, and sprouts are the best magnesium sources for consumption.

Further, these vegetables aid the testosterone levels by regulating the estrogen level of the body.

A compound called indole-carbinol 3 can be found in the vegetables that produce a safe form of estrogen in the male body, which does not lower testosterone.

5) Egg Yolks

Egg Yolks

Egg yolks are another outstanding source of Vitamin D, readily available anywhere and are cheap.

Yolks are also packed with vitamin A, E, B12, K, and minerals like folate, iron, and riboflavin.

It is a myth that egg-yolks increase fat.

Many people avoid egg yolks for higher cholesterol.

If you do not suffer from high cholesterol levels, egg yolks can be a great source of nutrients for elevating T-levels in the body.

An alternative to egg yolks could be fortified Vitamin D cereals, which could be a good breakfast choice.

5) Pomegranates


Pomegranates are the age-old antidote for improving male fertility and sexual stamina.

They are rich in natural antioxidants, which reduce the stress levels in the body.

Stress levels give rise to Cortisol hormones that prevent the production of testosterone.

So, it is essential to remain relaxed and stress-free for healthy T-boosting.

A Clinical Study performed by intaking pomegranate juice for 14 days resulted in an improvement in saliva T-levels, blood pressure, and mood balance.

6) Oysters


Zinc is a vital nutrient for the body released during puberty and attributed to masculine features’ growth.

Lower testosterone levels can happen due to deficiency of zinc in males.

Oysters are a superb source of protein and zinc. Adding oysters to the diet will help to maintain the zinc levels in the body.

7) Beans


Kidney beans, white beans, black beans, and other legumes like chickpeas are rich sources of zinc and vitamin D.

They are plant-based alternatives for milk and can be consumed by vegans.

These nutrients are full of fiber and benefit heart health.

8) Shellfish


Lobsters and crabs are some delicious nutrients packed with zinc.

However, make sure to keep a check on the consumption of shellfish.

They can be consumed up to twice a week.

9) Beef


Over the years, red meat has posed serious health concerns and are often scrapped out of a balanced diet.

Ground beef, rich in vitamin D, can be a top-notch source for bodybuilding and sculpting.

Red meat helps to boost the T-levels in the body.

Go for the correct cuts of lean and meat, and ensure that the beef consumption is done in moderation to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Testosterone Boosters (FAQs)

What is testosterone? What does it do to the body?

Testosterone is the hormone in the male body that is responsible for the development of sexual characteristics.

Its purpose is to increase the sex drive, generate red blood cells, and sculpt the body by growing muscle mass and fat distribution throughout the body.

During puberty, the hormone is responsible for developing male attributes like a beard, a more resonant voice, and hair growth. It helps the penis and testicles to grow.

Testosterone also helps to regulate men's fertility by assisting sperm production.

Testosterone is naturally produced by the testes and adrenal glands in the body and controlled by our brains' pituitary glands.

What happens due to a lack of testosterone in the body?

Our body daily produces about 7mg of testosterone, which may not be utilized thoroughly. Low levels of testosterone may cause some of the following problems;

  • Lower Sex drive
  • Infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss of hair, muscles, weakening of the body by making bones fragile, growing body fat
  • Hair growth in arms, legs, and chest may be reduced

Generally, the level of testosterone tends to decrease with age.

However, clinical conditions like infection, chronic diseases, side effects of medicine, and genetic problems could also reduce testosterone in the body.

What are testosterone boosters?

T-boosters are dietary supplements that can be consumed to increase the testosterone level in the body. Incorporating these pills increases masculine functions like the growth of muscles, beards, libido, and sperm production.

Men who are into fitness looking for a ripped body can benefit from natural testosterone supplements. Athletes can legally consume these supplements for improved stamina and strength.

Do not confuse T-boosters with anabolic steroids. Aside from muscle gain, T-boosters help achieves better arousal and drive up energy but have fewer side effects than regular steroids.

These supplements are great if you gradually build your stamina, lean muscle mass, and focus on the body's wellness.

Is Test boosters the same as steroids?

No. T-boosters produce more testosterone to enhance masculinity, sex boost and regulate hormone levels.

Men with low T-levels or higher estrogen levels can consume T-boosters to balance the hormones.

Steroids are synthetic drugs that are focused primarily on bodybuilding, muscle enhancement, and increasing performance.

Even though T-boosters have similar functions, but their composition is different. Natural testosterone supplements are a healthier alternative to chemical steroids that have reduced risk on your health.

Do T-boosters really work?

Over the counter, testosterone supplements have become a prime choice among men willing to enhance their testosterone levels.

T-boosters are an effective and safe remedy to relieve you of your sexual problems and help with bodybuilding.

According to this NCBI report, authentic supplements can build muscle mass within a short period.

Moreover, they concluded that no significant side effects could directly be attributed to T-boosters.

However, many testboost reviews have shown that users have seen little or no results.

This happens when a person ends up going for an unknown brand with pills that simply contain vitamins or minerals.

Hence, you must choose a brand according to its reliability and effectiveness for the best results.

Questions to ask yourself before purchasing T-boosters

  • What are the ingredients, and are the elements of good quality?
  • Does the manufacturer abide by strict production guidelines?
  • What does the user reviews say about the product?
  • What is the dosage of intake, and what are the potential side effects?
  • Is it necessary to have a diet and a healthy lifestyle to see the results of the supplement?

Are T-boosters safe?

Many T-boosters are safe and have remarkable impacts on men, while several others in the market are deadly.

Products containing synthetic material, preservatives, and counterfeit products have several side effects on the body.

A low-quality test-boosters may cause restlessness, hormonal imbalance, or even damage the liver.

It's essential to look into a T-booster's ingredients and consume it in the mentioned dosage to avoid anything unprecedented.

The products in our list are 100% safe as they have passed through our stepwise selection criteria.

We have selected only those supplements that are clinically verified products to make sure you get the best that you deserve.

Can testosterone increase the size of the penis?

Yes, but only to a certain extent. Testosterone supplements will increase the sperm count, which improves penile functions.

According to this Daily Mail article, when the body doesn't produce enough testosterone, it leads to small penis size.

This is a clinical condition known as hypogonadism.

The incorporation of testosterone is capable of increasing the size of the penis.

But these results may differ among men depending upon the body's capability to adapt and grow.

Testosterone can also be injected into the body. However, it requires strong medical attention.

T-boosters, on the other hand, are much safer and can be consumed without a prescription.

Do testosterone supplements work for muscle gain?

Testosterone is a hormone that is considered the holy grail of muscle building. The testosterone interacts with the muscle cells and increases the breakdown of proteins to amino acids.

This process is known as protein synthesis. It helps to grow and strengthen the muscle mass.

Can testosterone boosters make you hornier?

Testosterones are known to be effective agents to improve men's libido, which is why you feel horny and aroused.

The supplements create a hormonal balance, but they are not the only factors that will enable you to sustain a high sex-drive.

The rush of adrenaline that you feel during testosterone intake is temporary.

Sexual activity will help to preserve that level of testosterone and sustain that horny sensation.

How can I raise T-levels?

Testosterone levels can be increased by changing the diet, doing exercise, and tweaking lifestyle choices.

Some of the common ways to gain testosterone in the body could be:

  • Getting enough sleep and reduction of stress levels
  • Maintaining a balanced diet with the intake of natural sources of testosterone
  • Losing excess weight and focusing on muscle gain
  • Staying active by doing work out, bodybuilding, and fat burning
  • Avoiding drugs and alcohol consumption
  • A regular dosage of testosterone supplements made with natural or herbal ingredients


It is to be remembered that any external supplement can react to the body if not taken in the correct dosage.

The imbalance of minerals, vitamins, or hormones in the body does not give fruitful results in the long run.

Moreover, any T-booster will need 4 weeks to 6 months to show good results. Rapid results only result in rapid reactions.

Whichever Testosterone supplement you choose, regulate yourself to a daily intake of the correct dosage, be aware of the ingredients to avoid reactions, and have the patience to see desired results.


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