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Bistro MD Meal Delivery Diet Reviews, Complaints & Costs

by Jane Summerfield
  • Are BistroMD meals frozen?
  • Can you lose weight on it?
  • Is it healthy?
  • Does it really work?
  • How much weight can you lose on it?

These questions and more will be answered in detail in this comprehensive review…

BistroMD – Weight Loss Plan From Your Chef

Meal delivery services are certainly very popular…

…Who doesn’t want to come home from a rough and demanding, let-alone exhausting day, to know that there is a fast, delicious, convenient, and healthy meal waiting for you at home?

How would you like to follow a weight loss plan that you don’t have to worry about what you are going to cook or what to buy – and still lose weight?

Well, you can – courtesy of BistroMD – and know that what you are eating was cooked by a chef!

Fancy that idea?

BistroMD is a meal delivery service coming to your door and keeping you looking great, just like your doctor and chef have planned for you…

…warm meals, full of delicious aromas and brimming with health and nutrition – may be some dessert later?

BistroMD is about flash-frozen meals that have been planned out for you by dieticians, doctors, and professional chefs, all aimed at improving your health and helping you to lose weight!

It’s like a dream come true – no more hassles with planning and preparing meals, trying to work out if they are healthy or not.

Who on earth thought up such a clever idea?

BistroMD is the leader in home diet meal deliveries – their new diet meals are called Balance by BistroMD, the first meal delivery service to offer consumers meals that have been chef-prepared.

Meals are made up with fresh ingredients and delivered to your door, a la carte.

It helps those who order these meals to achieve their goals not only of losing weight but to achieve greater health and especially for some who suffer from common health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

If you excited to be part of this, read on further.

This way of eating is all about balance

Balance by Bistro was created simply to keep balance in your diet.

 As most of us know, eating healthily requires plenty of planning and work, and more so if you are not interested in cooking or planning.

Many of us want to be healthy and lose weight, but the thought of preparing and planning all the necessary meals puts us off…

…we try and follow our own ways of dieting, but usually fail and wander off from our diet plans in the end.

Have you seen how busy the fast-food restaurants have become?

People often just don’t have the time for that type of management and planning of meals anymore and it’s also the reason why so many grocery stores have so many packed frozen meals as well.

Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist is the founder of BistroMD.

Balance by BistroMD is a better way to eat for people who do not have time to cook, don’t want to cook, or don’t know how to cook.

Caroline soon realized that most people found it difficult to stick to a diet plan for reasons of their own.

So she decided to have their food specially prepared and delivered to their homes.

And just look how this has taken off!

This online meal program, BistroMD, is available nationwide

The meals are nutritionally balanced; it’s real food prepared by the BistroMD chefs.

Each meal in the Balance by BistroMD offerings contains top-notch proteins, is low in fat and salt, and free of cheap fillers or any processed ingredients.

You can choose from specialized diet categories such as gluten-free, diabetics, vegetarians, or for good heart health.

And there is a huge selection of over 100 types of meals, all starting at $5.95 each.

What is so great is that they are delivered to your door – that’s a saving in itself because you don’t have to go out and do the shopping for all your meals either.

It is ranked as the number one meal delivery service…

It was actually named the ‘Best Meal Delivery Diet’ by one of the review sites, DietsInReview.com.

But then it makes sense – BistroMD is passionate about providing gourmet meals for you to enjoy without having to do it yourself.

And for those who are watching their diets; isn’t it the best to know that doctors and dieticians have planned and created these meals to keep your diet on track in a healthy manner?

Not only for dieting needs, but imagine if you are taking care of old parents in your home, or invalids or people battling with diseases such as diabetes [1] and heart problems…

…the BistroMD meals are ideal for them – you do the worrying over your loved ones while you let BistroMD care for their nutritional needs.

Each and every meal is prepared, using only the very freshest of ingredients…

With each morsel you put in your mouth, you can taste the quality and flavors.

Ed Cederquist, who is co-founder and CEO at BistroMD says that “balance includes a diverse range of foods and flavors that will keep people looking and feeling their best”.

You can make use of the meals anytime you need to fill in the gaps and you don’t have time…

…neither do you want to stop over at the grocery store and buy highly processed fast foods.

More about BistroMD

BistroMD has its headquarters in Naples, Florida, created by Caroline and Edward Cederquist – they are really passionate about the food they send out in their delivery service.

What they serve to you is what they eat at their dinner table and they combine that with the science of losing weight healthily.

They have been doing this for over 10 years now and have inspired thousands to want to make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves.

That way they offer different diet programs for different health needs.

And of course, their talented chefs prepare these delicious meals by making sure all people who eat these meals are well-nourished.

Magical menopausal moments as well

They’ve also developed a special menopause program, starting up www.SilverCuisine.com.

It focuses on senior nutrition and delivering hearty meals to the over 50s – if you eat healthily you can retain your independence as you grow older.

So why should you trust it?

Innerbody Research has 20 years of research behind them.

During the past 2 decades, they have helped millions of people to make informed decisions about eating healthily.

It is their job to review and evaluate companies based on the service they offer, the quality and the latest health standards, and medical evidence.

They test whether the product is recommendable to others and would family and friends benefit from it too.

They reviewed BistroMD which was thoroughly investigated by members of Innerbody’s Medical Review Board.

Why BistroMD might not be for you…

  • Pre-cooked meals don’t suit everyone because some people love planning and prepping their own meals.
  • Lots of food recipes require some form of dairy – that means eliminating it completely just isn’t possible. If you are concerned about certain ingredients or have certain food allergies, then BistroMD might not be the best choice for you.
  • Pre-portioned meals don’t suit everyone.
  • If you want shakes, obviously this won’t be for you.
  • Some people might find the dishes are too “exotic”. Maybe you prefer food that you are familiar with and are not interested in trying other dishes despite the dishes being tasty and nutritious.
  • Only available in the United States.
  • Can be too expensive for some people.

Choose from different meal plans…

Meal delivery services are extremely popular, and as we said before, it’s because time is so scarce and for other reasons.

But getting food that has been carefully balanced and approved to meet dietary plans and certain medical conditions is a whole new ballgame.

That’s what makes BistroMD so unique.

It’s their mission to create meals that a personal dietician has created for you; that your chef cooked for you with nutrition and health as a top priority.

And then all this is delivered right to your doorstep – you don’t have to go and fetch it; they will bring it to you.

BistroMD’s weight loss philosophy is medically grounded [2] and they base their weight loss philosophy on three stages of dieting:

1) Reclaim

This is the first stage.

The meal plan will help curb your unhealthy cravings and also alter your metabolism.

2) Transform

This is the second stage.

Your body will respond positively to the metabolic changes and you’ll start seeing transformation happening.

3) Stabilize

 This is the final stage – it might take about 6 months but you will notice your body weight starting to stabilize.

Let’s check their meal plans out

BistroMD knows full well that everybody has different health backgrounds and health needs as well as different lifestyles and routines.

You will choose the best option for yourself and then you can personalize it further with the help of their dieticians.

All ingredients come from local farmers markets and farms and environmentally responsible sources.

The meat is hormone-free and there are no trans-fats, artificial colorings added MSGs, aspartame, or nitrates in the food.

You will be offered a handful of meal programs and inside of these programs; they will tailor a meal plan particularly according to your gender and needs.

  • Standard Weight Loss
  • Heart Healthy
  • Diabetic-Friendly
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Free
  • Menopause

For instance, the diabetic-friendly meals won’t contain more than 25g of carbs per meal, and your meal plan will ensure you have a consistent carbohydrate intake.

The heart-healthy program for instance will ensure that each of your servings doesn’t contain more than 600mg of sodium and 3.5g of saturated fat.

Frequency of meals

You get four different standard type packages, depending on how often you want to eat the meals:

5-day full program (5 days consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner) excluding weekends.

7-day full program (an entire week of nutritious meals consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

5-day lunches & dinners: This plan skips weekends and breakfasts.

7-day lunches & dinners: This is a full week, but skips breakfasts.

What you select will determine your membership plan and price.

Personalized meal plans are easy with BistroMD

Maybe you want to design your own type of eating pattern to suit your own needs.

Maybe you are more active than other people or you only want a few meals each week rather than 5.

What if you are a vegetarian who needs a diabetic-friendly meal plan?

That’s not a problem – you just develop a program for your personal needs.

Members consult with the staff dietician and craft a meal plan to meet your needs so you can reach your own weight loss and nutritional goals.

What about snacking?

BistroMD encourages snacking – because they know that often people who are dieting get hungry between meals and this deters their weight loss efforts.

The snacks need to be the right snacks though, and here BistroMD has its EATS program (Essential and Tasty Snacks).

This is a very popular feature and worth several dollars a day extra.

The snack feature offers you protein power snacks that take your hunger cravings away.

For the men, there are 21 snacks a week and for the women, there are 14 snacks per week.

So you are interested and want to set yourself up with BistroMD

It’s pretty straightforward and user-friendly.

You will give BistroMD some important information about your meal goals and preferences and start the registration process when you have a half-hour of time to complete it.

Then your first week of meals is made up to see if it suits your preferences.

What plan should you choose?

You will start by choosing a meal package and then you will create a member profile.

You will select from out-of-the-box meal programs (which one you want, e.g. standard, heart-healthy, menopause, etc.) and then you will specify the size of the weekly plan you want to order, like do you want the 7-day plan or the 5-day plan, and whether you want to add breakfasts as well.

That way BistroMD gets your name, your gender, and your email so they can tailor the best meal plan for you.

The experts will help you customize your plan

The success of your meal plan will depend on weekly deadlines and understanding your own needs and preferences.

You need to access your member area straight away, working with the team.

You can actually start customizing your plan directly from the order confirmation page.

The team of dieticians will take your information during the ordering prices and offer you meal options for your personal nutritional needs and weight loss goals.

In the member area, you will see all the meal options that the dietician thinks is right for you and you can select everything to suit your nutritional needs the way that the dietitian-preferred meals would.

Don’t feel frantic; if you need help customizing your plan call them (866) 401-3438 to work it out with the team of dietitians.

Remember that when you work with the BistroMD’s team to customize your plan, they need a week in advance to work out your nutritional changes and accommodate your needs.

Know the weekly routines and deadlines

Weekly deadlines are different for new members compared to ongoing members.

You will notice that your order will auto-recur, but that is for convenience’s sake.

That means if you need to change your meals or cancel them, you need to do so before the weekly deadlines.

Remember that your weight loss journey requires effort and dedication…

…so BistroMD has designed a program for you delivering a weekly supply of food and this order will automatically recur as mentioned above, for convenience purposes.

If you want to cancel the next week’s order, for instance, you would need to contact BistroMD in the listed deadlines.

The deadline is always on a Wednesday at 5 pm, prior to the following week’s order.

If you want clarity or you are not sure or want to cancel send an email to CustomerService@bistromd.com or call 866-401-DIET (3438).

Look at all these frequently asked questions about the ordering and about BistroMD in general, it will help you know some important questions you are probably asking.


BistroMD prices will depend not on the program you choose, for instance, the heart-healthy diets, or the diabetic-friendly diets, etc.

These are the current prices:

  • 7-day full meal plan (breakfast, lunch, and dinner): $189.95
  • 7-day lunch and dinner only: 159.95
  • 5-day full meal plan: $159.95
  • 5-day lunch and dinner only: $129.95

Current Discounts

If you want to try it, Bistro MD offers great incentives, like free shipping and 25% off on your first week.

But of course, the discounts and incentives will change–check here for the latest prices and discounts.

With your plan you will find these benefits to you:

  • You get access to the registered dieticians of BistroMD.
  • A team of members just you, sharing support and advice.
  • Expert advice each week from the list of doctors, trainers, dieticians, and the resident foodie.

BistroMD CTA

What criteria have been used to evaluate this dietary support company?

These are:

1) Variety of meal options: That means accommodating people with different weight loss goals, as well as tastes and desires.

2) Nutritional value: Does the meal service company have a firm grasp of the nutritional needs of their customers?

3) Flavor: Are the meals delicious and appetizing and meeting the purpose for which they are ordered?

4) Value: Do the customers get their money’s worth? And are there any hidden costs?

BistroMD meets the criteria

For many, BistroMD feels like a gift.

People have found the food non-restrictive at all and those who are dieting found that often they have already lost weight in the first couple of weeks…

…some say they feel lighter but wondered how sustainable it is; would the weight come back when they were no longer on the program?

But between the diet and the dieticians and fitness coaches, etc.

What you get is an incredible amount of support and information.

And it’s great to know you have a virtual community on the same journey as you on the BistroMD Facebook page – keeping each other accountable.


Olivia of San Mateo, CA (Verified Reviewer) -- Original review: Oct. 25, 2019
“I recently signed up for the meal plan through BistroMD and Love it! It is convenient, great tasting food and snacks.

If you follow the directions about putting your food in the refrigerator 12 to 24 hours for each day’s meal, the food when heated is delicious!

It’s super convenient especially for lunch and dinner when you work 10 hour work days. 

The 1st week I lost 5 pounds! Looking forward to continuing this plan to hit my ideal weight goal.

The promotion for the 1st week is great.

After that, it is a bit pricey but worth it for the taste, packaging, delivery, and healthy options. 

It is definitely worth giving it a try.”

But read fantastic success stories for yourself – the above is just one example.

BistroMD CTA

The Bottom Line

It has an evidence-based nutritional program, there are literally hundreds of positive reviews about BistroMD that can make them proud…

…and along with its personalized meal plans and chef-prepared menus, BistroMD is a great choice for anybody who doesn’t want any hassles of preparing and planning meals for their weight loss and health journey.

It’s a real success story, no wonder it was the official meal plan provider of the NBC reality TV show The Biggest Loser.

Bistro MD’s nutritional plan for healthy weight loss is based on a daily calorie intake of 1,100 to 1,400 calories.

Dr. Phil also has endorsed this diet, highly recommending it to people who want to lose weight…

…enlisting BistroMD services to help people who are having problems with their health and need to lose weight.

He recommended BistroMD to help the world’s heaviest woman to help her lose weight.

She was Pauline Potter and she weighed in at almost 700 lbs., holding the world’s heaviest woman record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

You will find a wide range of doctor-designed meals superb also to prevent you from food boredom.

There is such a wide range of people that have benefited from this life-saving service.

There are some key components that are scientifically required to lose weight.

  • You need a proper diet like what BistroMD will deliver to your door.
  • Second, you need moderate exercise, and you do this by consulting with the fitness expert of the service.
  • You need support from and there is a large community of BistroMD to support you.
  • Don’t forget to get enough sleep! And you can do it on this diet because you don’t have to plan and prep any meals.

It’s time…

Time to give BistroMD a try – take the plunge, join them, and watch as the weight melts away – well it’s because they literally have food that melts in your mouth!

Frequently Asked Questions about BistroMD (FAQs)

Is there any difference between frozen meals from the store and those from BistroMD?

Balance is powered by the science of BistroMD and founded by physician Dr. Caroline Cederquist.

Her expertise ensures the meals are chef-prepared, that top-quality, fresh ingredients are used to know that what you get is healthy and balanced.

How many calories in the BistroMD meals?

The calories range from 240-400 each – this is different from other programs which can range from 500-800 calories per serving. BistroMD meals contain between 40-50% lean protein that keeps you feeling satisfied for longer.

Are there a minimum number of meals that I need to reach to place an order?

‘Balance’ was created to match each person’s nutritional and lifestyle needs. You will be in complete control of the meals you receive, how often, and how many.

How long to cook a BistroMD meal?

They can be heated in less than 6 minutes. Either heat them up from frozen for nights you need a meal quick or you can put them in your fridge to thaw for 24-48 hours before heating.

Are meals costly?

They range from $5.99 to $13.99 each.

Is Balance a diet plan?

No, it is not. But you can use the meals to create a diet plan of your own because Balance by BistroMD is focused to do just that – provide healthy options to supplement your diet to suit you.

What if I have problems with the delivery of the meals?

Contact the concierge team at CustomerService@MyBalanceMeals.com.

Should I add anything to the meals?

No, all of the meals are nutritionally complete so you don't have to add other things.

Are your meals organic?

While they are not certified organic, all Balance foods are made with top-quality ingredients. There are no nitrates, chemicals, additives, or phosphates, added.

Do you have vegetarian meals?

There is a selection of vegetarian meals but as of yet, there is no offering of strictly vegan meals.

Do you have kosher meals?

Yes, there is a kosher menu.

BistroMD CTA

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