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Blood Pressure 911 Reviews – Ingredients, Side Effects, Ingredients & Customer Testimonials

by Jane Summerfield
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Welcome to my comprehensive review of Blood Pressure 911…

Almost everyone has someone around them suffering from high blood pressure in their family.

It has become so common that it is seen as a normal situation especially as you age.

This should not be so.

High blood pressure has been high on the scale of death-causing conditions as it’s often a precursor to other diseases such as heart disease, kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.

You’re most likely worried that you will end up as one of these statistics of lives lost due to high blood pressure.

You are likely stuck on prescription medications for high blood pressure that are not working and come with massive side effects.

You don’t have to go through the rest of your life with a defeatist attitude that there is nothing you can do to change your situation.

You can overcome high blood pressure.

There might be a solution for you…

Blood Pressure 911 Review – Is it Worth it?

Blood pressure 911 review

What is Blood Pressure 911?

When you have an emergency, the first thing on your mind would be to call 911 because you need a prompt response.

This is the same way you can’t afford to delay when you’re dealing with high blood pressure.

For instance, you can never tell when your high blood pressure will lead to a fatal stroke.

This is why you need a product that actually removes the problem and not just manage it on the surface.

High Blood Pressure 911 is a combination of natural ingredients that gets your blood pressure under control by working on arterial and vascular stiffness.

The natural ingredients in the supplements help to relax your blood vessels which in turn can pump blood throughout your body more effectively.

This automatically leads to an immediate drop in your high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure 911 came to be through the personal and diligent search of a high blood pressure sufferer, Ed Corcoran who had suffered a sudden stroke at just 48 years of age.

By a stroke of luck, he had come across a piece of important information about Japanese farmers.

It was discovered that in these farming communities, no one including the aged had to deal with high blood pressure.

This was eventually traced to the use of certain herbs in their diet.

Ed didn’t want to be the only one to benefit from this discovery.


…he partnered with Phytage labs; a reputable and experienced company in creating a perfect formulation that will end the problems of high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure 911 was created to finally give a true cure to high blood pressure and free people from the undesirable side effects of high blood pressure medications which they have to stay on for the rest of their lives.

Who the product is not for

1) Not for pregnant women suffering from preeclampsia

Many women get high blood pressure whilst pregnant.

This is different from the general prognosis of high blood pressure and is related to their state of being pregnant.

Thus, Blood Pressure 911 was not made specifically with pregnant women in mind.

If in any event, it’s administered, it should be done based on your doctor’s advice and under close supervision.

2) Not for hyperactive episodes

Some mental health conditions present with agitation and hyperactivity and someone without medical experience could easily conclude that their blood pressure may be on the high side due to all that exaggerated activity.

However, high blood pressure and psychosis are two different conditions.

Though someone could have both in some cases.

Blood Pressure 911 will not calm an agitated psychosis patient down.

3) Not for inducing sleep

If you suffer from insomnia it may or may not be related to high blood pressure.

So, you shouldn’t use Blood Pressure 911 as the first course of treatment.

You should start by getting your blood pressure checked by your doctor and your reading will determine if Blood Pressure 911 will be suitable for you.

4) Not for people with hypotension

Some people also suffer from low blood pressure and it can be just as serious as high blood pressure.

If you suffer from hypotension, Blood Pressure 911 is definitely not for you as it would only get your blood pressure dangerously low.

Instead, you should look for other remedies that will help increase your blood pressure into the normal range.

Things I dislike about the product

As much as Blood Pressure 911 is the dream solution to the problem of high blood pressure, there are still some things I don’t like about it.

They include:

1) Available only on the company’s website

You can only order Blood Pressure 911 from the company’s website.

This is a big disadvantage has it reduces people’s access to this much-needed remedy.

The company needs to expand its production to be able to supply other third-party stores so everyone can benefit from the product.

2) Needs at least one month’s use

Persons who suffer from high blood pressure that have sought treatment within traditional medicine would have been loaded with pills already.

Thinking you will have to use another pill for at least one month to be certain of getting full results is quite daunting.

This might sound like unnecessary grumbling but if you have walked the path to using ineffective drugs for your high blood pressure, you can relate to this.

3) No uniform timeline of efficacy

When you are trying out a product for the first time, it can really be frustrating, waiting to see the results.

If you knew the exact timeframe to expect certain results, it would make the waiting more tolerable.

With Blood Pressure 911, you are told to expect to see results from at least a month after you start using it but this will not be everyone’s experience.

Things I like about the product

1) The blend of natural ingredients

It is one thing for a product to claim using organic ingredients, it’s an entirely different situation to be able to confirm those ingredients are compounded in the product in adequate amounts.

With Blood Pressure 911, you can be sure you are getting this distinct natural goodness in one place.

These natural ingredients include:

i) Buchu

Buchu Leaf

This is a uniquely South African herb linked with the Khoisan tribe that has used it for a long time in history for different ailments such as fever, cough, prostatitis, and upset stomach.

Buchu is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and it contains antioxidants and flavonoids that assist in keeping the blood vessels elastic and prevents the action of enzymes that cause a blockage.

Thereby, preventing hypertension.

ii) Juniper Berry

Juniper berries

This is another herb with ancient history on its efficacy.

Many years ago, the Greek athletes used it to increase their stamina during sporting events.

It also contains antioxidants that stop the damage done by free radicals in the body.

It helps to improve the heart’s function.

iii) Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf Extract

More than being a symbol of peace, the olive leaf also possesses healing properties.

It was used in ancient times as an antiseptic to clean wounds.

It assists in controlling cholesterol levels in the blood which in turn helps to lower blood pressure.

A study conducted has demonstrated how olive leaf is beneficial in reducing high blood pressure.

Apart from these three unique combinations, there are also other four supporting ingredients that Phytage Labs decided to include in the supplement:

iv) Hawthorne

Hawthorn berry

This has been used for many centuries as a treatment for heart diseases such as congestive heart failure, irregular heartbeat, and atherosclerosis.

It works by increasing blood flow from the heart, opens up the blood vessels, and improves the transmission of nerve signals.

v) Garlic


A common herbal spice in most kitchens yet not celebrated for its high medicinal properties. Garlic has been used for many centuries to lower high blood pressure.

Its main course of action can be found in one of its components, allicin which inhibits the production of a compound that increases blood pressure and causes the blood vessels to constrict.

vi) Hibiscus


Drinking hibiscus tea has been found to lower high blood pressure significantly.

This is the case because it’s a diuretic that opens up the arteries for better blood flow and also inhibits the enzyme that causes blockage in the blood vessels.

vii) Green Tea

Green tea

This common beverage taken in many households is a source of flavonoids that have been found to help in reducing cholesterol in the blood.

This leads to less clogging of the blood vessels and leads to lower blood pressure readings.

These last four ingredients are often found in other supplements for lowering blood pressure but their problems lie in the fact they don’t put in the adequate dosage to really provide the expected results.

It is great that Phytage Labs had this figured out and balanced the dosages so that you are getting enough of everything.

2) Non-synthetic ingredients

It is not enough for a product to claim to be natural because the source of the ingredients matters in the long run.

Many of the natural herbs have been compromised by chemicals used in trying to get a faster yield or the common preservatives used in grocery stores to extend their herbs’ shelf lives.

It’s really a good thing that Blood Pressure 911 makes use of natural ingredients from a pure source.

This way you can be certain that nothing synthetic is going into your system.

3) Relatively affordable

If you were to calculate the cost of getting the natural herbs on your own and concocting them into a mixture, you will quickly realize it’s not an easy feat to achieve.

It will not be cost-effective trying to buy all the items singularly.

So, for a product that contains everything you need to lower your blood pressure in one place, it is a good buy at its price.


A certain way to determine whether a product will work for you is by checking what past users have to say about the product.

You may not be able to trust the words of the product makers fully since they are trying to sell, but you can rely on the experience of someone going through a similar condition as yours.

Here is what a user of Blood Pressure 911 has to say, Dan Topanga:

“I was very skeptical at first, but now my blood pressure is down so much that my doctor said I can get off both of the prescription drugs I have been taking.

So now I feel so much better, have no more high blood pressure, and I don’t have to worry about the terrible side effects of high blood pressure medicines anymore.

Thank you so much!”

Highlights from the review

1) The blood pressure dropped significantly

This wasn’t a case of a partial or a gradual reduction in blood pressure. It practically crashed to the point of being normal.

2) It had no side effects

This was placed in comparison with the traditional blood pressure medicines that came with so many side effects. Blood Pressure 911 gave no side effects.

3) Stopped taking other medications

This was a win-win situation because he could finally get off the undesirable medications that were giving him a tough time.

These points show that Blood Pressure 911 truly works and you can get your blood pressure back to a normal range.

It also proves that you don’t have to see the side effects that come with blood pressure medications as a normal way of life.

This review also validates that you can get off the life sentence of being hooked on blood pressure medications for the rest of your life.

Insider Information

Any steps that you are taking towards recovering your health is an important one.

So, you need to be careful about what you expose your body to.

Here are some of the things to watch out for when looking for the perfect remedy to cure your hypertension.

1) Look out for verifiable statistics

Anyone can come up with a success story on their product website.

So, you cannot go by those details alone to make your decision to purchase their product.

You should browse for scientific information from researches conducted on the efficacy of the ingredients used in the product.

2) Check for allergens

It is very important to ensure that the natural supplement you want to use doesn’t common allergens or unique allergens for you.

This could save your life and also keep you from making an unnecessary purchase of something harmful to your body.

Some products actually include the general statement – contains no allergens on their labels, but this is not enough.

Instead, the allergens should be listed out on the label.

This way you can ensure that it doesn’t contain any allergen you’re sensitive to.

3) Avoid new products

If a product has been on the market for less than a year, you shouldn’t be buying it.

This is because many people will not have used it yet and there is still a possible margin of error that could occur in its composition.

You may have noticed some new products being called back by the producing company.

This is mostly due to negative reviews and reports after they have been used.

High blood pressure is a serious health condition.

It is literally a matter of life and death and you shouldn’t be playing dice with your life by just trying out random new products.

Buying Advice

If you are ready to take the plunge to get your high blood pressure down, then you should pay attention to these next details so you can get the best deals.

1) Ordering Blood Pressure 911

You can order your bottle of the supplement on the company’s website which is simple to navigate.

The payment platform is secure and you can put in your financial details with no worries.

To buy smart, you should consider buying a collection of four bottles instead of one.

Apart from ensuring that you will have enough stock to last you for a while, it will also help you save a sizable amount of money on each bottle.

2) Free Shipping

It gets even better as you don’t only get a discount on the supplements, you also get free shipping valued at $9.95.

With this discount, you don’t have to worry about the extra cost of shipping, and even if it doesn’t cover the total cost of shipping, it at least cuts off a part of it.

3) Money-back Guarantee

There is that natural fear of losing your money on a product that may not eventually work for you.

With Blood Pressure 911, you can lay those fears to rest as there is a 100% money-back guarantee that can be claimed within 90 days.

That is not all.

You will also get an extra 100 dollar compensation for your troubles. 

Blood pressure 911 CTA


Blood Pressure 911 is a natural formula of carefully selected ingredients that activates the process of stopping the enzymes that cause blockage in the blood vessels.

With this course of action, it ensures that the problem of high blood pressure is tackled from its source and not just being managed on the surface.

With all the attractive offers already outlined above, you should not waste time in making your purchase of Blood Pressure 911.

The time to get rid of your high blood pressure before it kills you is now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blood Pressure 911 (FAQs)

Is Blood Pressure 911 only for the aged?

There is this common misconception that only older adults from age 50 and above suffer from high blood pressure.

This is incorrect as people in their 20s or even younger can experience high blood pressure. Thus, Blood Pressure 911 can be used by all adults.

Can it be used by a long term patient?

Blood Pressure 911 can be used at any stage of your experience with hypertension.

In fact, it may be the only hope you would have left at the advanced stage of your condition when all your other medications have stopped working for you.

Can I use it if I’m on another blood pressure medication?

Yes, you can use Blood Pressure 911 even if you have already been placed on other blood pressure medications.

However, it is preferable that you stop using that other medication so you can identify the results of Blood Pressure 911 distinctly.

Do I have to be on a special diet while on it?

While eating healthy meals will help improve your overall health, Blood Pressure 911 doesn’t require you to be on any special diet for it to work.

Just make sure you eat a healthy and nutritious meal to maintain good health and you will be fine.

Will I have to use Blood Pressure 911 for the rest of my life?

The good thing about this supplement is that unlike regular blood pressure medications, you don’t have to be stuck on it for the rest of your life.

This is possible because Blood Pressure 911 treats the core of the problem causing high blood pressure and gets your blood pressure back to the normal range.

Do I need to use other supporting supplements for my high blood pressure?

There is no need to use multiple medications for high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure 911 contains the eight important ingredients that will successfully lower your blood pressure on its own.

There is also the risk of you overloading your organs when you use too many medications at a time.

Can my blood pressure become too low from using Blood Pressure 911?

No, Blood Pressure 911 only helps you get your blood pressure into the normal range.

It is important to keep monitoring your blood pressure during use so you can know when you no longer need any medication for it.


Blood pressure 911 CTA

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