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Being diagnosed with diabetes is oftentimes a pronouncement of stopping most things one enjoys in life.

A list of don’ts and cants – this is what is handed out to patients.

Then there are suboptimal control issues even with medicines.

I was not ready for the hopelessness that most diabetes patients are used to.

Could I not lead a normal life despite my diagnosis?

I made up my mind to fight this one out as I had done with other aspects of my life.

I wanted to find something that would address the root cause of this problem and provide me some relief.

I began speaking to people I knew within the community who were suffering from similar conditions.

I also began to search on the Internet for feasible and safe solutions for diabetes control.

Blood Sugar Premier happened to pop up on one such search and I was astounded by what it was telling me.

A 2000-year-old cure?

And it claimed to be effective too.

For want of a better option, I jumped into the fray.

It has since caused an amazing turnaround for me.

Read on to know more!

My story and how I won the sugar battle

Like I stated at the very beginning I was handed out a diagnosis of diabetes.

This happened a year back when I finally rustled up the will to get tested.

I had been feeling restless and perpetually low on energy despite eating well and resting.

To be honest, the diagnosis itself wasn’t as much of a shock as was the daunting regimen that I now looked at.

It seemed that everything I ever liked to eat was suddenly on the DO NOT list.

I was getting tired of a routine and lots of medicines, pricks during the day, and more such.

Problem was that even with such a lot of restrictions, blood sugar level control left much to be desired.

Dealing with ups and downs is not easy, let me tell you that.

It takes a toll and needs constant monitoring as well to achieve a fair degree of control.

Blood Sugar Premier has helped me achieve exactly this where conventional medicine has failed or had limited success.

Consistent use of this amazing product that is completely safe and is based on time-tested 2000 years of wisdom has helped me maintain a steady level of blood sugar readings.

I have since continued to use this supplement to maintain satisfactory levels.

As expected, life has changed a lot since Blood Sugar Premier.

Which is why I wish to share with readers all that I came to know about this product in detail.

Blood Sugar Premier Review – All You Need to Know

What is Blood Sugar Premier?

Blood Sugar Premier is an all-natural product created after long research and studies with the aim to control blood sugar levels.

The focus behind this product was to get to the root cause of elevated blood sugar levels and harnessing age-old wisdom from long-forgotten texts of Chinese origin.

Who created Blood Sugar Premier?

Blood Sugar Premier has been created by Dr. Ryan Shelton, Medical Director of Zenith Labs.

With a string of successful healthcare supplements already in their kitty, Zenith Labs has been showing the way for natural solutions for different conditions.

They have a range of products for users battling vision problems as well as digestion issues.

Huge demand for their products is testimony to the fact that these are doing what they are supposed to, to good effect.

Zenith Labs – A trusted name in healthcare supplements

Blood Sugar Premier, as I have stated, is manufactured by Zenith Labs.

The exact composition of the product has been designed by Dr. Ryan Shelton.

Each of the ingredients has been thoroughly researched individually as well as in conjunction with one another to test for maximum efficacy.

This is the kind of attention that has gone into making Blood Sugar Premier.

The focus has always been on providing lasting relief to users from whatever ailments they are suffering from.

Wellness achieved by harnessing the goodness of nature with the technology that science makes available has been the cornerstone of Zenith Labs.

Based in Illinois, Zenith Labs has become a leader in the wellness supplement industry owing to the products it makes.

Its range of products is extensive and covers hair regrowth, heart health, vision, weight loss, men’s health, immune support, joint health, mental health, and hearing, along with blood sugar control.

Like in the case of Blood Sugar Premier, all their other products are created using a specific combination of natural ingredients.

The aim is to provide the user with the maximum benefit without the fear of any side effects.

Their focus on keeping things legit and completely safe has led to a large user base who have since benefited from each of their products.

Why was Blood Sugar Premier created?

Patients who are pre-diabetic or diabetic already, having fluctuating blood sugar levels, lack of energy, and other related symptoms desperately seek relief from their condition.

Most of the time, conventional medicine is the only recourse for them.

These come with side effects that take a toll on the body.

Not only that, there are massive restrictions on what one may eat, what is not allowed, weight management, and more problems.

In spite of all these steps, there is often a lack of control on the levels as well as other associated problems.

This is why Blood Sugar Premier was created – so that a completely natural based solution could be provided to patients suffering from this condition.

Instead of pumping the body with chemicals and having less than optimum results to show for the same, most people would welcome an alternate solution that did not have any adverse side effects.

How prevalent is diabetes in present times?

One of the scourges of modern times, diabetes is a disease that can assume life-threatening proportions for large parts of the population.

Unfortunately, the number of affected people worldwide is only projected to increase over time.

A report published by WHO in June 2020 shows an alarming rate of increase in this disease.

Largely considered a lifestyle disease, it has made inroads into the very young population too.

Some of the reasons attributed to this disease include an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, wrong food habits, prevalence of too much sugar in foods, lack of physical exercise, and some hereditary causes too.

Uncontrolled diabetes takes a toll on different body systems.

It damages eyesight and kidneys among many others.

Mortality rates are about 5% and there is a definite decrease in quality of life.

While there are drugs aplenty in conventional medicine to control these levels, they do come with downsides.

This is why the availability of something natural like Blood Sugar Premier made a great impact on people suffering from this condition.

The basic working principle of Blood Sugar Premier

Dr. Ryan Shelton, the moving force behind creating Blood Sugar Premier, first came across the idea of controlling blood sugar levels from an ancient Chinese treatise on ancient medicine.

This is a manual on restorative medicine using natural means which is believed to be 2000 years old. It is referred to as The Old Testament of Natural Health.

Based on the inputs from this ancient manuscript, Blood Sugar Premier based its treatment upon extracting benefits from natural resources.

Additionally, it was found that there are two main hindrances to curing blood sugar that is the bane of modern lifestyles.

So, what are these two reasons that trigger increased instances of diabetes in people?

1) Inflammation at the cellular level

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of malfunction in the human body.

This inflammation can occur for any number of reasons and affect any part of the body.

The effect of inflamed cells anywhere in the body is not good news.

Lipid levels can drive such inflammation, or certain proteins might be the cause.

Either way, inflammation tends to disturb the equilibrium in the body and leads to increased blood sugar levels.

2) Fat crowding around the pancreas

We know that the pancreas is the organ responsible for maintaining blood sugar levels in the body.

Due to dietary choices as well as lifestyle choices (as well as medical reasons at times), fat may begin to accumulate in the body.

These fat cells travel through the bloodstream and over time tend to accumulate around the pancreas.

Increased crowding of fat in the pancreatic region ultimately leads to undue pressure on the pancreas, in effect squeezing it.

This leads to the ineffectual working of the pancreas, which leads to blood sugar levels going out of control.

Having arrived at these two bodily mechanisms that increase blood sugar levels, the next step towards control was to zero in on ingredients that help.

The Old Testament of Natural Health

It is believed that Shen Nong is the writer of this ancient manuscript on natural health, a priceless document that goes back many centuries.

Shen Nong is hailed as the Father of Chinese Medicine.

He is credited with developing the acupuncture method of treating different illnesses.

Even the discovery of something as common as tea is ascribed to him.

Shen Nong’s forte lay in discovering medicinal benefits from herbs and plants of different kinds.

Some of the knowledge that is commonplace today is so because he came up with the discovery centuries ago.

For example, the immense benefits of ginseng are known the world over, as are the benefits of honeysuckle.

And no, no prizes for guessing who!

It is from his old medical journal that the secret to blood sugar was found and research began into the buttercup flower family.

This showed it to contain an ingredient, berberine that could potentially transform how blood sugar was dealt with.

What are the active ingredients in Blood Sugar Premier?

I am going to list the ingredients found in this supplement to control blood sugar levels.

The three primary ingredients are berberine, piperine, and curcumin.

Besides these, there are other naturally sourced ingredients that add to the whole effect.

1) Berberine


This is the hero ingredient that delivers on both the premises that Zenith Labs targets in the fight against diabetes, namely cell inflammation and fat deposits.

This is an ingredient derived from the goldenseal plant.

It has been shown in studies to effectively reduce inflammation.

Additionally, berberine aggressively attacks fat deposition around the pancreas, helping to relieve the pressure on it.

This translates into a more efficiently functioning pancreas, thus leading to better blood sugar control.

2) Piperine


This is extracted from black peppercorns and has been known for its medicinal properties for ages.

It is a very good agent to control stomach aches.

Over years and more research later it has been found that piperine is very good in inflammation control when used in conjunction with curcumin.

Piperine actually helps amplify the effect of curcumin in the body and thus forms one of the principal ingredients in Blood Sugar Premier composition.

It helps in keeping body parameters in good control.

Piperine also helps to improve insulin sensitivity, which is a driving force in keeping blood sugar in check.

3) Curcumin

An important ingredient in the composition of Blood Sugar Premier, curcumin is extracted from the root of the turmeric plant.

It is well known as a spice as well as for its properties of inflammation control.

An all-rounder in matters of health, curcumin helps in pain management, fever control, maintaining cholesterol levels, prevents itching, and keeps the liver in good condition.

Curcumin gets activated by piperine thus amplifying its effect.

4) Fenugreek seeds


A very popular ingredient in Chinese medicines, fenugreek seed extract, is known to have many medicinal properties.

It helps control glucose levels, which is the primary reason for its inclusion in the formula for Blood Sugar Premier.

Along with that, it also helps with arthritis treatment, cholesterol reduction, and menstrual cramping.

5) Gymnema Leaf


Traditionally used in India to counter sugary taste in the mouth, an extract of this is included in the supplement.

However, there is not enough evidence or study to suggest its effectiveness in diabetes control.

It is also good for cough management and metabolic syndrome.

Who should not use Blood Sugar Premier?

Blood Sugar Premier is made up of ingredients sourced from nature and known for their health benefits.

Although there are no recorded side effects, there are certain categories of people who should stay away from this supplement.

These include:

  1. Those who might be allergic to any of the ingredients.
  2. It is not for pregnant or lactating women.
  3. Those on any kind of medication must seek a doctor’s advice to avoid any medical interaction.
  4. If you have any chronic condition, advice ought to be sought before starting on this.

Who should use Blood Sugar Premier?

Blood Sugar Premier has been designed to fight diabetes. Its ingredients are chosen to this end.

There are two categories of people who may use this supplement.

1) Pre-diabetics

This is the category of people who have consistently been recording borderline high blood sugar levels for some time.

There is a very real possibility of developing full-fledged diabetes type 2 over the course of some years if left untreated.

This supplement is also good for those who have fluctuating blood sugar levels.

2) Diabetics

For those who are in the diabetic category, this supplement is designed to address the two main causes of diabetes and get it under better control.

However, it works best when there are no other medications for any other ailments.

What I did not like about Blood Sugar Premier?

I cannot say that all I list below are things I personally did not like.

It is more of a cumulative list of what I and some close ones have to say:

  1. The fact that Blood Sugar Premier is only available online is a source of some dislike among a small number of people. This is primarily because a lot of people prefer handling a new product and seeing it before them before making the decision to get started on the same. However, in times of a pandemic, the online purchase seems sensible and the way to go for most consumers.
  2. There are shipping charges involved with orders of smaller amounts.
  3. There might be some dizziness in a few users, but it is rare.

Testimonials / Reviews from Users

Julie Stingel writes...

“Since I started using Blood Sugar Premier, it most importantly lowered my sugar levels and gave me a sense of wellbeing. My daily readings went from 8-9 to 3.7. I love knowing that I am using the most constructive treatment in hopes of eliminating drugs.”

Corrine Takayama says...

“Within a week of starting Blood Sugar Premier, my blood sugar dropped from 169 to 85. I have more energy, I feel great, and I have gone off my nighttime dose of Glipizide.”

These and many other users who have benefited greatly from the completely natural formulation keep writing in about their experiences.

Blood Sugar Premier has given many people an alternative to being on medications that were not only expensive but also lacking in effectiveness.

I am one of those who had resigned to a life of miserable restrictions of diet and lack of energy until I chanced upon this product that is.

My numbers speak for themselves and the peace of mind that I have achieved in the process is priceless.

I would urge everyone desiring stable blood sugar readings to give this a try!

What did I like about Blood Sugar Premier?

  • This product is made from natural ingredients.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It is easy on the purse.
  • Blood Sugar Premier is formulated by a doctor.
  • It is manufactured under strict quality control in FDA approved facilities.
  • This supplement addresses the real reason for elevated blood sugar levels.
  • It encourages natural fat loss.
  • Higher energy levels have been reported by users.
  • The product comes with a 100% refund offer for those who might be unsatisfied with the results.
  • It is easy to purchase online.
  • It is easy to use, no needles or pricks involved. One just needs to pop two pills a day with water.
  • Blood Sugar Premier helps in achieving stable blood sugar levels, helps to shed fat, and keeps insulin resistance at bay.
  • There are offers and discounts on the website, with more lucrative offers on bulk purchases.
  • There is free shipping on bulk orders.
  • It is a GMO-free product.
  • Zenith Labs has tied up with Vitamin Angels towards a philanthropic cause. Each purchase at this site helps two children get Vitamin A supplementation.

As the readers can discern, there are many things going for Blood Sugar Premier.

Apart from the fact that it is formulated by a doctor, what has been the most attractive feature for me is that I am able to give back in some measure to those who need help while helping myself too.

This is indeed a noble gesture on part of the company to share wellness with those who need it most.

Insider Information about Blood Sugar Premier

Blood Sugar Premier is a completely safe and natural formulation made to control blood sugar levels in pre-diabetic and diabetic patients.

As can be seen above, it does not contain any chemical substances.

Having said that, it is essential that the user does not overdose on the recommended dosage.

This dosage has been arrived at after thorough research and studies.

In case results are suboptimal, it is better to consult your physician rather than randomly popping more pills.

Each bottle of Blood Sugar Premier contains 60 soft gels which is essentially a month’s supply.

Just like it is not okay to overdose, similarly one should never miss a dose.

Establish a continuous supply chain and order in bulk if needed to ensure continuity for best results.

Buying Advice

I would always advise everyone to buy directly from the site.

It is the easiest way to get hold of the genuine product.

Discounts are aplenty on the website and one may choose the offer that suits them the best.

There are special discounts on bulk purchases, which means one is set to benefit when buying a 3-months’ supply rather than a standalone bottle.

There is a full refund for anyone who might not be happy with the product with 100% money back.

Purchasing on the direct website ensures guaranteed money back.

Please note: We might be compensated for any purchase made but that’ll NEVER stop us from telling you the WHOLE truth about this product.


Blood Sugar Premier has proven to be a wonderfully safe and effective product in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Legions of users have found succor and success in controlling fluctuating levels.

I can vouch for a marked improvement in my own blood sugar levels after being on this for only two months.

I have noted more energy in my daily activities and much less sugar craving than before.

I firmly believe I have found what I was looking for.

Instead of reaching for a chemical, I would recommend reaching out for natural health and wellness first.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blood Sugar Premier (FAQs)

How to take Blood Sugar Premier?

The supplement comes in easy-to-use pill form. These are actually soft gel pills that need to be taken with water once a day. There are no powders or liquids to mix or take.

The only thing needed is to take these on a regular basis every day until the desired blood sugar level control is achieved.

How soon do results show up?

Results vary from person to person but in general, users begin to note better control over blood sugar levels can be noted within a month of use.

It is best taken on its own without interference with parallel diabetic medicines.

Are there any side effects of Blood Sugar Premier?

With its natural formulation, there are barely any adverse side effects to speak of. Having said that, it is possible that some users might experience some:

1. Dizziness: Berberine has the effect of lowering blood pressure and this may at times lead to the user feeling dizzy, lightheaded or lacking energy.
2. Drop in blood sugar: Too much effectiveness of the supplement may cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. This is a worrisome situation as well, and levels should be regularly monitored.
3. Allergic reaction: In case someone has an allergy to curcumin or piperine, they may feel some irritation as a result.

Is there free shipping available?

Blood Sugar Premier does not have free shipping on every purchase.

Only some higher value purchases are eligible for free shopping. There are detailed instructions on domestic shipping rules on the website and one may take a look to understand how their deliveries might be placed.

Is Blood Sugar Premier legitimate?

Yes, this supplement manufactured by Zenith Labs is completely legit and safe for consumption. It is made of natural ingredients and manufactured in FDA approved facilities in the USA.

Can we transact securely on the website?

Yes, completely secure payment options are provided in order to transact safely on the direct website.

Please note: We might be compensated for any purchase made but that’ll NEVER stop us from telling you the WHOLE truth about this product.

Jane Summerfield

Jane is a wellness specialist with a degree in community health. She has been a health educator for over 13 years.



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