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Bloomscape Home Ready Plants Review – Is It Really Worth It?

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My earliest memories are that of pottering around with my dad around our garden.

It was definitely a great life where there was the earthiness of handling plants and learning from someone who knew.

The love for plants was inherited by me but not the skills to grow good ones.

I was shocked and saddened to find I could actually kill plants by not doing the right thing for them. I also realized I needed guidance about plant care, depending upon the specific plant I had in mind.

I began looking for an online source of plants where I would get a great choice as well as clear-cut instructions for care.

Bloomscape reviews all around seemed very encouraging in this regard.

This website appeared to be a great resource for instructions about different plants that could be independently selected by navigating the site to search for what I exactly wanted.

I must say here that the entire experience with Bloomscape has been very encouraging.

From registering for the website to finding my way around, choosing my category of plants, secure payment portal, and final delivery of live plants.

The Online Plant Shop – Bloomscape

Bloomscape Plant

Here is a review of all that I came to know about Bloomscape. I am sure this comprehensive review will help other plant lovers make an educated choice.

What is Bloomscape?

Bloomscape is an online plant shop that not only ships different plants to customers but also promotes plant care in all manner possible.

Their agenda is to encourage well-maintained plants at homes and offices in order to create new greenery in the surroundings.

In this endeavor, Bloomscape brings for its customers a wide range and variety of live plants.

It is an attempt to make online shopping for plants a pleasurable experience.

Who began Bloomscape?

Bloomscape was set up by Justin Mast whose upbringing was surrounded by plants and greenery in the lap of nature.

His parents had a greenhouse that was the bedrock of his learning about plants.

This included caring for plants, growing as well as shipping them successfully. Bloomscape’s founder thus had an early beginning to plant care from his childhood.

Naturally, this brings an altogether different perspective to his outlook towards nature.

So much so that the responsive customer care department is handled by a family member and “Plant Mom”, Joyce Mast.

Why was Bloomscape created?

Bloomscape believes plants make life better’.

They believe that the brand has been created to ‘make plants easy’ to care for.

The company has been founded by a family of plant growers who has been caring for plants for five generations.

There is some wonder about the need and efficacy of delivering plants online.

A lot of things have shifted online over a period of time, but when we are talking about a live thing like a plant, ‘is it possible?– is the immediate question.

There have been many instances of online plant companies delivering unhealthy plants that do not survive.

Then there is the serious case of delivering wrong or inaccurate plants that have gotten customers frustrated.

Bloomscape scores heavily on this aspect by putting in extra care with its team of experts and great after-sales services.

Bloomscape Home Ready Plants

Bring the outdoors in with lush and leafy tropical plants for every room in your home.

Bloomscape help strengthen your relationship with plants.

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Are you a plant mom? Bloomscape plants may be the answer

I grew up watching my dad spend all his spare time in his garden.

He was forever tending to them, as much as his hectic schedule allowed.

That he was blessed with a green thumb was a big plus of course.

I proudly took on his mantle of loving nature and caring for plants, getting the right care and love for them, studying up on them, and in general mothering them at all times.

I definitely am a plant mom by every definition of the term.

Getting plants of one’s choice delivered followed by user-friendly instructions and a real person to interact with for any queries makes the customer feel supported through the whole process.

This is especially applicable to those who are starting out with their own gardening.

A leaf drying, drooping or yellowing up without understanding the reason can be really frustrating for a new gardener.

Bloomscape customer service is renowned for promptness and correctness of resolution.

This department is handled by plant mom Joyce Mast along with an experienced team and the satisfaction is there to be seen.

And then there is something to be said about the pots used by Bloomscape.

Each pot is an eco pot that is made of 80% recycled plastic.

One has a choice of color options from slate, clay, charcoal, indigo, and stone.

The ability to choose a pot gives the customer more options keeping in mind their home décor.

Some good plants I got from Bloomscape include their ZZ plant, Bloomscape spider plant, and the philodendron heartleaf. The site allows one to search for a specific plant easily.

There is always their editorial team on board to guide, especially about light requirements.

The right light can make or break a plant, as can the amount of water.

The site provides access to vital information for every user.

Online plant website – Does it really make sense?

A plant mom like me is always on the lookout for a good source of healthy plants. With a retailing shift to online, most things we buy are online.

But plants?


This is something that was a question even some time back.

However, it is quite done to buy online plants.

These portals make delivery easy and one does not need to venture out. Additionally, plants make great gifts to family and friends.

Different occasions can be celebrated with this unique green gift to people who appreciate plants.

Even those who do not have a way with plants can actually fall in love with them once they experience a good time and get appreciation from others for their little green spaces.

With easy returns and good guidance and instructions, going by the copybook is easy now.

Anyone may aspire to their own serene green corner at home or office with relatively better ease.

A word about Bloomscape packaging

I had heard a lot about good packaging on this site and what I got was even better.

It was value for money and more.

This online shop provides almost zero-waste packaging.

It is weather-friendly packing to keep in mind extreme conditions.

Sometimes they use recyclable denim insulation that can be repurposed for use in a bird nest or as layering for other pets in the house.

There is a breathable outward cardboard support structure for the plant and the soil is covered with wood shavings that are biodegradable as well as environmentally recyclable.

Overall, a very thoughtful gesture was made by the company towards their commitment to nature.

This level of commitment is reflected in each aspect of their handling of packaging.

After all, a large part of their success depends upon the condition in which plants reach the customer. Their liability is even more because the company offers a 30-day guarantee on plant health.

The onus of sending healthy plants and avoiding shipping damage lies with the company.

This is another reason why so much attention is placed on good packaging.

That it is eco-friendly is a reflection of the company’s policies.

Who is Bloomscape not for?

  • Bloomscape does not ship internationally hence anyone outside of the US gets automatically deselected for delivery.
  • Those who wish to check out their plants in person would not prefer an online portal, however much the variety of products on the website be displayed, there might be discernible buyers who are not satisfied.

What I did not like about Bloomscape?

  • Bloomscape does not have international shipping. This is understandable since it is live plants we are talking about here, but this limits the scope of the company to certain geographies.
  • There is no replacement policy for plants unless in really bad mess-ups.
  • There have been complaints of damaged pots and spilled soil in orders although I did not face any such issue in my experience. In general, the company endeavors to deliver plants in great condition.

Customer Reviews from Customer

I’m far from an expert on caring for houseplants, but I’ve managed to keep several Bloomscape plants alive and thriving for well over a year. Maybe that qualifies me as a good resource for choosing house plants even brown thumbs can maintain? Or maybe Bloomscape just has high-quality plants with good instruction manuals

We like Bloomscape the most because the site is user-friendly and offers a large variety of plants… It has unique accessories, plus you’ll feel supported…The reasonable prices, 30-day guarantee, and good shipping policies don’t hurt, either.

The site, helpful tips pamphlet that came with the plant, recycled pot and beautiful plant, which is about 15 inches tall, made for a winning combination.”

I have come across a negative review or two on different sites, mainly complaints about damaged plants.

While the company packs meticulously and ships with equal care, these are after all live plants.

Especially for extra-large plants, it is possible at times that some leaves may get damaged.

Overall, though, customer satisfaction is rated very high and it is certainly a good place to buy online plants.

What did I like about Bloomscape?

  • Bloomscape ships plants to stores within 2 to 6 days of purchase.
  • Plant mom Joyce Mast is always at hand to answer customer queries and provide viable solutions.
  • The website is very user-friendly and it is a breeze to navigate.
  • Plants spend less time in transit with Bloomscape shipping and thus survive better and arrive in a healthier state.
  • The large variety of plants on offer is mindboggling.
  • Healthy plants are shipped to customers with sustainable and plastic-free packing.
  • Bloomscape has great satisfaction ratings compared to other online plant companies.
  • The company offers free shipping for orders above $75.
  • Shipping costs are minimal compared to competitors.
  • Each plant package comes with specific care instructions.
  • Reasonable prices of Bloomscape plants make them a very attractive proposition.
  • Bloomscape website has a massive array of choices for users, be it a money tree, succulents, a snake plant, or others.
  • Packing is pet friendly and absolutely safe for house pets.
  • Soil spillage is a big negative in online plant shipping and Bloomscape takes care to instruct the delivery team about this.
  • There is an incredible guarantee of 30 days for plants to arrive and stay in good condition, which is quite remarkable.
  • Mature and healthy plants are packaged for customers and there is no room for complaints on that ground.
  • There are many non-plant items on the site as well as nonreturnable gift cards and e-cards.
  • Bloomscape has three services for its customers with one-to-one consultations, interaction with plant experts, and a library of resources.

There might be many online plant delivery portals around, but with Bloomscape there is a backing of five generations of green love.

With my own background of seeing my dad, I know how special that love is.

Try it out, friends!

Bloomscape Home Ready Plants

Bring the outdoors in with lush and leafy tropical plants for every room in your home.

Bloomscape help strengthen your relationship with plants.

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Insider Information

Since this is an online plant store, there is obviously the provision of online payment.

Bloomscape provides a safe and secure platform for your transactions.

Additionally, there is also the option of interest-free installment payments with Klarna. That way customers can feel more assured of hassle-free transactions.

I have availed of their services and am happy with what is on offer.

Buying Advice

One may create their own account on the Bloomscape website for ease of payment, processing, and tracking of orders.

I have already spoken about hassle-free secure payment on the site.

Every order over $75 is shipped free of cost with the best care.

A care instruction card is included in your package, including watering, light level, and nutrition. Bloomscape does not ship to multiple addresses in the same order.

Each order to a particular address has to be paid for separately.

Bloomscape offers the best possible shipping conditions for all plants to ensure they reach the customer in the best health.


Whether you belong to a family of plant lovers or simply love greenery and wish to have good and healthy foliage around, a reliable online supply forum is a must.

After my experience with Bloomscape, I will definitely say I have found the right place.

My living room and workspace at home are a pleasure to behold now.

I would definitely recommend people out there to try this online plant shop for its diligent attention to detail, including how to weed a plant and much more.

Bloomscape Home Ready Plants

Bring the outdoors in with lush and leafy tropical plants for every room in your home.

Bloomscape help strengthen your relationship with plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bloomscape any good?

Bloomscape delivers plants in expected form and good condition. It is very rare to get unhealthy plants or soil spillage. This online store has been founded by a family that has been connected with plants for ages.

There is no doubt about how good Bloomscape is for plant lovers. Pet friendliness of their packaging is another big plus.

Is Bloomscape overpriced?

We are talking about live and healthy plants supplied online. If there is compromise on the plant quality or shipping procedures, it is the live plant that might not make it finally.

There is also a 30-day guarantee that comes with their consignments which is a great thing. That is a small price to pay I would say.

Where does Bloomscape ship from?

Bloomscape ships from its greenhouses in Detroit, Michigan in the US. Their shipping covers 48 states in the US except for Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada.

How long does it take Bloomscape to ship?

Bloomscape plants ship latest by 3 to 4 days within the placing of order. Their good shipping policies help keep shipping costs under check while delivering well-maintained plants in good condition to the customer.

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