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Can IPL Increase Hair Growth?

by Safa Kamran
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We know you’re quite baffled.

This article is going to challenge everything you’ve ever known about IPL hair removal.

You must have heard how this treatment offers a safe and effective solution for hair removal and how it eventually helps to reduce overall hair growth.

Well turns out there’s another side to the picture, and we’re going to help you explore it!

How Does IPL Increase Hair Growth?

You might be surprised to learn that IPL hair removal can lead to increased hair growth under rare circumstances.

There is also an official name for this process, and it’s termed paradoxical hypertrichosis.

While there hasn’t been much research on this condition, enough studies have been done to confirm the existence of this condition.

However, as mentioned before, this problem emerges quite rarely, and it usually occurs in the chin region of young females, especially those with darker skin tones.

This condition is also related to a female hormonal disorder known as a polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS.

Medicines like corticosteroids can also exacerbate this condition.

How Does Paradoxical Hypertrichosis Induce Hair Growth?

While most people use IPL hair removal for their facial hair, they can see adverse outcomes on their chin, breasts, and neck.

In addition, sometimes, the density or thickness of the hair increases after the IPL treatment in some people, leading to the growth of hair in new areas that previously had no hair.

Furthermore, certain parts of the body don’t have hair, while others have lighter and thinner hair that might not be visible, but it’s certainly there.

This hair is also called vellus hair.

However, having IPL hair removal can damage the dormant follicles of the vellus hair due to the heat and warmth generated by the treatment, leading to the growth of thicker and longer hair from the vellus hair follicles.

Furthermore, while the vellus hair does become visible, it’s still not as dark or thick for effective removal by the IPL hair removal treatment.

Therefore, people dealing with this condition should stop going for IPL hair removal.

The Solution for Paradoxical Hypertrichosis

You could opt for other hair removal treatments such as electrolysis that treats each hair on its own.

It only removes the hair that needs to be removed and doesn’t harm or activate the dormant hair follicles.

However, if you’re still going for the IPL treatment, then you should try using a more potent wavelength or icing the skin has proven to be effective as well.

Home IPL Kits and Hair Growth

Another recent cause of IPL induced hair growth is the home IPL kits.

These kits are portable, and they don’t need professional handling, which is why they can be used by anyone from the comfort of their home.

However, these kits are far less potent as opposed to professional IPL machines.

Therefore, they don’t give as effective hair removal results since they don’t heat the follicles properly, leading to a quicker hair turnover.

This is why it’s best to avoid using this home remedy and opt for professional IPL hair removal at all times.


While IPL has always been famous for hair removal, some rare occasions can do the exact opposite and increase hair growth.

To avoid this complication, you should get your hormones tested and always get treated by an experienced practitioner who is well-aware of the complications of paradoxical hypertrichosis and how to avoid them.

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