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Can Wine Help You Lose Weight?

by Jane Summerfield

Are you having a hard time trying to lose weight?

You might have thought that eating sweet foods is not good for you if you’re overweight and therefore wine should be a no-no.

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But far be it!

Do you know that wine can help you lose weight?


You might be thinking to yourself, “how can wine help me lose weight?”

Read on, to find out more…

A note on Wines

Wine is the juice made from fermented grapes.

All wines are ideally alcoholic.

It is so because the fermentation process that goes into wine production automatically produces alcohol.

However, we hear of the term non-alcoholic wine from time to time.

This type of wine is particularly made so that it retains zero to a minimal level of alcohol content in it.

Wine for weight loss

Based on popular knowledge, alcohol under which wine is classified is said to have more calories per gram than carbs and protein.

Therefore, it is easier to consume more calories than you bargained for with wine consumption.

How then can this same wine be beneficial for weight loss?

You might have heard that if you want to lose weight, you must stay away from alcoholic drinks, stay away from high-calorie food, and hit the gym.

The latter advice may be beneficial for us all, but discarding alcohol as in wine to lose weight is not the whole story.

According to researchers, drinking red wine in moderation can be useful if you decide to lose weight.

Wine indeed contains a handful of calories.\

However, a study by Havard medical school and the Washington State University discovered that a polyphenol called resveratrol is found in wine.

This resveratrol helps in shedding off fat which results in weight gain.

It does this by converting white fat to beige fat. Beige fat, which it converts to white fat, is easier to burn off.

Furthermore, another study carried out at Harvard study on 20,000 women revealed that women who frequently drank wine had the risk of obesity reduced to about 70 percent.

The Mayo Clinic even adds red wine to its Mediterranean diet food pyramid chart.

Maybe something to think about is if you could drink wine to help you lose weight. Why isn’t this already popular?

Well, the answer to this isn’t far-fetched.

Brands and health experts bend over backward in assuring you that wine can facilitate your weight loss because the Drug Agencies need to approve it.

Also, they likely do not want you to drink excess wine.

Another theory is what if they don’t want you to know because you would not need their service anymore?

The clinics still need to sell their monthly meal plan subscriptions.

When is the best time to drink wine if you are trying to lose weight?

Scientists have been able to claim that drinking wine before bed can help you lose weight.

According to the study published in 2015 by Washington State University, a little amount of red wine before bed can be beneficial to your weight loss journey.

The study conducted by Harvard discovered that weight loss and wine works pari passu.

Why at night?

An earlier study of 2012 showed that when you gave bees a diet supplemented with resveratrol, they ate less. Also, their life span was prolonged.

On the other hand, the bees who ate a normal diet were not seen to show these same signs. It is not to say, however, that humans and bees are the same.

Rather, this shows that drinking about two glasses of wine at night can help in having a refreshing sleep.

And this also altogether curbs appetite.

The minimized appetite will eventually lead to a healthy weight.

Your wine consumption rate for weight loss

Drinking wine is beneficial for you if you are trying to lose weight.

However, it must be drunk in moderation.

If you want to lose weight, you need to be conscious that taking too much alcohol can drag your weight loss process.

It can also even reverse it altogether.

Moderation is key if you hope to stay healthy and lose weight even while you drink wine.

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