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Carbo Fix Weight Loss Supplement – Ingredients, Side Effects & Customer Reviews


Hey Wellness Warriors!

Welcome to my honest comprehensive review of Carbo Fix…

Have any of you been in a place where you have been constantly trying to lose weight and failing?

I believe there are many readers who are nodding to themselves upon reading this.

The quest to lose weight is perhaps eternal (if I am not wrong!).

Also, it can be trying for many people.

It is definitely not easy.

While some people simply do nothing, consume the wrong sort of calories, and still do not put on weight, this was not the case with me.

However much I denied myself the goodies, I seemed to not lose an inch.

All of this was becoming frustrating for me and I was beginning to accept that I had failed the weight loss challenge miserably.

However, I kept reading up on different ways to lose weight as well as new advances in this direction.

This is how I learned of a fat-busting enzyme, AMPk, and how the research was on to find out its effectiveness.

Hence when a new supplement came along that claimed to be able to boost AMPk levels using natural ingredients and thus an effective weight loss supplement, I was interested.

Keep reading to know everything about this wonderful supplement, CarboFix, and how it helped me attain my weight loss goals safely and effectively.

CarboFix Review – All You Need to Know


What is CarboFix?

CarboFix is a specially formulated organic supplement to help people lose stubborn fat.

It has unique fat-burning components that are all derived from natural sources.

These are combined in a manner to give the most startling results for users.

What makes it different from other weight loss supplements in the market is the focus on boosting metabolism and the use of a new method for fat-cutting using an enzyme, AMPk.

Who made CarboFix?

Matt and familyCarboFix has been formulated by Matt Stirling who is a health and fitness coach with clients worldwide.

His company Gild Vida, manages production and marketing.

Stirling is popularly known as ‘the metabolism guy’ because of his constant focus on metabolism.

Matt has been obsessed with trying to figure out why some people gain weight just thinking of food while others do not put on weight even with eating a pile.

His constant research and study paid results when he found the real reason behind weight gain and went on to formulate CarboFix.

Why was CarboFix created?

CarboFix has been created to cater to the ‘safe weight loss’ demand that is growing by the day.

Scores of people the world over are committed to losing weight for whatever reasons.

It can be related to aesthetics or warranted due to medical necessity.

Irrespective of that, there are always people who try and fail to lose weight.

There is no lack of effort on their part.

There is something about their body and metabolism that prevents them from losing the amount of weight they wish to.

Consistent efforts to lose weight and failing can frustrate the best of people.

It is easy to give up or resort to more drastic means like opting for bariatric surgery or questionable supplements.

The latter might involve the use of products that contain chemicals or harmful substances, or even illegal products.

In all of this, their health can suffer and their commitment to weight loss can get shaky.

It is to address this genuine need and to fill this requirement with an organic fix that CarboFix was created.

There is no lab synthesized chemical used in the supplement and every benefit is derived from strictly natural ingredients.

CarboFix comes from someone who has been through this weight loss journey himself.

Knowing the challenges of trying to lose weight has added perspective towards creating this supplement.

Matt Stirling has put his experience and study on metabolism to great use and come up with this organic product to help people who find it a challenge to lose weight despite best efforts.

Why does weight gain happen in people?

A common problem in populations worldwide these days is obesity.

This has grown to the extent that age, gender, economic status, or geography is no deterrent.

It is not uncommon to find obesity in children these days.

Very young children are found carrying around too much weight, which is absolutely detrimental to their health and well-being.

Along with this age group, young adults are being found to tilt scales on the wrong side.

While there are multiple reasons for this, poor lifestyle choices are to blame in most cases for rising obesity in people.

Statistics are quite alarming in regards to this problem.

Among many studies carried out based on populations across demographics, it is seen that the prevalence of this condition is on the rise.

There are multiple reasons that can cause weight gain in people.

Weight gain basically happens when a person consumes more calories than he or she can or is burning through the day.

This excess calorie count piles up within the body in the form of fat or extra weight.

Listed below are some of the most common causes:

1) Lack of adequate physical activity

Sedentary lifestyle has become a bane of our times.

From children to adults, people are spending more time on their devices and less on going out and moving around.

From education to entertainment, the action has seen a definite shift towards online activity.

This is more pronounced now with ‘work from home’ becoming the new normal.

While that is okay with current realities, this constant lack of physical activity is not doing good things for weight issues.

No wonder statistics show a spurt in obesity statistics.

2) Tendency to eat more than needed

Along with a sedentary lifestyle is the tendency to constantly reach out for food.

This goes hand in hand most times, creating a vicious cycle that ends in more obesity. Imagine someone always in front of the TV or laptop.

Whether this is about work or simply to keep oneself amused and busy, the next thing that follows is keeping some eatables handy, just in case.

And because these are at arm’s length, what does one do?

Reach out and eat, of course!

Most times these are snacks and fast foods that do nothing for health but add to weight gain.

3) Hereditary reasons

Genes can be a defining reason behind obesity.

If either parent is on the heavier side, there is a chance that the person can tend towards weight gain.

Leptin deficiency is one trait that is responsible for obesity and it is handed down genetically.

Leptin is a hormone that controls food impulses.

The deficiency of this hormone can fuel the urge to eat more.

4) Carbohydrate-rich diet

What one puts on the plate is obviously a very important factor in determining body weight.

No matter how much or how less the food looks, if it is too calorie-dense, there is a problem for you.

Too many carbohydrates in the diet can trigger insulin release which in turn causes an increase in fat cells.

It is believed that simple carbs like sugars and desserts are more easily absorbed by the body, hence the need to check what goes on your plate.

5) Consuming food too frequently

While this does not always follow and there are examples to the contrary, it is logical to expect frequent eaters to carry more weight.

When a person is consuming food more often, there will be more insulin production in the body as well.

This can manifest in the form of weight gain in some people.

6) Larger portions

A problem of affluence is the tendency to indulge in larger portions of food.

Eating more than the body needs to sustain itself is a trait found commonly in those who can afford it, obviously.

Loading your plate full of food and then consuming it simply because it is there will pave the way for more weight gain.

7) Side effect of medications

Certain medications are also responsible for weight gain in people.

These include antidepressants, seizure medications, corticosteroids, and even some blood pressure medications.

These medicines are obviously a necessity and cannot be stopped just to control weight gain.

It would be better to try and manage weight problems in some other manner under physician guidance.

8) Existing medical condition

People afflicted with hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, or blood sugar issues do have a tendency towards weight gain.

These again are valid medical reasons and one cannot stop eating or discontinue medications to control weight.

They need to find alternative means.

9) Psychological reasons

Apart from physical reasons, many people tend to binge eat due to psychological stressors.

When angry, happy, stressed, bored, or sad, such people have the propensity to reach out for food.

They find their comfort in food and tend to go overboard until that feeling passes.

By this time, they have already stuffed their tummies though and weight gain is well underway.

10) Socioeconomic factors

It is not always the rich and wealthy who are obese.

Surprisingly there are poorer sections of society where weight gain is a problem as well.

This is mainly because they are choosing easy to come by and affordable foods which add more fat to the body.

Ethnic considerations also influence weight gain.

Some people are more prone to gaining weight than others.

Weight gain – what problems does it bring in its wake?

In all of the reasons listed above for weight gain, the core element is a sluggish metabolism.

When the metabolism slows down, whatever food is consumed does not get converted into energy as efficiently as desired.

Instead, this gets stored in the body in the form of fat, which builds up to cause weight gain.

With weight gain, one is inviting different problems in the body.

These include:

  1. Type 2 diabetes.
  2. Cardiovascular problems.
  3. Elevated blood pressure.
  4. Insulin resistance.
  5. High cholesterol.
  6. Congestive heart failure.
  7. Increased risk of cancer.
  8. Weight-bearing problems.
  9. Chances of stroke.
  10. Incidents of sleep apnea.

These and many other problems can show up in individuals who are in the high BMI category.

The quest for a preferred bodyweight thus gains more importance.

BMI – The Definitive Weight Marker

There has been a lot of research and debate about what could be considered an ideal body weight for a person.

Different methods have been in place to provide guidelines to people to lose or gain weight to reach as close to ideal body weight as they can.

Each person is different and the way they would respond to stimuli or medications or supplements also differs.

Having said that, there has to be a standard method of determining ideal body weight.

To make matters complicated, not every person with ideal body weight will be fit enough, and not every overweight person would be unfit.

Putting fitness aside, it is the bodyweight question that is more pressing, and the concept of BMI, Body Mass Index, was thought of in order to provide an acceptable way to gauge ideal body weight globally.

So, what is BMI?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ‘Body Mass Index (BMI) is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters.’

There are different parameters and ranges of BMI depending upon the age of the person.

Children have different BMI requirements and this varies for adults.

The objective of the whole thing is to provide an acceptable weight range that would be defined as healthy for a particular height, age, and gender.

To date, BMI is the most globally accepted method to do this.

Different ways to lose weight

As is apparent from the above section, carrying extra body weight is no good, neither for health nor for appearances.

While many might pooh-pooh at the cosmetic aspect and put it in the category of body shaming, for me it is all about health.

Anything we do or aspire to is a failure if health fails us.

As for me, I wanted it all. I wished to cut out fat in order to achieve a toned and slim look.

I also wished to uncheck any health boxes that obesity was stopping me from.

Now, it is one thing to define a bodyweight goal.

It is quite another to be able to get there.

There are many simple ways to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time.

Here are a few common methods:

  1. Exercise more than ever before.
  2. Eat a healthy diet.
  3. Exercise portion control.
  4. Get good sleep.
  5. Avoid snacking at intervals.
  6. Consider appetite suppressants under physician guidance.
  7. Embrace organic methods to lose weight.

There will always be some people who would do everything but still find themselves on the heavier side and unable to achieve a goal body weight.

The majority of the time this is because of a slow metabolism.

This is the situation I found myself in when I began CarboFix.

How does CarboFix work?

As we know there are multiple weight loss supplements in the market.

Losing weight has become the in-thing these days.

And this need is not only to look a certain way or aspire to perfect proportions.

It is also a medical necessity to have one’s weight under control in order to keep diseases away.

I have already listed some of the multiple health hazards that can happen if one is tending towards obesity.

With so many products vying for the consumer’s attention, it is natural that each will put forward a new way of fighting obesity.

Some go the conventional route while others focus on some unique element that might not have been known previously.

In this case, the focus is on a fat-burning enzyme AMPk, or activated protein kinase enzyme.

This enzyme is a fuel sensing enzyme found in mammalian cells.

The main action of this enzyme is to sense when the body is getting tired and energy levels are dipping, and then to take up an oxidation process to fuel the body.

As studies have progressed on this enzyme, it has led to a new school of thought.

It is believed and studies back this up that AMPk can be treated as a switch to turn on the fat-burning process, thus helping to lose weight.

It is believed that this enzyme can act as a ‘master regulating switch’ and play a big role in energy metabolism.

This discovery of this enzyme and its role in fat burning has brought about a big change in the way weight loss has been traditionally managed.

All of a sudden, there seems to be an easier way out to cut fat.

Recently research has thrown up another interesting aspect of this enzyme.

They have come up with ways to boost this enzyme by natural means, specifically certain types of foods and diet changes.

This is the principle around which the CarboFix formula has been created.

It brings together natural foods and extracts in proportions and measures that will help to enhance the AMPk enzyme.

It is also found that insulin resistance affects AMPk activity.

Each ingredient is chosen to further this purpose.

1) CarboFix helps control hunger pangs

This is different from appetite suppression products.

CarboFix will lessen the urge to constantly reach out and eat something.

This has an instant effect on body weight.

2) It helps to boost AMPk enzyme levels

Ingredients in this supplement are chosen to boost AMPk levels.

This is the fat-burning enzyme that makes CarboFix so effective.

It is almost like turning on a weight loss switch in the body.

3) Users feel more energy and the ability to be active

With more fat being burnt and the metabolism going strong, there is more oxygen around the body.

This leads to more rejuvenated cells and a better flow of energy.

The user will be able to put in more activity and work out harder at the gym, thus improving the chances of weight loss even further.

4) There is drastic fat loss upon use

Due to the action of the AMPk enzyme and general well-being, there is remarkable weight loss using this product.

Users see the difference almost immediately upon using this product.

5) One is able to focus better

With the body feeling lighter and results coming in, the user is in a much more positive frame of mind.

Seeing how tough it is to lose weight for those with a sluggish metabolism, there is often a sense of frustration amongst overweight people.

CarboFix brings in results fast, thus bringing in positivity and focus.

6) There is a marked increase in libido

An added advantage of CarboFix is that with better fitness and a positive state of mind, many users notice increased libido.

They have more energy and are able to sustain themselves better in bed.


CarboFix is an organic supplement that seeks to fix your carb (carbohydrate) intake and help you to lose weight effectively.

Like I stated earlier, it is the claim of natural ingredients that made me interested and wish to check it out.

My extensive study into CarboFix revealed the following ingredients:

1) Berberine


This chemical is available in many plants like Phellodendron, Oregon grape, and goldenseal.

It is very effective in weight loss and hence is an important ingredient of CarboFix.

It does this by affecting hormonal pathways and restores balance. It also helps with insulin resistance and boosts fat cell breakdown in the body.

Berberine is also an effective anti-inflammatory.

2) Cinnamon Bark Extract

Cinnamon bark extract

Breaking down the fat content in high-fat foods is achieved effectively with cinnamon.

When included in a weight loss supplement, this works very well.

Cinnamon also has an impact on blood glucose levels, which in turn helps to keep the bodyweight under control.

3) Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid

There is some evidence to show that supplementation of this component might lead to weight loss.

However, alpha-lipoic acid has other properties that help to manage associated conditions related to obesity, like diabetes and heart conditions.

It has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that help in general good health and body function.

4) Chromium


This is an essential element that is also beneficial in weight loss supplements.

It is found to increase lean muscle mass in the user while cutting out fat.

Due to the increased rate of fat burning, there is more energy in the user.

5) Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1

This B vitamin helps to keep diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s under better control.

It is not very easily assimilated from food and is more efficiently absorbed in the form of thiamine that is available in supplements.

6) Naringin

A naturally occurring flavonoid, this is abundantly present in grapefruit and lends a bitter taste.

It is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that is also a good antioxidant. It is also good for ulcers and for fighting osteoporosis.

Naringin also has anti-cancer properties.

Each of the ingredients brings its own characteristics to the product.

The final composition and dosage have been arrived at after a lot of research and are meant to provide overall wellness in addition to remarkable weight loss.

Who should not use CarboFix?

CarboFix is created under completely safe conditions and adhering to GMP.

However, certain sections of people would do better to stay away from this product.

  • People below the age of 18 should not use CarboFix.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must stay away from this supplement.
  • Those having weight problems due to other medical reasons or as a side effect of some medication should begin CarboFix only after consultation with their physician.
  • As is apparent from the ingredient list, CarboFix only uses natural components. This parameter rules outside effects for most people. However, it would be wise to go through the entire ingredient list to make sure one is not allergic to any of them before beginning the supplement.

What I did not like about CarboFix?

There is not much I can say against this wonderful product.

However, some small things that I felt could be bettered include:

  • This is not my personal view but I know some buyers who prefer seeing a product physically before committing to it. Since CarboFix is only available online, this might be an issue with some folks.
  • Shipping takes anywhere from 5-21 days depending upon geographical location and local conditions.
  • CarboFix needs to be accompanied by a healthy diet and regular physical exercise in order to be most effective. We need to remember this is a supplement that will boost our own efforts to get back in shape.
  • These pills need to be taken regularly and only at the recommended dose, failing which there might be less than desired results.


Jamie B from North Carolina says...

After having tried everything, diets of all sorts, exercises, and special foods, I was still overweight. And there was this ultimatum from my treating doctor, lose weight or face the consequences!

I began CarboFix with a lot of hope that this would help me achieve my goal body weight.

I am so glad I did…..I have finally managed to shed many extra pounds after being on this for more than 2 months now.”

T. M. from Texas says...

“CarboFix has shown dramatic effects for me. In a very short time too. I am going for my 3rd bottle”

Amanda W. from NYC says...

“I have not noticed much change in body weight after using CarboFix. I wanted a refund of my purchase. Had a tough time getting through to customer service though” 

One may see from the above and many other reviews over the internet that people, in general, have benefited greatly from CarboFix.

I know how difficult it can be to lose weight and stay off.

I have tried multiple methods and diets and routines.

It has been great to find this all-natural supplement which is based on an entirely new premise of the fat-busting enzyme.

I did not have to wait long to begin experiencing the positive effects.

CarboFix worked really fast for me and I have had lasting results.

Reach out for your bottle today and make a new lean beginning.

What I liked about CarboFix

  1. CarboFix is a diet supplement that uses only natural products.
  2. It utilizes the power of fat-burning enzyme, AMPk to produce results.
  3. This comes in the form of easy-to-use pills and does not involve any smoothies or other preparation.
  4. There is a secure payment process in place for every online transaction.
  5. CarboFix accelerates the process of weight loss in a safe and natural manner.
  6. Users feel more energetic and sprightlier after using CarboFix.
  7. Weight loss begins to occur very fast after beginning the supplement.
  8. Every purchase of CarboFix is backed by an amazing 60-day money-back guarantee.
  9. According to the makers, CarboFix is manufactured in GMP-certified premises under strict monitoring.
  10. Along with weight loss, its use promotes general wellness with better blood pressure and blood sugar control.
  11. It is a completely safe and non-invasive process.
  12. Regular usage helps to suppress untimely hunger pangs.
  13. CarboFix helps users to gain sharper focus and concentration.
  14. Users report more positivity and less tendency towards depression.
  15. CarboFix is GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. Most people ought not to have any problems with using this.
  16. It helps to cut belly fat, one of the most stubborn areas of weight gain.

Since I am lactose intolerant it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable supplement.

CarboFix works for me in that regard.

CarboFix CTA

Insider Information on CarboFix

As we speak, there is a limited-time special offer of a bonus book named ‘10-day rapid fat loss diet book’.

This will help to guide towards more wholesome nutrition.

Along with this, there are offers of ‘24-hour fix’ book as well as smoothie recipe book called ’50 fat-blasting red smoothies’ which come in extremely handy in the fat loss mission.

All of these provide a compounded effect as well as boost up confidence in the user that losing fat is a realistic goal that they will achieve over a course of time.

These help to support overall effort and aid in sustainable and significant weight loss.

Buying Advice

Purchase from the site – this is my unwavering advice to every buyer.

Since CarboFix is only available for online purchase, many websites will pop up as soon as one begins to look into this product.

Often times they may try to trap a new buyer into buying from some spurious website.

These are scams where not only one risks getting a fake product but also might be risking their payment details during a transaction.

Avoid all of these pitfalls by only choosing the direct website to get your supply of CarboFix.

Any visit to their website will show up new offers and/or bonuses that can be availed of to make each purchase more worthwhile and value for money.

I would not advise any other mode of buying – direct website only. Stay safe and stay healthy this way!


I never have been one for technicalities, but seeing how effective CarboFix has been in helping me lose stubborn fat, I have converted.

The way this product addresses the root cause and promotes the AMPk enzyme for results is truly impressive.

I have been able to lose considerable weight and stay off it ever since I began on this supplement.

Why wait for other methods to fail before you choose the one that works?

CarboFix has helped hundreds of thousands of users worldwide to attain their goal body weight. Is it not time to make an informed choice?

Go for CarboFix and see how easy it can be to slash those pounds off in a healthy manner.

Frequently Asked Questions about CarboFix (FAQs)

Is CarboFix legal?

CarboFix is totally safe to use and uses no banned substances at all. There are thousands of contented users who have benefited from this supplement.

How should one take CarboFix?

The recommended dosage is two pills daily. Ideally one needs to take it every morning before breakfast with a glass of water.

When do results begin to manifest?

The website says that results can begin to show as early as 24 hours. That is a startling claim and one that may actually be true for some folks.

Having said that, it is important to remember that different people will respond in different time periods. As long as pills are consumed regularly without break in routine, results are bound to show.

What happens if someone overdoses?

As per the manufacturer, one should never overdose on the recommendation. It is best to stick to the dose mentioned and to maintain continuity.

Does CarboFix ship worldwide?

Yes, one may order this product online from anywhere in the world and the manufacturer will ship it. Time taken for delivery will depend upon location as well as other local factors.

However, it can be said that one may expect delivery anywhere within 5 to 21 days of placing the order.

CarboFix CTA


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