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Let the International Year of Soil Begin!

4 Saturdays ago, December 5,  was World Soil Day.

It officially marked the start of the International Year of Soil (IYS) a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and Global Soil Partnership (GSP) initiative.

As we posted last month, the importance of our soil cannot be understated and we are excited to celebrate and learn about building and sustaining this life-giving “skin of the earth.”

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Jessica Jesse: Bringing Mindfulness to the Fashion Industry

Jessica JesseSix years ago, Jessica Jesse saw her son experience improper hospital treatment for a medical condition.

When the crisis was over and he returned home, the healing began.

Frustrated with drugs, Jesse started looking into ways to leave the pharmaceuticals behind and pursue a more holistic way of doing things via a combination of nutrition and contemplative practices (meditation, prayer, mindfulness).

Stability and health returned…to both of their lives.

They found such power in this approach that Jesse wanted to share it with the world.

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Why Soil Health?: Earth Day, Global Soil Week and the International Year of Soil

In 1969, the macro view the world was able to see of our planet for the first time in a photo taken by Apollo 8 astronauts (later to be called “Earthrise”) was one of the main inspirations of the modern environmental movement.

Giving form to what was previously just a concept—that we are all just floating on a “blue marble” in an infinite universe—this photo of our Earth, giant, beautiful, and vulnerable, gave people a concrete image of what we need to protect.

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How This Wellness Community Is Thriving: A Talk with Marie and Steve Nygren of Serenbe

Serenbe: A Delightfully Disruptive Alternative

What would it be like to live in a town where sustainability is a true way of life? Where “walkability” leads to easy community connections (meeting neighbors!) and a reduction or elimination of auto traffic?

Where art is a part of life?

Where a nature connection is as easy as stepping outside your front door? Where does a 25-acre organic farm serve as the local grocery store and community hub?

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Is Big Food getting a little treehugger?

“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.”  —Emily Dickinson

Feeling like you could use a little hopefulness in all the dark news about the future of food?

Then turn to Food Tank—it really raises the national conversation about food and sustainability.

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