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Simple, fresh-from-the-garden recipes from America’s preeminent vegetarian cookbook author

The first time some of us here at Wellness Warrior met Deborah Madison was in the teaching kitchen at La Cocina Que Canta, a cooking school set in the midst of an organic farm at Rancho La Puerta fitness resort and spa.

She is very intent, focused individual–and that day she surely was, because at 9 in the morning she had already toured the farm and decided what to pick, when, how much, and what the students would be doing with the bounty.

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7 Easy Steps: Breaking Down Those Rotten Barriers to Composting

Starting your own backyard compost can be really easy. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have your own “black gold” in no time.

Keep in mind that compost is essentially “microbe farming.” Just as a gardener prepares a seed bed for right conditions to grow a plant, so too must a composter prepare their compost pile to facilitate microbe action.

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TEDx Manhattan: You Be Watchin’!

Do you “binge-watch” the latest episodes of made-for-television dramas and comedies like House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

Then get ready for a TEDx Manhattan event that might also leave you glued to your iPad for hours…or even breaking out a dance step or two.

“Changing the Way We Eat” speaks to how we can tweak our food system for the better—and you know something?

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Cancer Research: Red Meat and The Luck of the Draw

Cancer continues to rank as the second leading cause of death in the U.S. (heart disease is still ahead), so researchers forge on regarding both cures and prevention.

It is pretty clear that lifestyles incorporating preventative measures—eating a healthy diet, exercising, reducing stress, etc.—can help reduce risk (and, obviously, provide us with a number of other health benefits)—yet recent research might suggest that incidences of cancer may strike more randomly than we originally thought.

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Detox Your Home For The Fall: 10 Tips From

Fall has arrived, and most parts of the country are spending more time indoors.

Keeping our personal wellness in mind, we might adjust our exercise regime and spend more time in the gym as opposed to outside, and we may turn our nutritional focus to cold-hearty fresh greens and long-lasting winter squashes…

But what about our homes?

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