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‘This is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz’s Weight-Loss Story – Has She Really Lost Weight?

by Jane Summerfield
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Not all of us have heard of Chrissy Metz, but those of us who do will know her as the actress in This is Us, an NBC drama series.

This series earned her a Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations.

The creator of This is Us, Dan Fogelman, modeled Chrissy’s role after his own sister’s weight loss, and Chrissy related to this when she read through the script.

She was one woman who was dealing with weight issues herself.

She knew the role of Kate was for her – “I’m Kate”, she told herself when she got the role.

This Is Us is a romantic family drama television series, following the lives of two parents and their three kids in different frame times.

Kate would navigate dating life as well as family melodramas.

Most of the plot lines have focused on her efforts to lose weight and even join a weight-loss group.

She even considered gastric bypass surgery and checked into a fat farm – you can see how the role of Kate of ideal for Chrissy!

Aside from her acting career, she is also a singer and has her own band called Chrissy and the Vapors.

Before we get into her fantastic weight loss story, we just want to introduce you first to some interesting details and facts about the life of:

Christine Michelle Metz (born September 29, 1980)

Christine Michelle Metz

Credit: DailyMail.co.uk

Chrissy’s childhood

Chrissy was born in Homestead, Florida.

Her parents were Mark and Denise Metz.

Her father was stationed in the US Navy so she spent some of her formative years in Japan, in fact, 8 years were spent in the Land of the Rising Sun.

When they left Japan, they moved to Gainesville in Florida where Chrissy attended her elementary, middle, and high school years.

She noticed full well that there were nights when her mother didn’t eat dinner; that was to make sure everyone else could eat.

But it made an impact on her as a young 9 or 10-year old and in her young mind, food was what equaled love in the family – that’s how you showed love – with food.

Her grandmother would make her delicious grilled cheese sandwiches every time she picked Chrissy up from school and of course, Chrissy thrived on that attention.

As she got older, and happiness in her life was a good reason to celebrate with food.

She had her first job at a McDonald’s

Her first job was at the McDonald’s restaurant in Gainesville.

She always remembers how well her manager treated her and his fellow employees and also how she learned early on about the benefits of hard work.

She also noticed how her fat body always seemed to offend her stepfather – he would just stare at her while she was eating and joked to her about putting a lock on the refrigerator.

But Chrissy knew about living without food for so long that when it was there, she would eat it up before it disappeared. Food was her big happiness.

She would even get up in the middle of the night to sneak food into the bathroom to eat it privately there.

When she turned 14, her stepfather had weigh-ins.

He would bring out the scale from the bathroom and force Chrissy to stand on it.

“Get on the damn thing!” he would say.

He denies these accounts and told Entertainment Tonight that “None of it’s true …I love her very much just like I always have.”

Chrissy says she has used her turbulent background to bring positivity into the present; that there is a reason she went through all the things she did.

She believes it has made her the person she is and she learned to accept herself through it all.

She went to Weight Watchers when she was 11

She says she can remember going to Weight Watchers when she was around 11, being the youngest person there – for her, it was very awkward.

Today, Chrissy doesn’t even know how much she weighs.

“I don’t worry about numbers,” she says, “It just messes with my mind.”

She says she has always tried to lose weight.

She has always described herself at different times as being plus-size, overweight, big; but she has never said she is fat.

But at least she got the role of Kate and it’s not likely she would have got the role if she hadn’t been fat!

She was the class clown

Anyway, during both elementary and middle school in Florida, Chrissy was always bullied for her size, and like so many overweight people do to compensate, she became the class clown, always bubbling over, being loud and funny.

When she got to high school she had become a tomboy who sang in a choir.

It was time to consider what she planned on doing after high school and she considered art school.

She went off to college and took a job as a preschool teacher.

In her early 20s, her life took another direction

When she was in her early 20s, she went along with her tall, slim, sister to an open-call audition.

A former teacher from Chrissy’s school saw her helping her sister with the paperwork and suggested to Metz that she audition as well, because she said, “You’re here for a reason,”.

She decided to go for the audition, and she sang Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.

The tall slim sister was asked to sign for a modeling contract and they also offered to take Christy to LA to audition.

And so it was that Chrissy and the manager with all of his teenage clients, and which included Chrissy, headed out West to participate in the pilot season.

Being the oldest in the group, she became her manager’s assistant, taking kids out for auctions and traveling backward and forward between Florida and California.

She did this for a few years until she finally decided to move to LA for good in 2006.

Even though Chrissy didn’t come to LA to be her manager assistant, she decided to take on her agent’s offer of being his assistant, and actually ended up becoming an agent herself, with acting becoming a hobby for her.

She only averaged one audition a year and put on 100 pounds

She would average one addition a year and it was even a bit of a depressing time for her.

She was not happy at this time, really, and gained 100 pounds over the course of her 20s.

When Metz was around 26 she got married

Martyn Eaden and Chrissy Metz

She got married to British screenwriter, Martyn Eaden. Chrissy had actually joined an online dating site in 2006, and it was there that she had met Eaden.

Even though she was in Los Angeles and he in Sheffield, England, the two connected and exchanged emails for many months.

Then Eaden came over to LA to visit her for the first time.

After a year of being in the relationship, Eaden proposed to Chrissy, and they married in Santa Barbara, California during a small ceremony.

Gradually their relationship deteriorated as the years wore on, and finally, in 2014, they divorced.

Chrissy wrote about her husband, saying, “We’re just not the right fit,” but they are still good friends today.

When she turned 30, on her birthday, she had a panic attack

That was pretty scary for her – taking it for a heart attack, she landed up in the ER.

After her “anxiety breakdown,” [1] she started seeing a therapist, but mainly, she claims, decided to get into self-help and spirituality.

She read Deepak Chopra and went to the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City.

How Chrissy Metz lost 100 pounds in 5 months

Chrissy Metz Weight

After her panic attack incident, Chrissy started taking things more seriously and was being more responsible.

She just simply went on a 2000 calorie diet.

It might have been this diet because this one we are showing you is a 2000 calorie diet.

She avoiding eating unhealthy foods and started walking 20 minutes each day [2].

Just these two things made a huge change to her mental health and also her physical health and as we said above, she lost 100 pounds in 5 months.

Soon after losing that weight, she landed the role in the American Horror Story where she had to wear a fat suit.

That was in 2014.

A big girl was needed for this part, and she got that part.

This was her next eye-opener; a sobering moment for her.

It made her wonder what it really would be like if she became so heavy that she couldn’t walk around or even get stuck trying to go through a doorway.

She said she straight away thought, “I don’t want this for me.”

Nevertheless, even after this opportunity to act in American Horror Story, the calls still weren’t coming in.

She even considered moving back home for good.

Maybe it was her interest in self-help, but a year went by and finally, she got what was to change her life completely, because she reckons if she hadn’t got it, she might not have continued with acting at all.

Her dream job came up like a lifeline held out – It was called – This Is Us

This Is Us Starring Chrissy Metz

Chrissy had continued auditioning for acting parts because after being in the American Horror Story, she didn’t want to look back; she wanted to go on and continue auditioning; she even went on unemployment, things were so tough.

She told Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Show that she had had only 81 cents in her bank account at the time she went to audition for This Is Us and just enough petrol to get to the audition and back.

It was between her and one other actress, and she was sure it would not be her, but it was!

Dan Fogelman, the creator of This Is Us, had a sister who was struggling to lose weight and he knew that the role of Kate would suit Chrissy the best!

The series took off in September 2016.

Chrissy fitted into that role perfectly, becoming comfortable talking about the similarities between that of her own life and Kate’s character.

At last, she didn’t have to worry about bill collectors calling her anymore!

Getting the role of Kate on This Is Us literally changed Metz’s life drastically.

As soon as she got her first paycheck, she began giving back to those who had helped her.

“I paid my friends and my stepdad back, and three months ago I finally paid my credit cards off!”

Chrissy’s love life also took off in 2018

Off-screen, Chrissy dated even though she was very busy with This is Us.

During This Is Us first season, Chrissy fell for a guy called Josh Stancil; he was a camera guy on the show.

But by March 2018 she told Wendy Williams on US Weekly that they had broken up, amicably.

Then in November 2018, she went public with the new guy in her life, 25-year-old composer, Hal Rosenfeld.

He was the guy who attended Chrissy’s 38th birthday celebration in Palm Springs in September and the couple even made a red carpet debut together at the 2019 Golden Globes.

But to date, they are no longer together.

Chrissy has told everyone she is a hopeless romantic; that she will consider getting married in the future.

She says she loves love and is probably the gushiest, romantic love person around!

That brings us right up to 2018 – so let’s see what Chrissy Metz’s weight journey has been about so far

So Chrissy Metz always struggled with her weight saying, saying she was born chubby, and we saw in her childhood days how she was already joining Weight Watchers at the tender age of 11.

It was just very fortunate what her weight difficulties brought her some fame and fortune in her role as Kate from This Is Us.

She also landed a role in American Horror Story.

For this, she had to wear a fat suit because she wasn’t big enough for the role!

So yes, it has been a challenging road for Chrissy, but when the lifesaver This Is Us came along, she reached a happy place and she won’t let anybody else take the credit for it.

Chrissy was happy to sign a weight-loss contract

When This Is Us started, Chrissy was happy to, and openly told TVLine that she would sign the weight-loss contract.

She said:

“Because it’s one thing to try to do it on your own. But as human beings, it’s an ego thing: We’re more likely to do something for someone else.”  

But anyway she told Harper’s Bazaar that her weight loss isn’t as strict as that word “contract” stipulates…

…it didn’t come with a whole lot of stipulations about just how much she had to lose or when she needed to lose it.

The creator of This Is Us, Fogelman, said he and Chrissy have always discussed the way forward for Kates role every year.

It boils down to the fact that losing weight and getting healthy is a personal choice of Chrissy Metz.

And as Chrissy says “Whether or not I lose weight or stay the same, it’s purely a choice of mine for health”.

She clarified later to People magazine that she is not required to lose weight or to be a certain size.

Last November, People published a short interview they had with Chrissy about her character’s weight loss storyline.

They wanted to know whether she would be dieting alongside Kate.

And she says that part about weight loss in her contract is false.

“Nothing is mandated. It’s not like; if you sign this contract you have to do this. We haven’t even talked about an actual number with Kate.”

Right now, her goal is simply to be proportioned

Chrissy says she carries a lot of weight in her stomach.

So she is trying to eat balanced meals and eat healthy snacks.

For Chrissy, it’s a more mellow approach to the fat-farm that Kate checks into on One of Us.

But she wouldn’t rule out a tougher approach to her weight.

She says she would love to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser; where it’s a concentrated effort.

She is aware that her father was a big guy, and that he had quadruple bypass surgery.

For her, that was scary, and she realizes that these things happen to a lot of overweight people, and “I don’t want that,” [3] she says.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chrissy Metz (FAQs)

When did This Is Us start?

Back on 20th September 2016.

Did Chrissy Metz's have a breakout role?

Yes. It was her stint on the American Horry Story.

Is it true that Chrissy Metz auditioned for American Idol?

Yes, it is! She auditioned in 2008 but didn't go any further.

How much does Chrissy Metz weigh?

She is 5 ft. 5 or 1.65 m. She weighs in at around 83 kg or 182 pounds. This was around the middle of 2020.

Looking to the future for Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz

Looking ahead into the future, Chrissy would like to give back even more to those who stuck by her all along through the years.

When you know what it’s like to be down on your luck, you can really see the need in other people and now that she is living more comfortably and paying her bills, she is trying to figure out how to share with others.

Chrissy Metz is extremely grateful for what life has brought her.

Her role as Kate in This Is Us has allowed her to be overweight and for that too, she is probably grateful.

It’s allowed her to talk comfortably about body issues which she could not likely have done before when she had a panic attack at age 30 and was depressed, right?

This role has truly helped her to change positively. It has made her happy to have the motivation to be healthy as well.

We can see that Chrissy has had to go through some tough times and struggles to get to where she is today, so she doesn’t have so many regrets.

She knows she wouldn’t have this amazing role if she had decided to lose weight long ago, so she believes that everything happens for a reason.

So right now it looks like Chrissy is happy to be overweight as her role in Kate in This is Us, and if Kate needs to lose the weight and has to put food down, it will be fascinating to see Chrissy embraces it.

Right now, she continues to be a voice for women around the world.

She says that all the success is not going to change her.

She is grounded and that’s how she wants to keep it.

Way forward for Chrissy includes love again

After she starred in the 2019 faith-based movie Breakthrough, Chrissy felt pumped to want to produce her own move and drop a debut album in 2020.

But she wants “it to be on my terms, which is new for me.”

She says further;

“It’s important for every individual to determine what makes them happy and how to get to that.

It’s going to take some time.

There are some days where I’m like, ‘I’m definitely eating my feelings.’

Other days when my heart is full, I’m not hungry.

Do I want to take care of my body and live a healthy life?


That doesn’t mean you can’t do it at an unconventional size.”

Chrissy has truly been grateful to get the part of Kate in This is Us, simply because it has also meant she has been able to show off her singing voice.

So naturally, it wouldn’t be long before she took on the music industry herself.

She performed “I’m Standing With You,” written by Diane Warren for the Breakthrough soundtrack.

This she did at the 2019 ACM Awards and joined other country music powerhouses such as Carrie Underwood.

The Breakthrough song also earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song in 2020.

Just a few weeks prior to that, she scored a record deal with Universal Music Group Nashville, per CMT.

Chrissy admitted that she had never felt “encouraged or supported” enough to give her singing a go until now.

See how far she has come!

This is Us truly changed Chrissy Metz 

This is Us has influenced her, it has challenged her, it has given her great confidence in everything she does – it has primed her for expanding her careers, to make a difference.

And extra to filming the hit show’s 5th season even during a global pandemic, Chrissy has other exciting news – she has a new guy in her life.

From October 2020 she has been in a relationship with Bradley Collins, her “dreamboat” partner, and they made their romance official on Instagram on National Boyfriend Day.

They’ve already spent their first Christmas and New Year Eve together in Los Angeles, having a great time together.

She was spotted wearing what looked like an engagement ring on her finger but denies they are engaged.

“It’s a honeycomb ring and I love it very much, but it’s not an engagement ring.” 

With her beloved Bradley Collins in her life, and what looks like a burgeoning music career, as well as her acting career, it is clear to us that this powerhouse has finally arrived and we are looking forward to reading the next exciting chapters!

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