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Do Genetics Determine Weight Loss

by Jane Summerfield

The question of genetics and weight is a biological and social one and not surprisingly it might have crossed your mind many times that you decided to look it up.

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So, what are the facts on weight loss and genetics?

Not everyone agrees about the science of this being realistic.

There is skepticism around whether the observations or hypotheses around the idea of genes impacting someone being overweight or thin are enough to establish strong relationships.

However, few studies suggest that you may be overweight because of your genes among many other arguments dismissing the fact that your genetic makeup can help you lose weight faster or may hinder you from having the desired weight and body type.

Further arguing that other factors are not easily controlled in studies.

What is the main contention about Genetics determining weight loss success?

Two lenses to look from about ways to discuss the impact of genetics on weight loss:

  • Functions that affect things like differences in rates of metabolism can be linked to proteins and your genetic make-up being dependent on hormones may be causing you to add more weight compared to others.
  • Your body is not responding to treatments to help you lose weight because of obesity-causing genetic factors.

One of the most relevant studies done on the relationship between weight loss and genetics is the Riveros-McKay et al. (2019) study. In the study that compared the genetic factors that determine thinness and obesity, it was concluded that genetic factors play a role in weight gain or loss.

Despite Genetics What could be done?

While genetics may explain why you be finding it hard to lose weight, other factors could be ignored.

As Dr. Mir Ali, general and bariatric surgeon at Memorial Care Orange Coast Medical Center in California puts it, “Genetics does play an important role in determining somebody’s weight, but we don’t want people to think that that’s the only thing that determines somebody’s weight. There are things that can be done.”

With reference to the comparative study, you could argue that it’s not 100 percent given that the genes are not in your favor.

So, here are what you could do:

  • Don’t ignore dieting: Protein meal, wine diet and more are things you could explore.
  • Commit to being a bit more active and proactive about watching your weight.
  • Gradually get used to doing more intense exercises. Remember that consistency is important here.
  • Eat healthily and regularly.
  • Sleep well because the sleep cycle can also affect your natural fat-burning ability. For many years, studies have shown that a lack of proper sleep has been linked with a hormone imbalance that could be hindering fat normal break down in the body.

Closing Thoughts

You might be thinking that your case is different but overwhelming evidence shows that you can take control of your weight-loss destiny by seeking help.

If for any reason you are in doubt about your ability to turn things around and become fitter, you may act as if it doesn’t matter.

Or you can be like that kid that no one expects to do well in sport but would go on to become one of the best runners.

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