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7 Exercise Facts For Weight Loss & Back Pain You Should Know

by Jane Summerfield

You might be interested in which routine will be best for you to lose weight.  But before you read any further, I’d like for you to check out Back to Life exercise program for back pain.

And exercise is going to help but here are the most important factors for you to consider about weight loss exercises.

1) Exercise can help you burn fat faster because you increase your muscle mass when you exercise, which increases your metabolism rate

It might seem counterintuitive that increasing muscle is good for weight loss instead of adding to your overall weight.

But it is good to know that an increased muscle mass will help to increase your metabolism.

According to McPherron AC et al. (2013), it is a fact that your resting metabolism increases significantly with your muscular mass.

2) The Result of Physical Exercise is not the same for men and women

The fact about muscular mass also explains why men tend to lose weight faster than women.

Women are not normally expected to lose weight as fast as men because of the hormonal difference in the sexes. Because male testosterone helps in enhancing “male characteristics”, it helps build muscles faster compared to the hormones in women.

3) Exercise can make you add weight without combining a proper dieting plan

People have complained that they’re adding weight even while working out.

There are many possible reasons for this.

This may be because, after a couple of light workout sessions, you may add weight. After all, you had a higher desire to take in more calories.

You need to mind other factors like proper rest and recovery as well as checking what you eat.

4) Walking is an effective first step to your exercise for weight loss goal

For most people doing exercises or having workout sessions can be difficult or tough to start. However, walking can be a route to kickstart your weight loss exercise routine. It is possible to increase your steps as in baby steps as you become fitter.

An article by the United Kingdom’s NHS titled “walking for health”, just the recommended 150 minutes’ walk per week can do you a lot of good health-wise.

5) Weight loss is an add-on benefit of Intense Exercise. Losing fat will be your goal if you care about your internal organs

You may not have the perfect shape but doing workouts that will keep fats around your vital organs down is the real life-saving benefit of incorporating exercise in your program.

If you could look inside, you might be more inclined to control everything you should to burn out internal and visceral fat naturally.

See how targeting losing belly fat can be a step to overall weight loss through exercise.

6) Weight loss Exercise will make you fitter and avoid diseases

Just about any aspect of your health can be improved with exercise.

This will help you stay fitter and make your body better protected against diseases. When you work out with the right weight loss exercise programs you will have the benefit of fitness and overall wellness.

When you are fit, you may be able to sprint and escape potential danger and recover quickly from heavy panting.

7) Weight loss exercising is a lifestyle process that could take a long time before you begin to see results.

Many people have unrealistic expectations from weight loss programs. And after a few workout sessions, they tend to be discouraged and quit because they don’t see an immediate result.

So, you should expect to make a lifetime commitment that will help you reach your weight loss goal.

According to an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, only about 20 percent of overweight persons succeed at reducing weight by an average of 10 percent.

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