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The Fundamentals of Bodybuilding: An Overview of Bodybuilding Programs

by Jane Summerfield

If you’re considering bodybuilding, your objective may be unique but the overall idea is to tone your body and looks, to be more muscular.

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So, if you’re thin, you’ll be looking to add some weight and have more muscles.

And if you’re chubby, you’d want to probably shed some weight and be more muscularly built.

Bodybuilding meaning

Also, hypertrophy is the process of increasing your muscle size and toning your body shape to look bigger or more attractive.

This normally involves the increase in the muscles’ glycogen storage capacity and an increased muscle mass.

The Bodybuilding processes typically include bulking, cutting and strength exercise, and nutritional routines.


This is recommended when you want to grow bigger.

You essentially consume more calories so that you will ultimately grow muscles faster when you begin your resistance training which will usually include weight lifting.

Bulking can also increase your strength.

However, it is possible to have bulking process without more emphasis on strength.

You can be well built but not guaranteed to have the strength compared to someone who has done strength training.


Cutting in bodybuilding means reducing body weight due to fat essentially.

So, if you are big already, you due for cutting programs which should help you shred body fats.

Otherwise, you may start with bulking and then cutting later to get the nicer body you want to build.

Cutting program for bodybuilders focuses on maintaining eating the right amount of food to keep lean and avoid adding fat.

You should note that the process does not include dry fasting but you must follow the diet plan.

Otherwise, you may fall into a bulking trap.

Your diets should be well controlled with some foods to avoid but with essentials, including lean meats, yogurts, and whole grains. For more on meal tips and guides for cutting (bodybuilding), see medicalnewstoday.com.


There are distinctions between bodybuilding exercises that focus on strength training and regular bodybuilding workouts. But realistically, you can end up mixing up things.

A simple way to understand this is that a bigger muscle size can give the advantage of greater body strength.

And you may have to justify an increased body muscle mass by having stamina.

Professional Bodybuilding vs Normal Bodybuilding

Your bodybuilding goal may be for a professional purpose where you have to compete with others or to prepare to be on the stage. Or you can be a professional that trains other people and earn from it.

The difference will be timing and the extent that you need to fit into the “desired character”. Apart from the difference in your motivation to get in shape, you have to follow the same natural process of bulking cutting and strength training to get there.

It takes time. So, don’t forget to give yourself enough time to do it to avoid injury or a disappointing result.

Many people ask whether you can do it without pills or steroids. The simple answer is yes and you should always build up your body with natural foods.

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