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Gluco Type 2 Supplement Review – Side Effects, Ingredients and Customer Reviews

by Jane Summerfield

Today, we’re going to take a look at GlucoType 2 diabetes supplement

If you or any of your relatives have had to live with Type 2 Diabetes, you will certainly understand the struggle.

It is not just about having to follow a restrictive diet of low or no carbs.

It is more about the daily pains and hurdles you have to cross.

The fear that runs down your spine when you notice a bruise on your skin.

A bruise is just meant to be something small that will heal on its own right?

With diabetes, that small bruise could fester until it reaches a stage of amputation of that body part.

That’s quite shocking but this is what diabetic persons have to deal with daily.

It’s clear, that this is no way for anyone to exist.

Your doctors have probably told you, your case isn’t getting any better and you are probably waiting to die.

You don’t have to give up.

There might be a solution for you.

What is it?

For many years, modern medicine has offered prescription drugs and dietary changes as solutions to the problem of high blood sugar.

However, these have proven ineffective.

This was the same situation faced by Michael Bradford, as he watched his wife on the brink of death when she slipped into a diabetic coma.

It became a personal race for him to find a solution to his wife’s diabetes.

Luckily for him, he was in the right place at the right time.

He and his wife were on a mission trip in the Philippines and while he panicked about his wife, Angie’s health status, the remedy for Type 2 diabetes was thrown in his lap by an old Filipino man.

The major ingredient in this remedy was the Banaba flower which has been used from ancient times in the Philippines for different ailments.

When the remedy concocted worked for his wife, on their return to the US, they sought to get the ingredients so she could continue to take it.

This was how GlucoType 2 was birthed…

Gluco Type 2 Review – All You Need to Know

GlucoType 2

At first, Angie had taken the concoction of herbs in a powdery form but after they got the list of the ingredients, they decided to take it to their university lab to get it processed into a pill.

Naturally, when people around started to see how good Angie looked and felt, they wanted to partake of the same goodness.

GlucoType 2 was created to help everyone stuck on traditional diabetes medications that have stopped working to lower their blood sugar levels, get their health back on track.

Who is the product not for?

1) Not strictly for persons looking for a weight loss remedy

Many diabetic persons are also obese and are fighting to control their weight.

When you become healthier, naturally, your acquired excess weight will also drop.

This is not to say that GlucoType 2 can be generally used as a weight-loss supplement for people who are not diabetic.

2) Not for people with low blood sugar

The explanation for this is quite simple. GlucoType 2 works to lower high blood sugar.

So, if you already have lower than normal blood sugar, this supplement is not for you.

3) Not for children

While there are children who suffer from Type 2 diabetes, this particular product was not made with children in mind.

Thus, the dosage may not be appropriate for children.

What I dislike about the product

As much as GlucoType 2 is a landmark change in the way Type 2 diabetes is being treated, there are still some things I don’t like about the product.

These include:

1) Replacing one pill for another

Diabetic patients have long since accepted their reality of living with a lifelong condition where they have to pop at least one pill a day to keep their blood sugar low.

So, with GlucoType 2 coming as another pill, it doesn’t change that reality as the diabetic patient still has to take a pill to be fine.

It would have been preferable if the remedy had been left in its powdery form and taken as a drink.

This would have added a bit of normalcy to the experience and make a diabetic person feel like they are just making another dietary lifestyle change.

2) Unclear usage timeline

It is not so clear how long, one is supposed to use GlucoType 2 to stay in the clear.

The product website suggests using it at least for one month and up to six months for the best result.

However, it is not clear whether one will have to continue using GlucoType 2 for a lifetime to always have your blood sugar under control.

3) Available only on the company’s website:

The product is only available on the company’s website.

This is a clear disadvantage as it limits access to the product.

This also means that people can easily run of stock and have to wait a while to get restocked.

This might lead to a relapse in their conditions if care is not taken.

What I like about Gluco Type 2

1) The unique blend of natural ingredients:

It’s important to note that modern medicine also makes use of these natural ingredients.

But they have been combined with other chemicals which often cause the many side effects associated with them.

GlucoType 2 has made use of several uncommon ingredients unique to the Philippines and some other relatively common ones to make a perfect blend.

They include:

i) Banaba


A flowering plant native to Southeast Asia that has been used to treat high blood sugar for many years.

The earliest existing research in modern times about its effectiveness dates back to 1940.

ii) Bitter Lemon

Bitter lemon has been proven by scientific studies to contain insulin-like properties that aid the metabolism of glucose in the body.

iii) Licorice root

Licorice root

This has been used since ancient times by traditional healers. In modern times, it has been found to contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar levels.

Other common ingredients in GlucoType 2 include;

  • Cinnamon
  • Gymnema
  • Guggul
  • Cayenne
  • Juniper and
  • Mulberry

2) Treating the source of the problem, not the symptom:

Another great thing about GlucoType 2 is that unlike other modern medications for diabetes, it doesn’t just treat the disease on its surface.

It goes into the heart of the problem by assisting your cells to naturally begin to produce insulin so that your body can start to absorb glucose in the right way.

This gives a better reassurance that your life can return to normal.

3) Relatively affordable

One of the hardest challenges of dealing with a disease like diabetes is the drain on your finances.

You might be lucky to have your health insurance covering most of it but you would still have to spend a lot on eating right.

When you compare the cost of GlucoType 2 to the average expenses you would have to cover while on the mainstream medications, you would realize that GlucoType 2 is quite affordable.


A great way to determine if GlucoType 2 would be a great fit for you is to consider the experiences of those who have used it already.

Benjamin Lockwood from Montana has this to say:

GlucoType 2 is the real deal. I’ve tried other herbal supplements in the past, but nothing changed for me. With GT2, you can feel the ingredients working inside your body.

I was pushing 300 mg/dl for the past year before trying your pills. Since I started on GT2 though, I’ve been under 110 every single day. It doesn’t even matter what I eat – my blood sugar stays under control!

Highlights from the review

1) Tried other supplements before

It is important to note that this person had already tried other supplements that didn’t work for him.

His case is even worse because he left modern medicine for natural remedies and it still failed him until he discovered GlucoType2 which finally did the magic.

2) Unchanging high blood sugar before

His blood sugar had been on a steady high for years. So, he was the classic case of someone who could have any of the expected complications such as organ failure and eventually death.

3) Drastic drop in blood sugar after:

After he started using GlucoType2, his blood sugar dropped to lower than half of his previous readings.

This is one amazing change!

4) Blood sugar stays under after:

The drop in blood sugar is sustained.

Insider Information

Every industry has its insider information that is only known to a few but they are not secrets after all.

You just need to pay particular attention to discover them.

1) Look out for independent scientific backings

When you are looking for a remedy to treat your Type 2 diabetes, you cannot afford to make a mistake as it could be deadly.

It’s not enough to trust what is written on the product website.

You should get on with your research on the claims made.

Independent researchers are the best because they are not looking to make money directly from the product and would have presented objective reports.

2) Don’t go for a one-fix-it-all

It’s common to find that someone suffering my Type 2 diabetes also has other accompanying conditions such as cardiovascular diseases amongst others.

The supplement industry realizes this and how people are attracted to one product that can fix all their problems.

However, the problem is that these kinds of remedies will be stronger on one ailment and may not prove completely effective on the other.

3) More expensive doesn’t equate to a higher standard

Just because a product goes for a higher cost doesn’t mean the cheaper one might not be of better quality.

The objective of most natural supplement companies is to do things differently from Big Pharma that is all about making huge profits.

Buying Advice

If you have followed this review up to this point, you are likely convinced that this is the right choice for you to get your diabetes under control.

You should pay special attention to these bits of information to enable you to get the best deal on the product:

1) How to order

There are single bottles of GlucoType 2 that offer 30 pills to get you started.

However, when you order a six-pack combo, you will get a discount of $20 on each bottle.

The multiple-bottle discount is only available for a limited time.

So, you should not delay ordering if you want to benefit from it.

There is also an offer of free-shipping that is valued at $9.99 to further reduce the cost of getting the product.

2) Money-Back Guarantee

When you order GlucoType2, you are entitled to a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

This means you’re actually trying out the product for free for 90 days and can get your money back if you’re unpleased with the results.

GlucoType 2 CTA


GlucoType 2 is a natural supplement that contains uniquely sourced ingredients that help in lowering your high blood sugar and prepares your cells to function well on their own.

This might be the one really good chance you have at snatching your life right back.

You shouldn’t give up and continue to rely on medications that are no longer working for you.

GlucoType 2 might just be that game-changer that you need right now for your diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions about GlucoType 2 (FAQs)

What makes GlucoType2 different from other medications for diabetes?

GlucoType2 is completely natural and is aimed at treating your diabetes at its core. The aim is not to make money off you but to ensure you get the expected outcome and be in better health.

Is GlucoType 2 a trial product?

GlucoType 2 is far from being a trial product as more than 16,000 people dealing with diabetes in the US have used it and can testify of its benefits.

How long will I have to use GlucoType 2 before I see results?

You will need to use GlucoType 2 for at least one month to begin to see its benefits.

What happens when I run out of stock?

Because of the processes involved in gathering the ingredients from the purest sources and producing it under GMP standards, it may take a while to get a restock.

This is why it’s advised you go for the multi-bottle package to ensure you don’t suddenly run out.


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