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10 Healthiest Wine Brands for Weight Loss

by Jane Summerfield

You don’t have to know all the wine brands that exist, but which ones are healthy for you?

Wines can help you lose weight, among other benefits which can be found in this Okinawa Tonic review.

It prevents gastric infections, reduces the risk of ovarian cancer, heart disease, and strokes, aids gastric digestion, and helps balance HDL (good cholesterol) that helps blood circulation in the body.

There are even wine diets that may replace or work with daily exercise.

Most people want to lose weight but are not able to do so because of underlying physical conditions.

What makes a wine healthy?

Wines are generally healthy, but then, it depends on the consumption. Even more confusing is our different perception of moderate consumption. Of course, our glass sizes differ so does our gauge.

So why not get to know what medical experts say?

A good glass of wine is a 5-ounce pour. Medical professionals have considered this and stipulated a healthy quantity for women to be one glass a day, and for men, it’s two glasses.

Most healthy and recognized Wine brands

1) Pinot Noir

Red wines are healthy, but Pinot Noir stands out to be the best. It is seen as the best red wine for your health and one of the healthiest wines to drink because of its low calories.

At one glass or serving, a Pinot Noir is up to 120 calories, and this is why downing glass by glass will not make you feel guilty – only happiness.

It is loved by most rich individuals and lovers of luxury.

2) Cava

Cava is sparkling wine and is one of the healthiest.

It is a Spanish-based wine and known to have way fewer calories than most wine.

Each glass would be approximately 77 calories, which also makes it more attractive for weight loss.

3) Dry Riesling

Dry Riesling is known as one of the lowest-calorie white wines.

Although its taste is distinctly delicious, it also has low calories that won’t cause weight gain.

Also, the grapes used in producing them have low calories, but there can be sugar in them.

Be sure to check the back of the bottle before purchasing any.

4) Crémant

Crémant is another excellent sparkling wine.

This rich and tasty wine type is perfect for celebrating with family or friends and celebrating by yourself, because why not?

Each glass of Crémant is about 87 calories, which means you can celebrate all night, glass by glass.

So, pop open one and drink away without getting worried about gaining weight.

5) Muscadet

Here is a standout healthy wine that is an excellent weight-loss wine.

Many people love enjoying the white wine

Muscadet because of its fantastic taste.

And now there’s something else to love about it, the low calories. One glass of Muscadet is just 120 calories.

6) Merlot

Merlot has high levels of resveratrol, which will keep your heart healthy.

In each glass you drink will only cost you 122 calories.

7) Barbera

Barbera is seen to be one of the best sweet red wines for your health.

It’s lovely in flavor but low in calories. You get the best of both worlds.

One serving of Italy’s classic is about 125 calories.

9) Picpoul

Originated in France, Picpoul is an underrated white wine that you should ask for more.

Almost no one entirely knows how great of a white wine Picpoul is.

This crisp flavored wine goes for 120 calories a serving.

If you have the chance and want to try a new white wine, go for this one.

9) Gamay

Gamay is the fantastic tasting red wine that aids weight loss and is also one of the healthiest wines to drink.

Each glass is about 120 calories.

Now you know what to order when you have a night out with the girls or want to sip on a good glass of red wine while reading great literature.

10) Müller-Thurgau

Müller-Thurgau can help with your diet if you’re craving a sweet drink since it’s one of the healthiest wines to drink.

Even though there are white wines that contain a lot of sugar, this one, in particular, is very low in calories.

A glass of Müller-Thurgau is just 114 calories.

Now that you know which wines are best for you.

They are all on the list of healthiest wines to drink.

Pick any of these wines to help with your weight or to keep yourself feeling clean and healthy.

What is the significant difference between these brands of wine?

Resveratrol is an antioxidant compound found in red wines that helps improve heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

On the other hand, White wine and others have lower calories and nutritional values.


Now you can go for more Red wine or Dry wine.

These wines can help you get that weight loss you desire and keep you healthy!

A glass cup will do the work.

Remember, moderation is healthy!

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