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HyperGH 14x Reviews, Testimonials, Ingredients, Side Effects, & Results

by David Kessler, MD
  • Does HyperGH 14X work?
  • What are its negative side effects?
  • Is it safe to use?

Poster boys of bodybuilding are irresistible.

Any number of looks at their rippling muscles and superb structure and body contours is never enough.

These awe-inspiring images can act both ways though – as inspiration but at times also a despairing feeling.

They seem too good to be true.

Thankfully there are aids available that not only help achieve these beautiful contours but also keep up the support through ageing and genetic predisposition.

No, I am not talking about banned steroids or illegal drugs here.

I have in mind a product that targets the core issue of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and boosts its synthesis in the body by natural means.

This is my personal account of Hypergh 14x and how it has helped me in my bodybuilding journey.

What is HGH and how does it help growth?

The human body is an astounding machine, designed to perfection. Every little aspect seems to be taken care of here.

Take for example the pituitary gland. 

This is a small pea-sized gland that is also known as the ‘master gland’ of the body.

It controls the functioning of almost all hormone-producing glands.

 This gland itself produces a vital hormone called the HGH that aids in multidirectional growth of the human body. 

It is actually a peptide hormone that boosts cell reproduction and regeneration, thus helping sustained growth.

It is this hormone that fuels dramatic growth in babies and young adults.

This is one reason why it is also known at the youth hormone.

With age, however, there is rather rapid decline in natural HGH production in the body.

This causes the body to show visible signs of ageing and there is bound to be loss of muscle structure and capabilities at this time.

This affects the perfectly sculpted body one has worked so hard to build over time.

It now gets more difficult to achieve same results with ongoing levels of exercise and diet. 

It is at this juncture that the need for external means to supplement HGH levels is felt.

Why was the steroid HGH deemed illegal?

Once it was established that restoring HGH levels to those found in youth meant discovering ‘the fountain of youth’, synthetic production of the peptide was begun.

This showed dramatic improvement in HGH levels and marked hard muscle growth.

There was also noted better endurance, ability to put in more effort, remove fat and stay fit.

This was obviously too tempting for professional athletes and bodybuilders to pass by.

Getting a super fit body and pile on hard muscle was essential to them and taking HGH steroid was easy.

So easy in fact that sport governing bodies soon deemed it illegal for non-prescription usage.

It was felt that those using it were having undue advantage over others and this ruled out a fair playing field.   

Studies also showed that prolonged usage could put the user at increased risk for cancer. 

Regaining energy and vitality as well as youthful looks was too steep a price to pay for in this scenario. 

As things now stand, the drug HGH is illegal for usage if not for strictly medical reasons.

Side effects of HGH prescriptions 

Use of any random HGH product without guidance and due precaution as well as overdosing can cause undesirable side effects including;

  • Muscle soreness.
  • Joint stiffness.
  • More prone to cancer.
  • Bone weakness in the long run.
  • Water retention.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Middle ear infections.
  • Throat and/or nose infections.  
HyperGH 41x review

What is Hypergh 14x?

Hypergh 14x is an all-natural product from the famous supplement brand Leading Edge Health Inc.

It helps augment HGH levels that naturally occur in the body. 

This leads to massive boost in muscle growth without using steroids.

For those in the bodybuilding business, visible and fast muscle growth is a must. 

Hypergh 14x helps to speed up this process with its targeted formulation and inclusion of natural HGH-boosting elements.

Who created Hypergh 14x?

Hypergh 14x has been created by Leading Edge Health Inc., the well known company that boasts many all-natural supplements in its range of products.

Many of them replicate specific steroid actions as closely as possible using ingredients available naturally.

Their marketing units are based in Victoria, British Columbia as well as Limassol, Cyprus. 

The product is manufactured under strict monitoring as per FDA guidelines in cGMP compliant units.


Leading Edge Health Inc. have created their own niche in the supplement industry by coming up with new and innovative products that are all-natural and easy to use with remarkable results.

  • Hypergh 14x boosts muscle synthesis in the body. It is like an energy drink for the cells in the body. There is more nutrition and more scope for muscles to grow using this supplement. It helps convert a variety of amino acids into protein which directly helps muscle growth. This gives the users lean muscles and pronounced vascularity and definition.

Why was Hypergh 14x created?

Hypergh 14x was created with the aim of replicating the effects of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and aiding in explosive muscle growth.

HGH is naturally present in the human body and helps stimulate growth in children and young adults.

With age there is inevitable decline in these levels, which is not desirable in athletes and bodybuilders.

Synthetic HGH consumption has been declared illegal after it was found to be used for performance enhancement in sports.

This was the space that Leading Edge Health Inc. moved into.

It came up with a perfectly safe and legal substitute to propel HGH levels in the body while using natural ingredients.     

How does Hypergh 14x work?

This all-natural substitute for synthetic HGH functions at many levels to rejuvenate the body:

1) Charges up the body’s EIGR

That is, exercise-induced growth hormone response.

The more one exercises the muscles, the greater will be the release of EIGR.

This function is directly related to HGH stimulation and helps in overall growth and bodybuilding goals.

On no-workout days, the daily doses of Hypergh 14x along with just 10 minutes of targeted exercise will help keep up the good work.  

2) Maintains The Circadian Rhythm

Optimal levels of HGH also help maintain the circadian rhythm in the body.

Taking one capsule of Hypergh 14x before bedtime paves the way for the body to recover its excesses.

Restful sleep will help muscles heal faster as well as help the body release natural HGH during sleep.

3) Triggers The Body’s Enteric Process

Hypergh 14x triggers the body’s enteric process to allow for maximum absorption up to almost 80%.

Ingredients are carefully chosen so that they do not get affected by natural stomach acids.

This way they give maximum amplified benefits to the user.  

4) It Increases Lipolysis 

What this means for the layman is that it helps convert carbohydrates into energy and helps to power workouts.

It also helps speed up the process of fat burn, leading to lean hard muscle proliferation.

Hard and lean muscle development remains the highlight of Hypergh 14x, and this is the science behind it.   

5) Hypergh 14x Boosts Muscle Synthesis

Hypergh 14x boosts muscle synthesis in the body.

It is like an energy drink for the cells in the body.

There is more nutrition and more scope for muscles to grow using this supplement.


It helps convert a variety of amino acids into protein which directly helps muscle growth.

This gives the users lean muscles and pronounced vascularity and definition.

We can also do our bit to amplify the efficacy of Hypergh 14x.

A complete change in lifestyle helps in this matter.

For newcomers to the bodybuilding scene, it is advisable they do this under professional guidance. 

There is a tendency to overdo things, expecting immediate and magical results.

The consequences can be tricky. 

Let the coach chalk out a routine of diet and appropriate exercise, keeping in mind the goal to be achieved. 

There need to be rest days in between for muscles to recuperate fully and get back to business the next day, day after day.

How exactly the rest day ought to pan out will also need expert guidance.

There are multiple supplements available on the Leading Edge Health site, and they seem very tempting.

Being cautious and patient will help achieve desired results without damaging your body.

Why is adequate rest and sleep important for muscle health?

It is widely known that sleep is the time when our body rejuvenates itself from the cares of the day.

Any number of supplements and good food and exercise will fail to get desired results if there is not enough ‘repair’ time given to the body.

This is one reason why Hypergh 14x formula focuses a lot on relaxing and calming the mind and allowing for nature to take its course.

With everything that we put into our quest for the perfect body, good restful sleep will augment all of this.

A good night’s sleep helps repair and rejuvenate the body and heals sore muscles.

Good sleep helps in this by increasing protein synthesis and growth hormone production.

Good sleep also increases immunity and boosts metabolism.

What are the ingredients that make up Hypergh 14x?

There are many ingredients that go into the formulation of this supplement.

These include:

1) L-Glycine 

This element stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more HGH.

It also has a calming effect that helps the circadian cycle. Prostate health is also positively affected.

2) L-Arginine

Triples HGH amounts in some cases, making it the hero ingredient of Hypergh 14x.

This helps put in more effort during workouts.

It also helps to burn fat, combat cancer, grow muscle, boost healing and increase immunity.

3) L-Lysine

The effects of arginine are amplified when used in combination with lysine.

This also improves immunity as well as genital function.

4) L-Glutamine 

Essentially an amino acid, this helps at the cell level, boosting cell metabolism, reproduction and division.

It also increases immunity, reduces cholesterol, blood sugar and is heart healthy.

5) L-Ornithine 

If there is something that is more effective than arginine, it is ornithine.

In combination with arginine, lysine and glutamine, it provides explosive power to Hypergh 14x formulation.

6) L-Tyrosine

Found in the thyroid gland, this helps boost metabolism and growth.

It also has a role in controlling depression and anxiety.

7) L-Valine

This is an amino acid found primarily in muscles.

It is difficult to assimilate from food intake though. 

Its use helps muscle growth, muscle metabolism, muscle and tissue healing and to improve nitrogen balance.

8) Anterior Pituitary Powder

This gives an additional boost to the pituitary gland to produce more HGH and thus help muscle growth.

It improves muscle tone, thus helping the anti-ageing process.

9) GABA 

Gamma aminobutryic acid or GAMA is an amino acid that increases HGH production.

It is a very effective neurotransmitter that benefits the nervous system.

10) Deer Antler Velvet

Known to contain glucosamine, collagen and chondroitin, this ingredient also is rich in male and female hormones.

11) GTF Chromium

This plays a vital role in maintaining blood glucose levels in the body.

That in turn spurs HGH levels.

It also helps maintain stable weight, eliminate fat and improves energy.

12) Tribulus Terrestris Extract

A popular ingredient occurring naturally and known for its ability to address sexual dysfunctions.

It also increases DHEA levels in the body that boosts libido.

13) Phosphatidyl choline

This is a lecithin that helps to reduce anxiety.

It might also have some role in reducing lipids in those with fatty liver problems.

14) Astragalus Root Extract

Quite a multifunctional ingredient, this helps metabolism, digestion, lung function, faster healing, strengthens immune system and provides a calming effect.

15) Colostrum

This is familiar to most as the miracle milk that is secreted by the mammary glands right after childbirth.

It has immense healing and growth properties.

It is known to stimulate and foster cell growth and is a part of the Hypergh 14x formulation.

It also contains IGF-1 that measures HGH levels in the body.

It keeps the user alert and active and muscles in good shape.

Who should not use Hypergh 14x?

Time tested formula of Hypergh 14x has been proven to be effective and completely safe.

Having said that, certain people should desist from using it, like

  • Those under 18 years of age.
  • Those with pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Those under prescription medications.
  • Those with known allergies to any of the ingredients.

What are the cons of Hypergh 14x?

There is very little that goes against Hypergh 14x.

It has a trail of satisfied users all around. 

However, some points that could bother users include the following:

  • It is a tad bit costly for prolonged use.
  • It is only available online.
  • It must be consumed only in the amount prescribed.
  • It needs to be supported by good diet and exercise routine for best results. 


Hypergh14x by Leading Edge has a legion of users who have posted their success stories online, supported by ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to demonstrate their case.

Lee Lowery

Take for example the case of Lee Lowery, who states

My muscles are growing amazingly well with this. I was worried in the beginning but now I have so much energy and spend much time working out.” 

Hard Perry

 “Cannot thank the makers enough for this product. I feel toned and better. Top supplement out there. I give it thumbs up from my side.” 

I have come across so many reviews and testimonials, apart from those that are present on the website.

All of them seem happy at the natural composition of the product as well as the rapidity of the results. 

Hypergh 14x is a testimony to the goodness that science and nature can create towards a common purpose.

Many people are sceptical about trying out supplements for fear of questionable ingredients that might be illegal or harm them in the long run.

Hypergh 14x works for such people and I am one of them.

I have gone into reviews and testimonies and then decided to go with this product.

What Are The Pros of Hypergh 14x?

  • It is a proven safe all-natural product.
  • It is a completely legal way of boosting HGH levels.
  • It is easy to use and does not need needles or intervention.
  • It comes in the form of capsules and sprays to augment the effect.
  • It has established physicians on its board of advisors.
  • It boosts EIGR levels.
  • It helps build enormous lean body mass and muscle.
  • It helps cut out all unnecessary fat.
  • It boosts energy levels and provides unmatched efficiency.
  • It helps faster muscle recovery.
  • It has shown to improve memory.
  • It has helped users with greater libido.
  • It has shown improved skin texture in users.
  • It shows results fast.
  • It is shipped free for all orders above $150.
  • It comes with a 67-day return policy.  

It is difficult to zero in on any particular benefit of Hypergh 14x, seeing that there are so many of them.

However, I can confidently say that eminent board advisors and the knowledge and assurance they bring with their experience certainly tilted the balance for me. 

What is the cost for Hypergh 14x?

There are different packages for Hypergh 14x and prices vary accordingly.

There is the silver package that has 1 kit of Hypergh 14x capsules and spray. 

The gold package has 3 kits of Hypergh 14x. 

This comes with a $25 discount card valid for National Health Source.

The platinum package has 6 kits of Hypergh 14x priced.

This has the maximum discounts along with $25 discount card as well as free Express shipping in the US.

Get full info about individual prices here

What Should You Watch Out For In Hypergh 14x 

There is a wonderful refund/return policy going for users on the Leading Edge website.

There are other sites offering attractive deals, some might be more than the official website too.

It would be wise to check for genuineness of the product as well as the money-back and return policy in comparison to the original.

Do not fall for the price lure alone. 

Another thing to note is that this supplement is only purchasable online, which means payments will be made in this mode.

Before using any site other than the official one, ensure you check payment gateway security.

Buying Advice 

It is always advisable to buy directly from the website.

This assures the user of getting the genuine product at the best available discounts. 

There are multiple offers always on the website.

Keeping oneself abreast of the official website offers allows grabbing the best deals. 

There are many other products that one can club with the Hypergh 14x according to one’s requirements.

 It is to be noted that bulk offers provide even more discounts.

If you are committed to this supplement in the long run for best results, bulk buying makes a lot of sense.

My Verdict on Hypergh 14x 

As can be gleaned from my detailed discussion above, Hypergh 14x is my long-awaited answer to turning around the clock. 

It has helped me on my way to build the body of my dreams.

I have seen only positive effects of this supplement in over 5 months that I have been using it.

Go ahead and give it a try!

It is one of the safest and most effective HGH supplements that you will come across in the market today! 

See for yourself how well this works!

hyperGH 14x

Frequently Asked Questions about HyperGH (FAQs)

Is Hypergh 14x legal and safe?

This product is completely legal and safe for use over the long-term with proven results. There are numerous consumers who vouch for efficacy.

What is the recommended dosage?

Two capsules a day of Hypergh 14x is enough to give you the results you seek – hard muscles and fat cutting. Take one in the morning before workout and one at night before bed.

How can results be made more effective?

Along with taking oral capsules, one may augment the effects with oral spray of Hypergh 14x, twice a day.

What is the return/refund policy?

As with all other products of Leading Health, there is a reliable refund/return policy.

For anyone dissatisfied with the product, there is a 67-day window to return the product (used or otherwise) in the original container.

There is a 100% money-back guarantee minus shipping charges.

hyperGH 14x

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