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Memory Hack Brain Supplement Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, & Customer Testimonials

by David Kessler, MD

Last updated on March 13th, 2021 at 11:29 pm

Welcome to my comprehensive review of the Memory Hack brain supplement.

When someone asks you to name the most important thing to you in the world, you would probably think about your family, friends, and loved ones and in some cases, your prized possessions.

While those above-listed things are important, there is one thing that weighs highest on the scale.

One thing that you cannot function without – your brain.

Your brain controls everything about you.

This is no surprise as it is attached to your nervous system.

You may have been getting sudden lapses in memory.

Forgetting simple things like where you kept your car keys or failing to remember your card pin.

These may not bother you until you start to forget more critical information.

But you don’t have to panic. Many persons are going through the same thing.

There may be a solution for you out there.

What is that solution?

You may probably be in denial and don’t want to put a name to your condition. But deep down, you realize that your brainpower is declining.

You know that you need help.

You may have already sought help and visited your doctor but the medications prescribed make you feel worse than better.

This is not the point where you lose all hope.

The big elephants in the room that you have been avoiding to call by name are – Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

What used to be the old people’s disease now has people younger than 65 suffering from it.

The situation is worse for younger persons who are affected because according to medical research, they tend to have an uncommon form of dementia.

The fact that the early onset of dementia is confusing for modern science itself makes it more difficult to handle.

There is almost no specific treatment plan to follow for dementia and other cognitive-related problems.

Your doctor will just offer some medications that have been used in the past and wait to see if there are any results.

Sadly, there is rarely any full recovery from dementia.

The symptoms may get better but it tends to progress as time passes.

It is definitely like receiving a death sentence and one of the most painful experiences many families have had to go through.

But someone somewhere discovered a natural formula that changes this bleak picture to one where there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel.

This was how Memory Hack came to be.

Memory Hack Review – All You Need to Know

memory hack

What is Memory Hack?

Memory Hack is an advanced cognitive support formula that helps to improve brain function and focus.

It also removes brain fog and revitalizes the mind.

It came into existence due to the experience of Michelle Wilde who had her first hit with early-onset dementia at the age of 49.

After seeking a solution through traditional medicine with no results, her doctor had recommended a non-orthodox doctor who gave her a breakthrough formula pill that worked.

In her excitement about the total turnaround of her situation, she prevailed on the doctor to partner with her in sharing the remedy with the rest of the world.

They decided to produce this natural remedy through a reputable supplement manufacturer – Nutrition Hacks.

This company has had a positive record of well-researched formulas made into natural supplements that have helped people regain their health.

Memory Hack was created to give hope where there was none.

It is common knowledge that most of the known medications for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia do not make much difference.

Relatives of dementia patients just end up waiting it out while offering them the best love and care they can afford.

People no longer have to watch their loved ones helplessly fade away.

Memory Hack can change their situation for good.

What is this product not for?

1) Not specifically for IQ increase:

There has always been a buzz around people who have higher IQs. Many school’s or job tests are constructed around testing your level of IQ.

So, it is no surprise that you may be on the lookout for an extra edge to push your IQ higher. Memory Hack will help you get rid of brain fog but it won’t necessarily increase your IQ.

2) Not for aiding cramming:

Memory Hack improves your memory but every individual has a unique manner of processing information.

So, using Memory Hack a night before your exams will not make a difference if you didn’t study.

3) Not for uncovering suppressed memory:

If you have gone through some traumatic experiences that you consciously or unconsciously suppressed in your mind to forget the pains, Memory Hack will not magically make you remember.

It does not work in that manner. You will have to get the right therapy treatment for your situation and not just pop a pill, hoping that it would fix everything.

4) Not for children with learning disabilities:

While some of the ingredients in Memory Hack might be beneficial for some children with learning disabilities, the formula wasn’t created with children in mind.

As such, the dosage is not suitable for kids.

The Cons of Memory Hack

1) It is a pill:

The very thought of swallowing a pill is depressing for many persons.

It would have a better idea of the Memory Hack product came in form of a concentrate that can be made into a shake or a drink instead.

This would have increased its appeal for people who hate swallowing pills.

2) It is the same dosage for everyone:

Because Memory Hack is a general supplement to improve brain function, there are no different dosages for different conditions.

This means you would just have to go with the recommended dosage and hope it is enough to tackle your unique condition.

3) No specific timeline of action:

Not knowing when the product will start to kick in might make you discouraged.

As some people tend to see results within just a month and for some, it may take longer.

This might get some people off track when they don’t have the same experience as others. Whereas using it for a longer time might have been beneficial for their condition.

The Pros of Memory Hack

It is packed full:

Memory Hack is packaged with 13 amazing ingredients in one place.

They are:

1) L-Theanine


This ingredient does the foreman’s job of clearing all hindrances to the proper absorption of the product in the body.

It clears the way for the brain cells to interact properly, leading to increased awareness, happier moods, and a general feeling of relaxation.

2) Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea

This is a natural ingredient that helps to remove brain fog and also improves cognitive function.

3) Phosphatidylserine



This ingredient provides support for the neurons in the brain by repairing damaged neurons and also creating new ones.

This course of action makes it highly functional for dementia as it helps people recover and maintain memory function.

4) St John’s Wort

St. John's Wort

St John’s Wort

This plant has been used for centuries for mental related conditions. Hence, it is an important ingredient in Memory Hack.

It helps to do away with anxiety, depression, and the general lack of motivation people suffering from diseases of the brain struggle with.

5) Artichoke Leaf Powder Extract:

Artichoke Leaf Powder Extract

This renowned leaf is almost used for every condition under the sun and this has made many believe it is a myth.

However, it has been proven to work well for the brain and helps to improve memory.

6) Huperzine A


This is a powerful Chinese herb extract that has been used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease for years.

A scientific study was conducted to check for any harmful effects it might have on humans and none was found.

It assists in replacing damaged neurons in the brain.

7) Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline:

Alpha GlycerylPhosphoryl Choline

This is another highly potent ingredient in Memory Hack that is responsible for improving the cognitive function of dementia patients within 3 to 6 months after use.

8) Magnesium L-Threonate:

It has been discovered by scientists that magnesium plays a large role in providing optimum brain health in humans.

It makes the brain active, smart, and more receptive to learning. Studies have proven that using a supplement that contains Magnesium L-Threonate is beneficial for preventing cognitive decline.

9) Citrulline DL-Malate

Citrulline DL-Malate

This was commonly used by athletes for a long time as a booster to get more stamina during physical activities.

It was later discovered to have a tremendous impact on improving the activity of brain cells and helping to reverse Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

10) Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa

This is an oat straw extract that helps to improve brain function in older adults. It has no side effects.

It has been known to help improve moods and prevent inflammation.

11) Gingko Biloba

Ginkgo biloba

This herb improves blood flow to the brain which aids in memory recovery and increases thinking speed.

There have been concerns about certain supplements containing uncontrolled dosages of the herb but Memory Hack contains just the right amount needed.

12) Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine

This is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body that the brain needs for optimal functioning.

Due to aging and other lifestyle habits such as excessive drinking, its metabolism might be affected and the brain may not be getting enough.

This eventually leads to memory loss and reduced cognition skills.

With its inclusion in Memory Hack, people aged 30 to 60 are more likely to get over their dementia symptoms.

13) L-Tyrosine


This is also an amino acid that is crucial for the production of brain cells. It helps to improve awareness, concentration, and attention.

It also works as a mood regulator.

The combination of these 13 special ingredients is prepared in the right amounts to give the overall benefits.

Benefits of Memory Hack

1) The fast action

Some people who use Memory Hack begin to feel better in a few days.

This is a very good thing about the product because most times, orthodox medications take longer to start working.

Most persons suffering from different forms of dementia don’t really have much time.

Hence, the fast action of Memory Hack is a big plus for the product.

2) It’s all-natural

The product is made from non-synthetic ingredients.

You can be sure of what you are ingesting.

As outlined above, many of the ingredients in the product are from natural herbs and nutrients.

This means your brain would be getting the essential things it needs for improved performance.

3) The Nil side effects

Anyone who has used any medication for a set time will tell you how the side effects can be so bad or even worse than the condition itself.

This is not the case with Memory Hack.

It is well tolerated as none of its users has reported any upsetting side effects.

4) Contains the essential B-vitamins

Memory Hack contains vitamins B3, B6, and B12.

All of which are essential for excellent brain function. This also means you will not need to purchase another supplement to use in combination.

Customer Reviews / Testimonials:

The best way to know about a product you are planning to purchase is by checking what previous users have to say about it.

That way you know what to expect.

It is also comforting to see your problem through the eyes of another person going through a similar situation. It shows you’re not alone.

Here’s a review from a daughter who got Memory Hack for her mother:

Lisa B. Likens

I owe you the world. My mother had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for 8 years. She would just circle the house for hours forgetting where she lived.

She stopped being able to recognize us and we were certain she would never get better. We even tried every drug Big Pharma had to offer.

I had no idea there were completely natural solutions that were even more powerful.

Well, she’s been taking Memory Hack and it’s like there’s somebody behind the wheel again. She can put together sentences that she hasn’t in 8 years. She has life again. Thank you so much.

Some Highlights from this review:

Memory Hack was used by a woman who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for 8 years. This brings to the fore an important realization that this product does not only cater to early-onset cases.

They had already tried other medications that didn’t work.

So, Memory Hack shouldn’t be considered as only a last resort.

It would be beneficial to start it as soon as possible after you notice the first signs of brain function decline.

There is proof that the natural path of Memory Hack works and is even more powerful.

Memory Hack gives a chance at total recovery.

Her mother was able to start driving again and lead her normal life.

Memory hack CTA

Insider information

You might still be undecided and on the lookout for what to watch out for when choosing the best supplements for brain health. Here are some pointers for you:

1) Don’t be caught in the combo craze:

For a condition that is so disturbing, it is natural for you to assume that getting rid of it would take a lot of complex remedies.

Don’t be caught by the sales strategies to get you to buy a whole catalog of supplements.

The truth is that they might all be doing one and the same thing.

Easy does it. Just because the route is easy doesn’t mean it is not real.

2) Pay attention to the listed ingredients:

Make sure to read up on each ingredient listed on the label so as to know the ones best suited to your condition.

You may need a higher content of some ingredients above others.

Check to see the order in which the ingredients are listed. The ones first mentioned are of the highest amounts.

It would be great if they actually list the measurement of each of the ingredients on the label.

That way you will know what you would be getting and can tailor it to your specific needs.

3) Stay on it long enough:

Just because it worked for other people in 1-3 months doesn’t mean your own experience would follow the same pattern.

You should try to follow through for at least 3-6 months to be able to evaluate its full impact on your well-being.

Memory Hack Buying Advice

1) Bonus! Bonus!

If you have your mind made up to try this out, then you need to pay attention to these next bits of details.

Because the creators of Memory Hack recognize the importance of your diet to your ultimate wellbeing, they have an added bonus when you order a pack of their product.

You will get a free copy of a guide on 7 Foods You Should Never Eat to Prevent Memory Loss.

memory loss book

This way you will have a better chance of making a faster recovery while observing the best diet practices.

2) Ongoing Discount

If you make your order in a timely fashion, you might just catch the 80% discount on the product.

That’s a really big deal because you would be getting your order of Memory Hack for almost nothing.

This is an offer you should grab as managing brain-related conditions can be pretty expensive.

Knowing that the purchase of health supplements is not covered by most health insurances should propel you to act fast.

You would be making a good financial decision to buy when you can still get the discount.

3) Limited Free Shipping

Do you think it is starting to sound too good to be true?

Well, maybe Christmas has come quite early for you.

There is a free shipping offer for a limited time so you may want to order your product within that timeframe.

4) Money-Back Guarantee

Giving out a money-back guarantee takes the cake because it shows how confident they are that their product will help you.

Since no one really wants to lose money.

You will get a 6-month money-back guarantee if you are unpleased with the results you get from using Memory hack.

And, you will still get to keep the product and the bonus guide.


Memory Hack is a dietary supplement designed to help you recover from memory loss, brain fog, and other cognitive related conditions.

It is formulated with the best combination of natural ingredients that promotes the regeneration of brain cells.

After considering Memory Hack’s trusted and tried status based on scientific research and positive results from people after use, it is safe to recommend this supplement as a good buy for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some important details tend to fly over your head when you are taking in a lot of information.

So, here are direct answers to particular questions you might have about the product.

Frequently Asked Questions about Memory Hack (FAQs)

Is Memory Hack still in its trial stage

No, Memory Hack has been out in the market for a couple of years. More than 30,000 people have already used this product. So, you’re not going to be a guinea pig.

What side effects should I expect from Using Memory Hack?

None. You will not get any side effects because the product is made with entirely natural products. However, you should check the label for any allergens that you are sensitive to.

Is it safe to use my card on the company’s website?

Yes, it is completely safe to make a payment on the platform provided by the website.

The order page is secured by the encryption technology that protects you from online fraudulent activities.

Will I regain all my lost memories?

Everyone has a different pattern of recovery.

Some people have gone on to recollect every lost memory while others it may take some time or some memories might remain blocked out due to other psychological factors.

How long does Memory Hack take to work?

People begin seeing changes in their conditions as early as the first week of using Memory Hack.
However, your changes might come later than that.

You should expect a full recovery within six months.


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Memory hack CTA

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