MI40X Workout Program – Reviews, Testimonials, & Results

The MI40-Xtreme or MI40X in some cases; is a hypertrophy program for the top-tier bodybuilding guys.

If you are in the elite group, this program is yours.

It was the legendary bodybuilder professional, Ben Pakulski, who created it.

He has a more casual type of a program called M140, however still in the elite category, and both of these products adhere pretty much to the same principles.

They’ve got similar names, but they are different.

What MI40-Xtreme does, it effectively promotes muscle growth at the cellular level, doing this through what is known as cell expansion protocol or CEP.

Simply, this program is gaining the most muscle mass in the most efficient way and shortest time available.

Can I look like Ben Pakulski in a short space of time?

Check this guy out >> Ben Pakulski.

He is massive! If you like what you see then that is exactly what you can achieve in this program.

It should tell you a lot that he knows exactly what he is talking about as far as bodybuilding goes.

Because of his expertise, MuscleMag, Inside Fitness, and Flex, top fitness magazines, have all featured his creations, just to crown his credibility.

Of course, his credentials don’t just end there.

He is also the IFBB Pro.

That’s the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

The life of Ben Pakulski

Ben said when he was growing up he was very athletic, playing any sport he could.


By the time he was 15, with testosterone flowing, and being the high-level athlete he was, he says he found himself with a couple of his mates in the weight room, lifting weights.

He soon saw that he was faster than a lot of the other guys around and he said he loved the way it made him feel – soon he was hooked on the sport.

Over time, he got faster and he noticed improved athletic performance and confidence in his game.

He saw pictures of huge guys in FLEX magazine and this really piqued his own curiosity, even though he had always fancied himself as having the kind of body featured in Men’s Health.

Already after one year, he had achieved the look he liked in Men’s Health. 

However, he said after he had achieved that, he was still not content; he wanted even more muscles.

He then joined up with a really “hardcore” gym near him and discovered that finally, he had found his true passion!

Two brothers sent him down the career path of where he is today

There were two brothers at this hardcore gym that were huge and strong and almost the same age as Ben.

He noted that they were lifting very heavy stuff, and squatting as well; also dead-lifting.

So Ben started copying them, and after a year he had put on a lot of muscle weight.

But still, he wasn’t close to looking anything like the two brothers!

After another year of training and copying them, he actually got to train with them – it was the two brothers who finally set him on the career of his passion

He had a huge love for training and a desire to work harder at it and improve every day.

His dad was influential in signing him up with bodybuilding coach, Scott Abel

Ben invited his dad to watch him at the gym one day.

His dad was so impressed he took Ben one weekend to sign up with a guy that was known as Canada’s bodybuilding coach at that time. 

His name was Scott Abel.

Ben was with Scott for 4 years and in that time he went from being 167-lb with small abs and little muscle to a 250-lb guy of 20 years old, with abs!

Scott taught Ben always to be diligent with his training and logbooks, and never to miss any meals.

There was one very influential guy in Ben’s life.

He was the never-defeated IFBB Pro, Tom Hall.

Tom taught Ben about the correct biomechanical ways to do every exercise.

He showed Ben how to eat as a bodybuilder should and why.

It was Tom Hall who got Ben his first Muscletech contract at the age of 18.

It was a sad day though for Ben when Tom passed away because Tom never got to see Ben compete in his first show due to other commitments and then it was only 3 weeks after that he passed away.

Although Ben’s second show a couple of weeks later was hard for him Ben said every show from there on was done in honor of the great Tom Hall.

Why it’s the best thing in fitness - MI40-Xtreme can do for you what it did for Ben

1) The Most Sought-After

MI40-Xtreme is a bodybuilding program for anybody who wants to reach the peaks in bodybuilding.

The M140-Extreme has proven to be highly successful, fortifying the underlying foundations built, and taking bodybuilders to the next level.

2) Lots of Successful Graduates

The methodologies and concepts in the manual have produced very successful graduates who have gone on to compete at world-class bodybuilding competitions, and many have won.

What Ben’s program aims to do is to make winners.

Being one of the best bodybuilding and muscle hypertrophy programs around, no one can deny it can’t do that.

It’s plain to see it comes from a master, in this case, Ben. 

Ben is a world-class professional bodybuilder, dedicating his life to the art and science of professional bodybuilding. 

Already, he has a long line of very successful graduates who have followed him and his program. 

Truly, you will be hard-pressed to find a program and a trainer that operates on the same level.

3) Easy to Follow

OK, so the MI40 can get a bit technical but you have to realize that there are some very precise and high levels disciplines that are backed by scientific studies, so it’s unavoidable really...

....but Ben did try and lighten up on the scientific jargon as much as he could.

Fortunately, you don’t need a Ph.D. to understand the program!

The MI40X program is going to decrease fat mass and increase lean body mass, giving you plenty of power and strength compared to some of the more traditional training protocols.

Do you feel that your training has plateaued?

If you feel your training has got a bit stale and you want to up your game, you will love the MI40X because you are going to build solid lean muscle and maintain a strongly physique.

All the training variables will be included in the program.

There are three levels consisting of 36 workouts over six 7-week phases.

In it, Ben will reveal all the cutting edge techniques to build muscle mass faster and all it will take is just 4 minutes of exercise instead of hours and hours in the gym...

...and neither does his program consist of any harmful pills and supplements.

Let’s look at the key features of Ben’s MI40X CEP Training Program...

The design plan of the program comes in multimedia format. It ranges from PDF manuals to video libraries.

Each one revolves on a one-hour work session, making use of up to eight different techniques.  

When you buy the program, you are redirected to a member’s page with a welcome video from Ben.

It’s called The Rapid Start Action Plan.

Don’t skip it; it’s a 5-minute video to set you up properly for the training waiting for you

The right training and following of the program correct will avoid poor results and injury – giving you the best out of the program.

The full program is like this:

  • The CEP Training Blueprint
  • CEP Rapid Start Action Plan – Get started in 5 minutes
  • CEP Practical Application Guide – Converting theory into practice
  • Supplement Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Printable Workout Sheets
  • FAQ Guide
  • 7 Day Detox Diet
  • 7 Day Primer Phase – Perfecting your form
  • The Exercise Execution Guide
  • CEP Instruction and Workout Videos

1) There are PDF Manuals

This is the CEP Training Blueprint – it’s the muscle bible of the program and the core of the workout methods.

Here you will discover what not to do – like all the wrong training methods that will prevent muscle gain and actually promote storage of fat.

The training layout is flexible enough to suit beginners, intermediate, or advanced bodybuilders.

You will discover the -

  • High Volume Phase
  • Hypertrophy Phase
  • Strength Phase
  • Deloading Phase
  • Over Reaching Phase
  • Hyper Recovery phase
  • The 7 Day Primer Phase

2) There is a 7 Day Detox Guide

This guide goes together with the Primer Phase.

It is recommended by Ben to help your body to rid itself of all the toxins you have been eating before.

It prepares your body to absorb nutrients that it will need when you are under the high-stress CEP training.

It can last up to 3 weeks, but even just one week of detoxing is sufficient before you start.

2) CEP Practical Application Guide

This is a complimentary add-on to the Training Blueprint.

It’s got extra tips and easy to understand language to implement all the training.

3) The Exercise Execution Guide

This details every part of your body and the necessary exercises you will need for your workouts.

4) Workout Sheets

You are given printable sets of workout sheets for beginners, intermediate bodybuilders, and advanced bodybuilders, to keep track of your regimen while you are at the gym, so you can record your progress.

5) The Nutrition Guide

This part of the program is simple and down to earth. 

Each one has to realize that the huge impact of the CEP protocol on fat-burning goes hand in hand with nutrition.

6) Supplement Guide 

Many supplements you take are known to be just flushed down the toilet.

But Ben Pakulski knew this and he selectively chose only the ones that he knew would benefit your workouts.

7) The Video Libraries

There are two different video libraries:

a) The CEP Training Video Library:

This is a collection of all the CEP based exercises for each muscle for all levels – all demonstrated by Ben Pakulski himself.  

These are high-quality videos for all levels of fitness, so you can choose whichever muscle group you want to work on.

b) The MI40X Total Training Video Library:

This library differs from the above one in that it has ALL the exercises you need for your workouts – it’s not just the CEP exercises.  

It is because this technique can only be applied to specific exercises that are demonstrated in the first Training Video library – not all of them.

In the second library, you get all the other remaining exercises to complete your workouts.

You will see that Ben advises you not to apply CEP techniques for the wrong exercises as it might not give you the results you want.

What does CEP mean?

Ben’s creation along with Dr. Jacob Wilson [2] is essentially a muscle-building program following the CEP (Cell Expansion Protocol) and training principle to build muscle mass. 

The whole concept behind it is to help a person increase the size of their cells so that they can increase the strength and size of their body muscles.

CEP helps in the easy, quick building of muscles.

Ben’s program is a comprehensive guide to eating the right supplements and doing the right exercises. 

And all it takes is just four minutes.

Many people spend hours in the gym trying to work on gaining muscle strength but they find it has not met their expectations.

But there is a simple reason for this.

If you want to make the most out of your workout regimen, you have to have the proper knowledge about how to go about it the right way.

But the CEP in the program shows you exactly how to double your muscle gain and to rebuild and remodel the weaker body parts.

The MI40X concentrates on the cells found inside your muscle fibers and expands them.

Some of the usual workout programs that you have been used to, you might have hurt your muscles.


But now your body is stimulated to make you go into a hyper-recovery mode, and as we mentioned above, it only takes just four minutes to trigger this response.

Your body will keep on expanding, and you will notice your body getting ripped and the envy of many.

Your body makes satellite cells when your muscles are stimulated using CEP.

These help to repair damage in your muscles.

And because CEP produces a lot of satellite cells, your body recovers faster as your muscles grow faster.

The Benefits of the MI40X

  • It will save you time because the CEP principle takes you only 4 minutes to implement at the end of the set – stressing the muscles to the limit in the shortest time.
  • It is highly effective to build your muscles fast [1], going hand in hand with time saving of the CEP techniques
  • There is no need for cutting and bulking:  With the high-stress protocol, your muscles grow but at the same time your fat storage is being used as fuel.  You will see yourself getting ripped and big which means no need to cutting and bulking.
  • Everybody can participate in the MI40X: Even though the full technique is for the advanced, the program also offers beginners and intermediates variations. These are described and demonstrated in the videos by Ben himself.
  • It has plenty of scientific studies behind it, this MI40X, and it is backed by the expert himself, Ben Pakulski. It is safe too, as long as you adhere strictly to the blueprint and follow the Primer Phase which is very important – that is not to be skipped.

The Pros and cons of MI40 Extreme


  • MI40 Extreme is an elite level program for professional bodybuilders. It makes no difference whether you are male or female, young or old, if you are obsessed with training your body to the highest levels, you will adore this program. This is for those who want to take their body to the top echelons of bodybuilding beauty. You will achieve that with this program.
  • It is possible that this is the best muscle hypertrophy program and bodybuilding programs on the market
  • You won’t have anybody better showing you the ropes, because this program is authored by a trusted, accomplished, legendary professional bodybuilder, Ben.
  •  The program helps you achieve top muscles in the shortest amount of time.
  • The manual covers the three top principles of fitness – that of training, nutrition, and mental aspects – easy to follow, with easy referencing and reviewing.
  • The program is built on the strong foundations of Sports Medicine, Physiology-Endocrinology, and Metabolism, as well as Applied Physiology plus some other minor scientific disciplines.
  • You don’t have to wonder about anything - Customer service response returns your inquiries within 24 hours with polite, accommodating staff.


  • This is not for the fainthearted, it’s meant for those whose aim is to reach the top in bodybuilding.
  • This program requires extreme caution as it is a high-level bodybuilding program. You should have a spotter with you in this program to guard again you getting injured.
  • In comparison to other training and fitness programs, this one is quite expensive.
  • The program can get pretty technical at times as an in-depth program
  • It is not for you if you intend to customize the program on how you want it to be. It has to be followed implicitly.

Should I try MI40x?

You should certainly try it if you want to spend less time in the gym and still get more cells that repair your body.

You will recover faster too, and your cells will expand in volume and size, achieving the muscles you’ve always wanted.

And you don’t have to starve while you are doing the program either.

You can even have pizza if you want because it will end up as fuel.

But naturally, it will be better if you eat less than you should because then your body will rather start using your body fat for its fuel.

That will start speeding up the whole process.

For those that are in hurry for results, the MI40X is a speedy program without the quality being compromised.

You will get the results – if you follow the program – to achieve gold status, you have to work as though you are going for gold.

What You Will Gain from MI40X

  • Your muscles, your weight, and your appearance will all be different. Your waist will be narrower with a bigger chest – and you will feel energized.
  • You will no longer feel sluggish. If you are an older person, you will feel more youthful and invigorated.
  • You will get an athletic body without the need to sacrifice your overall health, no longer spending hours at the gym due to wrong training methods.
  • The program is not only just about lifting weights and eating right. It’s about how you lift the weights, how long you lift them for, and what you eat after lifting them.
  • The CEP training in the MI40X program is simply to make your cell fibers expand. This is done by the use of advanced exercises that last just four minutes, designed to stimulate the body cell regeneration system.

It’s the goal of many celebrities and many ordinary people as well to get a ripped body...

...everybody admires a beautiful toned and healthy-looking body, there’s no doubt about that.

Physical attractiveness is a huge asset and there are certain career paths that are only open to these kinds of people.

And to get that look, many people are prepared to spend hours in the gym and train.


But thing is, a lot of the gym-goers do spend lots of time in the gym but they are not familiar with the specific program that actually works to get the ripped look...

...in the end, they spend months and even years and still do not get the body of their dreams.

At least the MI40X CEP training program can help them achieve those goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about MI40-Xtreme (FAQs)

Can I use my home gym for the MI40?

Yes, you can use the program with your home gym or your outside gym. But remember, there will be some exercises that you will find easier to do at the outside gym.

To whom does Ben recommend the MI40-XTREME program?

It’s the perfect program for anyone who wants to save time in the gym. It’s ideal for those who want to improve their appearance and look ripped.

It has been strategically designed to get lean and big in much less time than hours in the gym.

I’m not a young buck anymore – is MI40X suitable for me?

Age is just a number. There are guys in their 60s who are in better shape than a lot of 25-year olds.

The trick here is to maximize your efficiency in the gym, spending more time recovering from intense and short workouts. Brief and intense workouts don’t produce as much inflammation.

What age is “too young” for the MI40X?

It is never morally recommended that anyone under 15-years old should engage in an intense workout regime.

At what age you are mentally able to handle learning new training techniques and concepts without an ego would be the right age. It could be 16 for some and 45 for others.

Is MI40X for females too?

Yes, some females have had incredible results.

Balancing the hormones is probably more important for women who want to build muscle and get lean, and the techniques in MI40X allow women to optimize hormone levels through proper training and nutrition.

What Makes MI40x a better bodybuilding program than others?

The MI40X is better because it helps you to gain muscle, enabling you to spend less time in the gym. The program is actually designed to help you spend more time eating the right food than being in the gym.

It helps you to gain muscles instead of fats when you eat more.

It also helps you to shed fats in the process as your muscles got into hyperactive regeneration mode.

How do I get hold of this program and how much does it cost?

Get them on his website - or here. And if you have any questions before you buy, just drop them a line at support@mi40.zendesk.com


To sum up, the MI40 is a very effective muscle builder and fat burner.

A huge benefit is that it saves so much time with its short workouts with ultimate benefits.

Its safety is also assured by the credible scientific study that backs the program.

You will achieve your goals if you follow the program closely and if you should fail to achieve your fitness goals within 60 days, you get your money back.

All your hard work certainly will bring you the body of your dream – you will be ripped to perfection....

....just be prepared to be ogled at by all! It does require training, sure, it does require a proper diet, and also the discipline to start and finish.

No muscle group is the same and the results will be askew if you use the same techniques for one muscle for all the muscle groups.

Follow Ben’s instruction and the end result will be a pump that lasts forever and much more importantly, you will see an increase in cell size, and therefore an increase in mass.

If you want to build muscle, burn fat, become lean and mean and improve your appearance and confidence drastically...

....well, get into the habit of regularly exercising, gaining experience of how to lift – all from a seasoned, expert veteran - then the MI40X is exactly what you need!


[1] https://primehealthsolutions.org/science-of-building-muscle

[2] https://www.bodybuilding.com/author/jacob-wilson-phd-cscs

David Kessler, MD

David is a certified personal trainer, a licensed clinical pharmacist, and a practicing rheumatologist and immunologist for 7 years.



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