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Did MindBody Matrix Work for Me? – An Honest Review

How would anyone like a life impacted by pain at all times, with any level of activity, or inactivity for that matter?

That was what my existence had boiled down to after I was diagnosed with arthritis.

A painful condition at best and excruciating at worst, I had come to the stage I had to think twice before reaching out for my specs or trying to lift my grandkid, tasks that are part of our daily lives.

I already had a bad liver that ruled out taking NSAIDs for pain relief.

The only solution for me would be an approach that would be devoid of adverse side effects but still provide me relief.

I decided to try some new-fangled therapy that was claiming to help remarkably with pain.

I am talking of MindBody Matrix cream.

It worked for me, and how!!

Stay with me as I document my journey of pain relief with this…

Introducing MindBody Matrix

Mindbody matrix review

What is MindBody Matrix?

MindBody Matrix is a breakthrough pain relief technology that has been formulated on technology created by NASA to provide arthritis pain relief.

The formula is completely safe and free of medications or any side effects.

It uses the Red-Light Bioenergetic Imprinting technology that was first used by scientists and researchers at NASA.

It is a method that provides instant relief to users suffering from debilitating arthritis pain.

Who created Mind Body Matrix?

MindBody Matrix has been created by a Doctorate in Pharmacy, Dr. T. K. Huynh.

With an impressive record of pharmacology behind him, from world-renowned schools of pharmacy at Massachusetts, he was driven by a deep desire to help people through pharmacy.

He paired with a manufacturing unit based in California to create this revolutionary pain relief cream for arthritis-stricken people the world over.

Why was MindBody Matrix created?

MindBody Matrix cream was created by Dr. Huynh, a highly accomplished and trained pharmacist by profession.

He decided to use the revolutionary bioenergetic imprinting method to provide pain relief for people when he realized the medicine industry was more driven by business than actually wishing to help people.

What are the ingredients in Mind Body Matrix?

  • BoswelliaA known painkiller; it is very effective in arthritic pain relief. It might possibly prevent cartilage loss too.
  • ArnicaIt is widely used to ease pains and aches very effectively.
  • Tea TreeContains the anti-inflammatory Terpinin-4-ol and is widely used as a massage oil for pains.
  • PeppermintIt is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic that contains menthol. It soothes aches and pains.
  • Aloe VeraMultiple uses of this plant are well known. It is an analgesic with a calming effect. It enhances blood circulation.
  • Calendula OilRenowned for its wound healing properties, it is included in the formula to soothe skin problems and calming effect.
  • ChamomileAnti-inflammatory properties of this herb are due to the many flavonoids present in it. They help to soothe sore muscles as well as provide relaxation.
  • LavenderIt is a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory that is very effective in relieving pain.
  • Lemon BalmEugenol found in this provides effective pain relief. It soothes cramps and spasms.
  • GABAEnhances relaxation and provides stress relief.
  • L-TheanineThis amino acid in green tea helps balance hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and cortisol. This provides restfulness and stress freedom.
  • Red Light ExposureThe USP of MindBody Matrix is the packaged bottle being in a red light chamber for 30 minutes. This helps infuse it with the pain-relieving properties of red light.

How does Red Light help?

  1. Increased energy level.
  2. Remarkable pain relief.
  3. Boosts lymphatic system.
  4. Increases blood circulation.
  5. Helps with DNA and RNA synthesis.
  6. Rejuvenates connective tissues.
  7. Cleans up dead cells effectively.
  8. Negates free radicals.

How does MindBody Matrix work?

MindBody Matrix uses LLLT (Low-level light therapy) to deal with pain relief.

It is FDA approved for use.

The intensity of light is really low and there is no heat produced.

However, the light rays do penetrate sub-dermally up to 8 mm where they produce energy to help kickstart many metabolic processes.

With the internal processes being triggered up to a state of activity, the body feels energized in a healthy manner.

The light energy is just enough to hit the capillary levels within the recipient and get the action going.

Having said that, it is not possible for a normal person to either procure a red-light machine or to afford time and expense to go and get infusions on a regular basis.

With health experts from various fields as well as corroborating studies on red light effects from globally esteemed colleges speaking in favor of this therapy, the makers of MindBody Matrix very cleverly made their product to incorporate this.

They not only included completely natural ingredients but also made sure to keep the finally packaged bottles in red light for 30 minutes in order to infuse them fully with the same.

This would provide users with an easy way to imbibe the good effects of red light into their pain relief regimen without the logistical drawbacks.

Who should not use Mind Body Matrix?

  • Anyone with allergies to ingredients.
  • Those on some previous medication.

What are the cons of MindBody Matrix?

  • It is only purchasable online.
  • It takes time to manufacture under red light technology, resulting in possible delays in supply.
  • It needs to be taken regularly for best effect.


Sharon Jones

“I got a lot of benefit from this product. I have used other painkiller creams in the past but none worked as fast as this one. It felt cool going on and has a nice fragrance. My pain quickly went away and I soon forgot all about it. It’s a great product.”

“Had my father-in-law Dave use the cream. As a farmer by trade, he sits long hours in a tractor or combine. It has resulted in chronic back pain. He used the cream one time and had instant relief!”


“I love the smell of this cream. It’s very lightweight which is very nice because I don’t like thick creams or lotions. This cream is very moisturizing and soothing. I can definitely say that my pain has decreased due to this product.”

As can be seen from the above reviews featured on the website itself, as well as an overwhelmingly positive response at other places, MindBody Matrix truly works.

I was one of the skeptics who was stunned by the impact and that helped me completely turned around.

Embrace this wonderful technology and get a life free of constant pain as well as to get relief from the side effects of taking pain medications on a regular basis.

What are the pros of MindBody Matrix?

  • It is completely safe and free of chemicals.
  • It uses revolutionary technology first utilized by NASA.
  • It comes with a 6-month unconditional money-back guarantee.
  • It is in the form of easy-to-use cream.
  • It provides relief within a remarkably short time.
  • It helps to keep the mind relaxed.
  • It comes with economic bulk purchase offers.

Skeptical at first, it was the newness of red-light incorporation that hooked me to this therapy.

The immediate relief I experienced has been nothing short of sensational.

Mindbody matrix CTA

Insider Information

There are bonus videos on reducing inflammation and perform stretches to relieve joint pain that is available on the website.

Even as I speak, these videos are being offered free to users.

Grab your offer now!

Buying Advice

This product should only be bought directly from the website.

Not only will this guarantee genuine products but also properly red light-infused bottles for the best effect.

There are bonus offers on the website to avail of, all the more reason to buy directly.

The company ships worldwide but the delivery timing depends upon the location and local conditions.

My Verdict on Mind Body Matrix

I have had a gamut of experiences seeking arthritic pain relief and I have to say Mind Body Matrix scores very high with me.

The fact that it is safe and tested while providing almost instant pain relief appealed to me.

Why suffer unnecessarily from pain or the side effects of conventional pain medications when such a revolutionary 100% natural alternative is there!

I urge you all to try it out once and experience mind and body relief.

Frequently Asked Questions about MindBody Matrix (FAQs)

How safe is Mind Body Matrix?

 This is a completely safe natural product designed to provide relief from aches and pains related to arthritis as well as calm the mind.

What are the shipping costs? 

MindBody Matrix is shipped free worldwide on standard options. For express orders, charges apply.

Does red light exposure really work?

 It is an established fact that red light helps immensely with pain management. This was the technology incorporated into the making of MindBody Matrix. Near impossible to do this at home or otherwise, incorporation into a cream base makes it that much easier.

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Jane Summerfield

Jane is a wellness specialist with a degree in community health. She has been a health educator for over 13 years.



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