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Phalogenics Review – Best Jelqing Techniques & Traction Exercises

by David Kessler, M.D, CPT

Welcome to my comprehensive Phalogenics review…

All guys and women want to believe that when it comes to the opposite sex – that they are sexy; they have it all and more.

They want to know that they matter a great deal to their other half.

But sometimes things happen in life when someone or something puts you on the spot; when you feel less than adequate.

Suddenly, your self-esteem plummets faster than you have time to try and regain your composure.

Just someone giving you that look that you are not enough can do horrible things to your self-esteem, putting you into an unwanted place of self-doubt, embarrassment, and humiliation, that for some, it can take years to “bounce” back again.

  • If you are a guy, did your girlfriend, spouse, or lover ever tell you boldly that your manhood was not sufficient – maybe they even laughed at it?!
  • Or maybe you yourself just always felt you didn’t have what it took to meet the expectations of your lovers – like something was missing?
  • You’ve searched all over for information on how to grow your organ secretly so you can WOW your partners, but it hasn’t happened?

Maybe that’s because you have just decided never to have another relationship again.

But hang in there, there may be a solution, and we bet you never even heard of what Phalogenics can do for you.

Or maybe you’ve heard but wanted to confirm it truly works.

My Phalogenics review will help you make your decision a lot faster and easier.

Phalogenics Review – All You Need to Know


What is Phalogenics?

Phalogenics is a program that you can purchase on the Phalogenics official website, and in it, it will describe to you amazing and very advanced techniques that will help you to grow your penis in the privacy of your home.

This isn’t some ‘fake’ cream or pills or devices.

No, this is a program developed by researchers and scientists intensely over some period of time.

These are exercises that enable penis growth – you will notice how your penile chambers expand.

Who created Phalogenics?

A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into the design of the Phalogenics system.

This scientifically researched program is backed by the overseer, world-renowned Dr. Jonathan Harris – he is a pioneer in penile traction.

And in the modern market of today, with all the heaps of products that promise amazing results and success, it is not easy to figure out which one is the real deal.

Some of the stuff is super expensive and you discover too, that it, for all that money, is ineffective.

But once you are introduced to the Phalogenics penis enlargement program, you will realize that that is where your attention should have been.

It’s backed by science and a reputable company is a manufacturer.

Its goal is to improve your sex life using penile micro-trauma therapy and no risk of physical discomfort.

But first – “What is a normal size for a penis?”

Well, the average penis can measure anywhere between 3 inches to 5 inches – that is when it is not erect.

It made of smooth muscles and when it is erect it can measure between 5 and 7 inches; that’s according to the Mayo Clinic.

Other research from a journal, BJU International, done on over 20,000 men, shows what could be your answer [1].

Scientists actually measured the length and circumference of the flaccid penis of these men.

They also measured the length and circumference of their erect penises.

This is what the survey revealed: (approximate)

  • Flaccid penis length = 3.58 inches
  • Flaccid penis circumference = 3.66 inches
  • Erect penis length = 5.16 inches
  • Erect penis circumference = 4.59 inches

A guy who is considered to have a “micro-penis” is when the penis measures less than 3-inches when erect, according to the Mayo Clinic.

But still, there can be other scenarios where your penis might get smaller or seem smaller and we are going to give you these reasons here:

1) Maybe you have erectile dysfunction

Maybe you have battled to obtain a rigid erection for some period of time now.

It could be that you have atrophy of the penile tissue as well as the loss of size and length over time.

It is probably due to the fact that your penis does not get engorged.

It is normal for men to get erections a few times in the night even if they are not engaging in actual sexual intimacy.

Even when not sleeping, the oxygenation and stretching of the penile tissues keep the penis supple and healthy.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction can improve the overall health of the penis.

2) Maybe you have Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease

This disease was named after a French surgeon from the 1600s.

It is scar tissue that forms in the inner lining of the penis.

This is a result of the penis being injured during intercourse.

Remember that vigorous thrusting can cause quite a bit of strain and torque on the penis.

Look at this position; they say this is the most dangerous sexual position to be in.

When scar tissue forms, it’s not going to be stretchy or elastic like the rest of your penis – it can actually become curved when the enlarged penis is erect.

That’s a typical sign of Peyronie’s disease.

Men might often say their penis seems to have become shorter, and it actually could have.

This is because the scar tissue doesn’t allow the penis to assume normal dimensions – the scar tissue kind of shrinks the penis because it can’t stretch.

3) Maybe you’ve had a prostatectomy

This is another example where men notice a loss in penile length.

A prostatectomy is the surgical removal of the prostate gland to treat prostate cancer and the penis can look shorter.

This is the physical effect of the surgery even though the surgery is highly effective in combating cancer.

Some guys will even try anything to enlarge their penises

1) Penis-enlarging products like lotion, potions, and pills

You won’t find anything topical that you can put on your penis and hope it grows longer. Much the same can be said for pills – there are many claims that it’s a waste of money.

Many of the products are marketed as all-natural, filled with herbs and vitamins – there will be some that have hormones in.

But to date, there are no real controlled studies to show that they offer any benefits.

2) Then there is jelqing

Jelqing is a stretching exercise.

Men use their thumb and finger and kind of “milk” their penis from the base to the head.

By pulling, manipulating, and stretching the tissue, the penis is elongated over time.

But again, there is no evidence that this does actually happen.

There have been guys who were so aggressive with jelqing that they developed Peyronie’s disease (see above).

This caused scar tissue and also the curvature of the penis.

Lots of young guys who have no medical issues try out jelqing.

2) Penis pump, penile extenders, and other things

Penis pumps and penis extenders are popular today, particularly penis pumps.

They are devices that fit over the penis and pull blood in, giving the penis a stiff erection.

Some guys even say they give the penis extra length over the long term.

Even though it can take time to get permanent changes, over time, it is possible to effectively increase your size by around 0.5 inches.

Penis enlargement pills usually consist of herbal ingredients that will help to increase the blood flow and circulation to the penis region.

The increased blood flow enlarges the penis making it expand and become fuller.

And of course, the exercise program, which Phalogenics is all about, including both the Jelq and the Kegel exercises which are considered to naturally enlarge the penis and strengthen the muscles to maintain erections.

There are natural ways to help with making your penis look larger

1) Losing weight is recommended

Men who are fat and carry a lot of bodyweights might notice quite a bit of fat in their pubic area; covering their penises.

So no, it’s not that your penis is shrinking; it’s that the fat has got more and can cover quite a bit of your plunger.

If you tell a guy to lose weight and his heart or diabetes health will improve, he might only think about losing weight.

But if you tell him his penis will probably look larger, he usually will jump onto the bandwagon!

If an obese guy were to lose say 30-35 pounds, he could show off about an inch more of his penis.

2) Trim your pubic hair

Yes, your penis can actually appear larger if you trim your pubic hair.

We are back to Phalogenics – and what you can expect

Did you know that the word Phalogenics comes from the Latin word, meaning ‘penis’ and ‘genics’ combined?

On this program, it is claimed that you can grow your penis by up to about 4 inches!


So like we said above, it’s a program that is packaged on a DVD.

It will describe to you what Phalogenics exercises you should do each and every day to get the best results in the timeframe as promised.

What do you get with the Phalogenics program?

1) A Phalogenics PDF

It’s a PDF version of the full program.

You can download the PDF version and read it on your mobile device.

2) A Phalogenics video giving you the exercise guide

You will get a visual representation of the methods to use in the system.

They are called penile traction exercises’ which Phalogenics endorses.

You will get the best jelqing and penis-stretching exercises in this video to accelerate the growth of your penis and to keep it functioning well. It will also help you achieve stronger and fuller erections.

These exercises can also help correct a curved penis.

3) A Quick-Start guide

Phalogenics_quick start

This guide gives you written information for you to go through; like a manual that discusses all the necessary parts of the penile system and all the procedures in length.

Using Phalogenics

 All guys need to remember that this isn’t a physical product they are buying.

Yes, we are aware of penis pumps, and penis enlargement natural pills, as well as penis extender and those things – but not all of them are for real and some can actually be harmful to your health, let alone painful.

1) All it takes is 12 weeks

Phalogenics, you will discover, is a 12-week program.

The program is designed to help you increase the length and girth, and size of the penis in a good and concise way.

And it wasn’t just thought out by some sex-toy manufacturers.

This program has been devised by medical staff who understand how the human body works.

But it’s not meant to replaced professional medical advice.

It aims at teaching users how they can naturally enlarge their penises with highly advanced techniques.

All these techniques are backed by science – it’s a legitimate product.

It’s a complete natural penile enlargement solution.

2) Follow this penis enlargement program religiously

For your first few weeks, the program starts out quite mildly.

A guy needs to always remember that the penis is actually a sensitive organ.

If he performs rigorous exercises on himself, it can turn out to be pretty painful.

Follow the instructions carefully and use the proper methods and forms and then you can gain about 1-2 inches in length in your first 8 weeks!

These are critical weeks actually, as it is during this time that you are reconditioning and restructuring your body.

Then the final 4 weeks of exercise is your last push to gain even more length.

Guys ask if it’s a difficult program – no, it isn’t

No, because it is like doing stretching exercises every day. It is safe to say that for most men, the program is really easy and pretty straightforward.

All it amounts to is instructions, exercise, and then the results.

It all starts with light stretching, which will force the cells to divide; encouraging new cells to grow to normal size.

Because of this, the penis gets larger.

This whole concept hasn’t quite caught on yet, because many people think it is a phenomenon that has been known for decades.

1) Every day there will be a schedule for you to use

You won’t find it much different from normal body exercise plans. It all works in much the same way as your get-fit plans – and of course, there will be rest days in-between to allow the muscles to recuperate, rest, and expand.

2) How often will you need to exercise your penis? 

This is a safe program.

It doesn’t allow you to exert yourself.

You might even feel changes happening as you start off with the exercises, but there won’t be pain or discomfort.

You need to follow the resting days as well that are included in this program to get the most out of it.

Is Phalogenics really safe?

Phalogenics is a unique system – you won’t find another like it in the world.

All it is; are simple exercises you can use to stretch the penile tissues to strengthen them. Just follow the procedures in the guide.

If you follow the program correctly and keep at it, in the end, you are going to see the fantastic advantages.

What are these?

1) Increased penis size

By using the program correctly, you are assured that your penis size will grow between 2-4 inches.

That will be religiously following the system every day.

2) Powerful harder erections

Blood gets directed to the penis as you exercise it.

This blood does the job of strengthening the penis and getting it powerful enough to do a good job with the woman of your dreams.

It helps you work on your erectile dysfunction issues.

3) Lasting power

The more strength you allow the exercises to strengthen your penis, the longer will be the erections.

The big question is – Is Phalogenics worth the money?

Yes, Phalogenics is definitely worth the money!

You see, a large penis on a man, whether it dates back thousands of years or more so today, is a major and prized possession of a man.

And penis enlargement products and whatnot today around penises is a multi-million dollar business today.

Men will go to great lengths to get the desired penis size and shape today.

Marketers today are pushing forward their products promising big results – many are obscured by hearsay and myths.

Fortunately, the Phalogenics method is something different – it is real exercises that bring real results.

And that’s is why I’m writing this Phalogenics review because it works.

The Pros and Cons of the Phalogenics program


  • The Phalogenics program works.
  • There are no other parts to assemble – it’s just a DVD to play and to exercise your penis the way they show you.
  • Because the exercises are low-impact and effective, as well as being scientifically researched, doctors approve Phalogenics for most guys. The exercises help improve blood circulation to your genitals to make your penis thicker.
  • Because there are no tools with different sizes, etc. this program is suitable for men of all sizes and shapes.
  • Increased semen production.
  • When you use the Phalogenics traction method, you can expect to add anything from two to over three inches in penile growth. It will also allow the penile cells to expand.
  • This Phalogenics program is becoming known as a better than surgery method of enlarging the penis and improving overall sexual health.

Phalogenics CTA


  • It’s something you have to work at, so that means plenty of time and commitment – most guys want something that is working for them while they are working or exercising.
  • You need a DVD player or a computer that has the internet or a smartphone, otherwise, this program won’t work for you.
  • The Phalogenics penile enhancement program will require a guy to spend at least 20-30-minute a session which isn’t guaranteed. Even then, it might take months before you see results.

Thing is, most penis enhancement products don’t claim to have any guarantees and the Phalogenics doesn’t either, so that means your results might vary.

Penis exercises are no new concept

To be honest, Phalogenics is not some brand new concept.

Penis enlargement exercises have been around for a long, long time.

You might not have heard of the Paduang tribe before.

The women of the tribe take weights and hang them from their ear lobes to lengthen them. And they put coils around their necks to lengthen them.

They consider this the right standard for accepted beauty.

And penis enlargement is no exception.

Repeated exercises focused on the penis will make the penis tissue cells start multiplying – where you will start to notice an increase in the penis girth and length impressively.

Jelqing, mentioned above, is also a penis enlargement exercise.

It is meant to enlarge the penis by the use of milking-type movements to increase the blood flow from the penis to the area known as the corpora cavernosa.

Phalogenics Reviews

You can browse the official Phalogenics website and read through opinions and testimonials from forum posts.

You will realize just how many hundreds of satisfied customers have successfully enlarged their penises.

See what one MD, Charles Williams says:

“For men who are having issues with confidence either personally or in the bedroom, Phalogenics is an incredibly safe and effective option.

With their comprehensive and thorough workout plan, you will definitely see results.

Men I have talked to have reported significant improvements in their mood, appearance, and sexual performance – which increases their confidence significantly.

You’ll be pleased with the results!”

Another guy says:

“I was super skeptical and delayed trying something like this for years.

Now that I’m month 4 into the program I am leaving this 5-star review so other guys like me don’t waste time “thinking” about it.”

You get a refund policy too if not satisfied

The program comes as a 60-day program package.

If you are disappointed with what you see and get, you are able to get a refund within 60 days of using it.

You will have to delete all the information the company sent to you though, in order to get a refund.

In one Phalogenics review I read, the reviewer said he got his refund within 4 business days of requesting it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Phalogenics (FAQs)

Do you get used to doing these exercises?

You will face some discomfort as you gradually adjust to doing the exercises, but there is no pain. The program claims that it can help increase semen production.

How long do the Phalogenics exercises take to work?

The exercises in themselves are not time-consuming.

The authors of the program say you should see results if you are prepared to put in around 20-30 minutes of exercise per day. You can do these exercises in the morning after you wake up or before you go to sleep at night.

What matters is that you do the exercises. What’s important is that you use the proper form and follow the instructions as carefully as you can.

Remember this program is not meant to cure erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation but it can help with climax control.

In due time, they'll be increased penile girth and length.


There are no two ways about it; when a guy “discovers” or gets told that he has a small penis, maybe even laughed at, it can literally destroy his confidence.

Immediately a guy figures he has been deprived, ‘cheated’ out of life’s golden opportunities – he feels because of his inadequacies, he probably won’t be able to perform behind closed doors, let alone hold a lover.

Now you can do something about it – you can take control of your manhood, strengthening it and gaining length all the time.

You have got nothing to lose by trying out the Phalogenics penile enhancement system today.

Hey, get this – if you want to start 2021 with a New Year resolution to be fully charged and on top of your game, then you can’t afford to pass up on trying Phalogenics.

At least you might not hear your partner constantly saying they have a headache every night!

It’s time to find out the real pleasures that Phalogenics can bring into your sex life – and your lover’s!

Phalogenics CTA

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