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PhenQ Fat Burning Supplement – Results, Testimonials / Reviews, Side Effects & Ingredients

by David Kessler, MD

Last updated on March 24th, 2021 at 05:49 pm

  • What Is PhenQ?
  • Does it really work?
  • What natural ingredients are used?
  • Does it have side effects?
  • Do you have legit customer reviews/testimonials?

These and many more will be answered in this comprehensive review.

So let’s get right into it…

An Introduction to the PhenQ Weight Loss Solution


Did you know that PhenQ for weight loss is not just one of a whole lot of weight loss supplements that you can try?

This one is really a hot trend and if they are bold enough to make statements like “slim while you sit”, well then it must be the real deal.

What about headlines that have been splashed across the world that claim that you lost weight just from consuming red chili peppers, with no need to diet or exercise?

Doesn’t that sound almost unbelievable?

Because we can tell you right now that there aren’t a whole lot of people who want to lose weight that is prepared to go the whole hog of strict dieting and a whole lot of exercise, right?

That’s why many diets fail. 

Most people want to hear what makes PhenQ so unique – “lose weight at your desk” or “no need to diet and no need to exercise”.

And personal trainers are also raving about PhenQ.

Hollywood stars, too, have tried it too; stars like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, for instance…

…all these guys say they have used the product, and they support weight loss by using it.

Remember years back there was that diet that Beyoncé went on?

Beyoncé needed to lose weight for the Dreamgirls movie…

…and she lost so much weight on maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice, barely eating anything else!

Well, the stars have raved about the benefits of red chili peppers and if they believe in it to keep their bodies in peak condition to prepare for movies and television, it must be pretty effective.

That’s why PhenQ was designed.

Obesity has become an epidemic…

Obesity [1] can be defined as when you have excess fat accumulated on your body that can impair your health [2] and make you less able to function properly.  

You might get a shock to know that since 1975, obesity across the world has tripled!

Because of poor eating habits and poor lifestyles, two out of every four people in the world will face the problem of becoming obese.

The unfortunate thing is that it has its consequences in the form of diseases that you wish you never would have developed – such as hypertension, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more.

If you want a healthy life it is essential to keep your weight under control

Often when it is time to nip putting on weight in the bud, you don’t deal with it then; then you find it’s not easy losing a lot of weight.

So you just carry on, until it is too much of an ordeal to take control of – but don’t wait until it is too late.

There are plenty, plenty of weight loss pills on the market today

Pop into your nearest drug store and you will be amazed at the selection of potions, powders, drinks, and capsules – you name it, it will be there.

After all, when the summer holidays come around, millions want to sport a sexy hot body that others will envy on the beach.

A good-looking body is everyone’s dream because it can open so many doors for you, even employment.

But let’s push aside all others for the moment as we concentrate on one of the top ones, PhenQ…

…then you can make up your own mind whether to try it or not.

What is PhenQ and Who created It?

PhenQ is marketed as a natural weight-loss and fat burner supplement, manufactured by Wolfson Berg Ltd.

Wolfson Berg also makes quite a few other health and wellness-related supplements under various other names.

In 2015, they manufactured their PhenQ supplement pills, producing them in FDA and GMP-approved facilities in both the US and the UK.

According to the manufacturer, only two pills of PhenQ are enough to trim body fat and prevent unwanted after-effects.

Wolfson Berg takes great pride in the highest quality supplements that they have been making for over a decade.

All their products are manufactured with 100% pharmaceutical-grade ingredients being used – all based on well-researched formulas to help you achieve the best results.

More about the Product

PhenQ is ranked as a top weight loss pill on the market today, with this ideal ingredient to let you really see the benefits and the difference it makes to your body.

And it’s made up of 100% natural ingredients, so there is nothing to lose, no nasty chemicals and unnatural ingredients added to this pill.

 And the product also follows different safety protocols in the process of manufacturing.

So it’s really one of the best products if you are serious about losing weight.

And it’s for all ages, it’s called the new generation weight loss pill and it’s got along with capsicum, other top 5 natural ingredients.

What is this ‘magic’ ingredient that does so much for your weight?

Have you ever heard of capsicum?

Well, that’s the prime ingredient in PhenQ and what is responsible for helping your body to get slim and trim.

Because it does so much for you, let’s have a look in more detail about this amazing plant and food.

Why is capsicum such a major ingredient in PhenQ?

Before we go any further though, just look at all the health benefits of capsicum here, otherwise, we will fill too many pages.

But it gives you a fairly good idea of why PhenQ is such a popular weight loss supplement.

Capsicum is also known as chili pepper or red pepper, and it is an herb with its fruits being used to make medicine.

It is excellent for all kinds of health problems, particularly for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis, and other painful conditions.

There is a chemical in the red pepper called capsaicin which seems to be good at reducing pain when applied to the skin.

When it comes to weight loss, capsicum is known to speed up your metabolism

We all know that when the metabolism gets revved up, it burns more calories and fat that is stored in your body.

But why it’s been manufactured into tablet form is because you wouldn’t be able to eat enough of the red pepper for you to see those kinds of results.

Because it is so hot, in large amounts it would burn your mouth and throat, and it might even cause you to have gastric problems.

But with PhenQ, they have added a special coating over the capsicum so that your throat, mouth, and digestive system are protected.

When you take your tablet with its special coating, your stomach acids nullify the painful effects of capsicum, with no negative effects at all.

The manufacturers haven’t let on what this coating is made of, that’s their top secret.

But don’t worry, it is completely natural.

What are the other natural ingredients in PhenQ?

1) A-Lacys Reset

A Lacey's Reset

This ingredient is used in order for people to combat weight gain and also to reduce their appetite.

The main purpose of A-Lacys is to burn fat.

It also encourages the body’s natural process of losing weight and unneeded fat.

Specific amounts of lipoic acid also make A-Lacys be what it is.

It is an amazing fat burner and people use it for several reasons.

It is known to work in a similar way as caffeine because it boosts energy levels, prevents tiredness, and provides the mind and body with more motivation.

Read more about it here.

2) Niacin Powder


This is a very important source of Vitamin B.

Its job is to turn the food you eat into needed energy. It will also discourage and stop energy from being stored in the form of fat.

If you want to accomplish success in your weight loss plans, try and consider a generous supply of niacin in your diet.

3) Piperine Extract


When piperine is supplemented with the diet, people significantly reduce body weight and cholesterol as well. [3]

4) L-Carnitine Tartrate

Acetyl L-Carnitine

It makes sense to use L-carnitine as a weight loss supplement seeing as it helps to move more fatty acids into your cells.

Then they are burned for energy.

5) Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous

This ingredient is becoming very popular today as a supplement for weight loss as it is known to improve athletic performance.

Anhydrous means without water, meaning that caffeine anhydrous is a processed, dehydrated form of caffeine.

6) Calcium Carbonate:

Calcium carbonate part of calcium, but the salty part.

It makes a perfect addition to a healthy diet, particularly if you want to lose weight.

Studies show that when calcium is stored in the fat cells, how the body stores and processes the additional fat is regulated.

The studies show that when there are high levels of calcium in your fat cells, the cells burn more fat.

It is thought that even though you might not necessarily lose weight because of calcium being stored in fat cells; that it correlates and contributes towards weight loss.

There is a hormone called calcitriol that gets released when your calcium intake is low. It signals to the fat cells to produce more fat and slow down the oxidation and breakdown of fat.

7) Capsimax Powder

Capsimax Powder

Capsimax powder is high concentrates of natural capsicum extract which comes from the red hot chili pepper plants.

These chilies are known to deliver plenty of heat which makes it virtually impossible to eat naturally.

But now it comes with all its amazing health properties delivered in this powder extract.

8) Chromium Picolinate


You will find chromium picolinate in meat, vegetables, whole grains, and vegetables.

When you take this, you will notice your hunger pangs and cravings for food will be much reduced.

9) Nopal


Not all will have heard of this.

Nopal is a cactus growing in Mexico.

It contains cactus fiber which binds to dietary fat, ultimately helping in the reduction of body weight.

When you eat it you feel fuller for longer and it also reduces your appetite.

10) L-Carnitine Fumarate

This is an amino acid found in nuts and meat. L-carnitine helps to move more fatty acids into your cells to be burned for energy.

11) Caffeine


We all know how caffeine is a wonderful slimming supplement as it is a stimulant that can help you increase your energy and stay alert while holding back fatigue.

How does PhenQ work to help you lose weight?

It’s got a whole combination and blend of all the natural ingredients.

So all those ingredients together stop your body from producing more fats.

It actually uses the fat you have stored in your body to give you back all the energy you, eliminating exhaustion and tiredness, therefore boosting your metabolism and using up more calories.

That means more fat from your body is removed.

PhenQ also works by acting as an appetite suppressant.

Taking the pill will keep you fuller for longer, not needing to fill up on snacks and fast foods at a whim.

Feeling fuller for longer will also keep your calorie consumption reduced, enabling you to reduce fat quicker and easier.

It’s worthwhile because you don’t feel anxious and depressed on it – a huge plus

Most people using PhenQ don’t suffer from any negative effects of anxiety and depression that is common in other weight loss diet programs.

If you can find a program that can target your weight loss without causing mood swings and anxiousness, then it is worth considering.

You will notice this positive benefit from the numerous testimonials given by those people who have used PhenQ.

Who can use it?

PhenQ is safe for both men and women to use.

The dosage is also the same for both men and women, i.e. 2 pills per day.

It is important that anybody who takes PhenQ must not exceed the recommended daily allowance; it’s not going to help you lose weight faster.

But also, you won’t present with side effects and in many cases life-threatening situations when you overdose on something that you shouldn’t.

Vegetarians can also make use of PhenQ; it is perfectly safe for them to use.

What are the benefits of taking PhenQ?

1) Helps you to get rid of the excess weight in no time

It cuts the extra pounds, shaping and toning your body the way you imagine and want.

It also controls your hunger so you are at least able to reach your weight loss goals by not feeling the urge to eat often.

When you are down to your required weight, PhenQ continues to control your weight, preventing the body from making and storing unwanted and unneeded fat.

2) It boosts your energy levels so you stay charged up during your exercises…

PhenQ, as we said, is more than just a fat burner.

It boosts your mood so that you don’t feel down and discouraged like so many other weight-loss products can do. 

You feel fuller all day, so if you do go out and eat with friends, you don’t feel starving and ready to tuck into a huge plate of processed foods.

 As you can see, this product is good for your overall health. 

All the natural ingredients have a lot of other properties that are great and beneficial for your health; meeting the need for other medical issues; not just weight reduction

Once your body starts looking slim and shaped, imagine how it will boost your confidence; that’s just for starters!

And you don’t have to have a prescription to buy it, you can do it all on your own through this powerful supplementation.

Are there any side-effects of taking PhenQ?

They don’t happen a lot, but there are some that could occur, as is the case with any new supplements and medications:

  • Problems with digestion
  • Vomiting
  • Nervousness
  • Uneasiness
  • Nausea

What is the PhenQ dosage?

The manufacturing company has suggested the ideal dosage is to take 2 pills every day – 1 in the morning and 1 in the middle of the day.

The reason it is suggested that you take the second pill in the afternoon is that you need to remember it has caffeine in it and you won’t want to be wide awake at night.

In fact, if you want to use PhenQ, is it advised that you try and reduce your caffeine intake simply because PhenQ already has a high content of caffeine in it.

There are also some people who are caffeine-sensitive – as you know, many products such as cocoa, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, and energy drinks are associated with insomnia and anxiety, even irritability, and you don’t want to worry about that.

Are there some people who should not take PhenQ?

PhenQ is an over-the-counter dietary supplement, so you can purchase it without a prescription from your medical practitioner.

Nevertheless, your doctor would need to confirm that it OK to take in these particular special cases:

  • If you are breast-feeding your baby
  • Pregnant women
  • Children and minors
  • Those with serious illnesses
  • If you are taking other medications
  • You have a medical history

The Pros and Cons of PhenQ


  • PhenQ is made up of 100% natural ingredients – this means there are no chemicals inside that will interact badly in the body.
  • You don’t need a prescription to buy it.
  • It helps to boost your energy levels and metabolic rates through natural means, not leaving you all jittery and anxious.
  • It really does an effective job of helping you to lose weight. But apart from that, it helps the body to stay healthy, even preventing and assisting with other known conditions that are associated with obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • PhenQ is a high-quality formula produced in the US and UK – in FDA and GMP-approved facilities.
  • Many testimonials bear testimony to it proving to help with weight loss.
  • The company which produced PhenQ is reputable with over 30 years’ experience in producing products of note.
  • No life-threatening side effects – safe to use.


  • Like any other medication, it is possible that you could have an allergy to one of the active ingredients, and thus not be able to benefit from the entire PhenQ pill.
  • It is an expensive pill, costing around $70 for a 30-day supply.
  • You can’t just buy this pill from a health-store or any place you would expect to buy it – not even at online pharmacies.

Although PhenQ has a strong safety record, with no notable side effects, any person with pre-existing health problems should consult with their doctor or health practitioner before they take PhenQ.

PhenQ is backed by science

Extensive clinical studies have been carried out to prove the ability of α-Lacys Reset [4] in its ability to decrease both body weight and body fat…

…also noted to be able to increase muscle mass, which is a number one way of burning more calories.

 People who have taken α-Lacys Reset reported losing 24% of their body fat.

Try these tips to boost PhenQ even more

To give you a boost of confidence that you will really see things happen if you take PhenQ, here are a couple of healthful tips and tricks that make it even more worthwhile:

1) Drink plenty of water always

You might not have known it, but most of the human body comprises water.

And when you drink it, you have the potential to raise your metabolism by as much as 25% to 30% in just a matter of a couple of hours.

Yes, drinking water is great at helping you to burn more calories.

One study [5] says that when you drink around half-liter of water prior to eating, it is enough to help you eat fewer calories.

2) Drink your coffee and tea black 

People think coffee has negative effects – probably if you have too much of it.

But nevertheless black coffee and tea are rich in antioxidants and other health benefits.

There are studies that confirm that caffeine in coffee has great effects to offer.

They accelerate your metabolism – just read about the health benefits of tea and coffee and what they can do for you.

Remember, though, that excludes cream and sugar added!

3) Breakfast eggs

If you are not allergic to eggs, and you happen to love them, eggs can surely work in your favor.

You might well lose weight when you count on eggs for breakfast.

Studies show that when you eat eggs at breakfast time, you consume fewer calories for at least 36 hours after eating them.

If you can’t stand eggs, don’t worry, any other protein source will act in the same way.

4) Intermittent Fasting

Have you ever tried intermittent fasting?

Well, it’s becoming very trendy of late, and that’s because it is very healthy and excellent for weight loss.

Read here if you are interested in including this in your weight loss routine – it might just be up your street.

You must be wondering what PhenQ costs by now?

It can turn out to be quite an expensive product for you to purchase, but when you see what it can achieve with your weight, it’s not a bad price at all.

When you purchase the PhenQ package at $69.95, you get an automatic discount of $10 because the original price is $79.95.

If you are excited to get started, for instance, you can buy 2 PhenQ packages at a price of 139.90 $ with discounts as well.

Sometimes if you look on their website, they are having flash sales of their product as well and you will want to take advantage of these.

But take a peek yourself, because you need to stay current with the latest prices and discounts by checking it all out on their official website.

There you will find a place to order and read up about all that they offer.

Usually, all their products come with a money-back guarantee – it’s a 60-days money-back guarantee.

If you aren’t satisfied with your product, you get your money back if you return it within 60 days after receiving it.

It’s available to you online, today – just click here!

Even though PhenQ hasn’t been on the market for as long as many other weight-loss products, nevertheless, the product has been able to help over 190,000 happy customers feel confident about the way their bodies have changed for the better.

Just click on the above link to discover all that PhenQ weight loss pills can do for you, starting immediately.

Like we said before, you won’t be able to find PhenQ at any stores though…

…unfortunately, you can only get them if you purchase directly online from the website, and it will be delivered to you.

All you have to do is down the tablets with water every day and watch while your body gets hotter and hotter

That won’t be from the red chilies though, but by the way, your body looks!

If you don’t want to exercise, as mentioned above, you don’t have to at all and it still works, but if you want to see even better results, then take it 30 to 60 minutes before you do your exercises.

By just taking one capsule, you burn 278 calories, working out or not. And you can eat what you like.

The 278 calories that you lose is like you are doing a 25-minute jog or going on a long brisk walk for 80 minutes.

And you needn’t lift a finger!  Just take the tablet daily!

Remember, if you are dissatisfied with anything, please contact the customer service team at support@phenq.com and they will get back to you with the return instructions within 48 business hours.

Reviews and Testimonials

It is reviews and testimonials that speak for themselves.

Look on the PhenQ website and listen to people’s accounts of what PhenQ has done for them.

What other users are saying


“PhenQ is definitely worth the price. I lost some pounds, and I am thankful for that because I can’t lose weight on my own.”


“This stuff works. I can say you can lose weight with PhenQ without exercise, but that is if you’re ok with losing just 1 pound a week.“


“After trying countless diets and lifestyle changes without success, PhenQ helped me lose weight when nothing else worked.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, then maybe you haven’t used the right supplements to support your weight loss goals.

PhenQ has all the natural ingredients you need to burn fat”.


PhenQ Results & Before and After Pics

The following are real before and after pictures/results from customers…

phenQ Customer Testimonial 1




PhenQ is one of the best dietary supplements available on the market today, claiming to offer you quick and effective weight loss.

The ingredients and the entire manufacturing process is backed by research, so you can trust this pill and trust that it will do what it claims to do, i.e. to help you to see noticeable results.

Consuming this pill has other benefits too; there are no side effects to contend with and it is an easily absorbed pill, if you are following a diet, or not on any particular diet plan.

If you want to lose weight, but at the same time become healthier, then you don’t stand to lose a thing trying it, only weight!

Thousands have already given it their 5-star rating, proving that it still ranks as one of the best products around…

…it’s the first step to take for achieving the body you have always wanted – this PhenQ weight loss pill.

And it’s not a pill meant for a certain category of people.

All types of people regardless of what work they do, what diets they follow, or how obese they are, can take this pill easily, safely, and naturally – factors that are a top priority.

Start committing yourself to take the pills, and when you eat better and exercise as well, well, you might even lose weight at double the pace…

…double the reason for giving yourself the body it deserves!


Frequently Asked Questions about PhenQ (FAQs)

What is PhenQ?

It is simply and naturally an effective and legal fat-burning pill with all-natural ingredients that work fast to help you lose weight, with excellent results.

Are there any side effects of taking PhenQ?

No side effects have yet been reported from anyone taking PhenQ.

How would I know if PhenQ is the right supplement for me?

PhenQ is suitable for anybody who is interested in getting their body looking good but also healthy too; who is seeking to lose weight without fearing all the other nasty effects that sometimes appear when taking weight-loss products.

It suits both men and women, irrespective of what their weight is.

We did state above that it is contra-indicated to use PhenQ without your doctor’s confirmation if you are pregnant, an adolescent, breastfeeding mothers, and if you suffer from serious medical conditions.

Can I trust it to really work for me?

Absolutely, yes; take a look-see on the website and you will find several positive user testimonies proving how effective it has proven to be.

How many pills of PhenQ do I need to take each day?

The recommended dosage to take each day is 2 pills, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

It is without question that you must not take more than 2 pills a day, because like all medications, even though all-natural, it can still cause side effects!

How long before you notice a difference in your weight with PhenQ?

The health experts say that you should stick to losing around 1-3 pounds a week and that you could start noticing a difference in your weight after about a month, maybe a bit more.

Is PhenQ the same as phentermine?

No, it is a different product, even though they sound similar.

You don’t need a prescription for PhenQ, but you do for Phentermine, which comes under a ‘controlled substance’ and which requires the supervision of your doctor.


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[2] https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/obesity-prevention-source/obesity-consequences/health-effects/

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