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Prime Male Testosterone Enhancement Supplement Review – Side Effects, Ingredients, Complaints, & Testimonials

by David Kessler, MD

Last updated on March 13th, 2021 at 11:34 pm

Welcome to my comprehensive review of Prime Male testosterone booster.

  • Are you a young man who feels like a grandpa?
  • Do you wake up tired every day and don’t want to get out of bed?
  • Do you now switch off your phone to avoid nights out with the boys?

If all these sound like you, there’s no reason to feel bad or alarmed because you aren’t the only young man going through this.

You’re not strange.

Many young guys feel the same way today.

Feeling sad and listless because no one seemed to understand what they’re going through.

Having to pretend they’re asleep to avoid intimacy with their partner.

Overwhelmed by regular daily activities.

In fact, before I jump into the meat of this review, here’s a touching story Kevin sent to us 3 weeks ago…

Kevin’s Story

“I had to sit one day, alone to process everything. My life had been perfect.

In my 20’s I used to wake up each day with a spring in my steps.

Despite, several nights spent bar hopping and partying with friends, I never experienced any serious fatigue. I was a favorite with the ladies (wink, wink).

All that changed in the years after I hit 30. It seemed my body no longer belonged to me. I was tired from morning till evening.

No matter how long I rested or slept, I didn’t feel any better or stronger.

When I finally realized that my condition was getting worse and I could lose everything – my career, my friends, and my marriage.

I knew I had to do something. I headed for the hospital and after several tests, the diagnosis was made.

I was overweight, predisposed to cardiovascular diseases, my blood pressure was on the high side and above all my testosterone levels were very low.

My doctor gave me a prescription for testosterone pills and sent me to a dietician for advice on healthy food options. I used the pills and followed the dietician’s advice.

They helped a bit but I still didn’t feel a hundred percent.

I started to think it was all in my head. Maybe, I was imagining the symptoms but I knew that couldn’t be.”

So you see, many young men all around the world, are feeling what you’re feeling right now.

So don’t fret.

That’s why testosterone boosters are there to help you out and get you your 20s body back.

  • But can Prime Male help you out?
  • Does it really work?
  • Is it a scam?
  • Is it worth your money?

Let’s find out in this comprehensive review…

Prime Male Review – All You Need to Know


A Little Note On Testosterone

As you might already know, testosterone levels in young men began to decline from the age of 30.

You’ll be surprised to find out that a lot of men in this age bracket were probably suffering from unproductivity not because they were lazy.

Yes, your testosterone level is not just important for a roll in the sack.

It is also needed to get that drive on your day.

To get your weight loss game going and to feel generally healthy.

That being said, let’s dive in deeply to the review.

Who created Prime Male?

Prime Male is produced by Roar Ambition.

A company specialized in the production of Vitality Complex supplements backed by years of research in natural health sciences.

On a first impression, I liked the positive suggestion created by the name – Prime Male.

It went straight to the heart of my issues. I wanted to regain the strength and vitality of my prime years.

I noticed it contained 12 important nutrients that worked together to create the overall effects.

Why was Prime Male created?

Prime Male Vitality Complex was created to help young men increase their declining testosterone levels through a sure and natural means with no stress.

Who is the product not for?

1) Not for men looking for size enhancement:

Penis enlargement has been a popular trend for some years as many men have come to equate bigger sizes with better performance.

The truth or fallacy in that statement is a topic for another time.

It is common for people to assume that natural supplements for men must include size enhancement for the penis.

While some other brands may have been using this claim to get more sales, Roar Ambition doesn’t state these as one of the benefits of the Prime Male pill.

If what you want is a bigger penis, Prime Male isn’t for you.

2) Not for men desiring accelerated bodybuilding

Prime Male is not a steroid for bodybuilding.

So, if you are looking for a pill to give you bulging muscles in a few months, you have chosen the wrong product.

What Prime Male can actually do for you is help you build lean muscle in a longer but healthier timeframe.

3) Not for men looking to get instant high energy

Prime Male doesn’t kick in and give you an instant burst of energy after taking it.

This is not some kind of pill you pop to run the city wild on a Friday evening.

The energy it supplies comes through the natural increase in your testosterone levels.

4) Not specifically for gender transition

Prime Male should not be self-medicated for transmen as your doctor would need to prescribe specific pills in the right dosages for you.

It won’t harm you but you may not get the desired results.

5) Not for men looking to cure premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction

While testosterone pills might be part of the treatment plan for the above-mentioned conditions, it is best to consult a doctor to diagnose your unique condition.

Using Prime Male will not give you an instant erection or stop you from prematurely ejaculating.

6) Not for men looking for a diet pill fix

The PrimeMale testosterone pill will not magically help you lose weight.

Using Prime Male is not an excuse to binge eat and blissfully believe you will not add on more weight.

It doesn’t suppress your appetite too.

So, if what you need is a fast weight loss regimen that helps you lose several hundreds of pounds at a go, this isn’t for you.

What I Dislike About Prime Male

As much as Prime Male has changed my life in a good way, there are still some things I don’t like about it.

1) The Everyday Routine

If you have ever had to pop a pill a day for any condition, you should understand this.

It might just be me being lazy, but well who isn’t at one time or the other.

I wished I didn’t have to take it every day and could just use it when I’m experiencing downtime.

But it doesn’t work that way. You have to use it in the proper dosage for it to work well.

2) The Continuous Regimen

Unlike some conditions that after you use medication, you get a permanent cure, Prime Male doesn’t work this way.

This is not really a fault of the product as the testosterone hormone itself doesn’t stay in the same range every time.

It all depends on each individual’s body.

I just wish the Prime Male pill could be a permanent fix.

3) The Relative ‘high’ Cost

In comparison with other supplements, I felt Prime Male was a bit on the pricey side.

For something you may have to use over a period of time, it would be great if it were cheaper.

I could still afford it even though it dug a small hole in my pocket but I can imagine someone else on a lower income who needs this may not be able to afford it.

What I Like About Prime Male

1) It doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription to refill

This is not to encourage self-diagnosis as you would still need to see a doctor first to determine if you have low testosterone levels or not.

I like that you can be in total control of getting your testosterone pills and having your refill as needed by just placing your order for Prime Male.

It would be good to check back with your doctor in about three months to get an update on your testosterone levels.

2) It prepares your body for weight loss

If you have ever tried a weight loss plan or exercise, you would know how difficult it can be to shed some worrisome pounds.

If you are like me, you may have thought the problem is with the routine and keep changing it with no new results.

I have gone through cardio, swimming, weight lifting, and jogging, etc. yet the extra pounds sat pretty on my body.

I like that by using Prime Male, you can get the thorny hormonal imbalance problem out of the way.

After using PrimeMale, in just under three months, I could achieve the weight loss I had desired for over a year.

2) It prevents cardiovascular diseases

I know that testosterone supplementation has received a bad rap in some circles as causing heart attacks in men especially older men.

However, newer studies have debunked this claim.

I like that instead of predisposing you to cardiovascular diseases, Prime Male actually keeps your heart in optimum health, reducing the risk of you having a stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular diseases.

3) It increases your energy levels

This has been the best thing yet from discovering Prime Male. My energy levels since I started using the pills have been top-notch.

I like how I feel motivated every morning I wake up to get out there and do something great to change the world.

This shows how improved energy levels also have a direct impact on improving your mood.

4) It increases your confidence

It is amazing how your confidence returns when your testosterone levels are normal.

You suddenly realize that comment about wearing your favorite shirt every week wasn’t meant to slight you.

It was just a simple joke!

You will no longer feel like disappearing when someone looks in your direction.

You will stand with your head held high and feel a good sense of self-esteem.

These might be looking like glossy sugar-coating. But it is not because I have experienced it all first-hand.

4) It can save your marriage or relationship

I was part of the bandwagon of people that boldly say – ‘sex is overrated’.

I didn’t realize it was like a defense mechanism at the time.

Since I didn’t have the energy or enthusiasm to get intimate with my partner on most days, I comforted myself in the denial that it didn’t matter.

Prime Male can change your marriage or relationship for the better as it did mine.

Prime Male can change your marriage or relationship for the better as it did mine.

What others have to say about Prime Male – Customer Reviews / Testimonials

I’d like to show you what other people think of Prime Male pills so you don’t go off with just my own opinions.

Before I decided to purchase Prime Male, I had gone through the same motions myself to ensure I wasn’t making a mistake.

Here is one that sealed the deal for me:

Charles, USA

“Before using Prime Male, I had tried all of the low testosterone medical products which include, injections, gels, and patches.

Those products had major side effects.

I used other testosterone booster supplements that just didn’t work.

One day my brother-in-law was researching some natural testosterone supplements and he came across PRIME MALE and suggested that I should try it.

I have been using this amazing product for about three months.

I am very proud to say that I feel great. I now have the energy, libido, and focus level that I was lacking.

My last blood work showed that my testosterone levels have now risen to 476 which is technically in the normal range.

Thank you, Prime Male!”

The first thing that stuck out for me in this testimonial was the similarities in our experiences.

Just like me, Charles had also tried out other products that did nothing for him.

After I read it, I felt more confident that I was on the right track.

Some of the important points to note in the testimonial:

  • While other products had caused major side effects, Prime Male because of its natural contents did not give those same effects.
  • Prime Male starts to work early within the first one to three months of using it.
  • The increase in energy, motivation, and libido level was immediately significant.

This is another testimonial that touched on important points:

David, UK


  • Waist size from a 48″ down to 46″
  • Full of energy, rarely feeling tired
  • Massive increase in Libido

Now that the first box of capsules is finished (after the 30 days: 1 capsule, 4 times a day) I felt that I must write to you to tell you that PRIME MALE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

I have been off work for the past year recovering from chronic depression and up until I heard and read about Prime Male, my weight had rocketed to 23 stones (due to comfort eating), I had absolutely no energy and would sleep all day, and my libido was at 0!!!

To be honest, I had written myself off as I had not been only feeling mentally unwell for months but also physically!

My legs and back would ache constantly and I was living on painkillers to ease the pain and caffeine tablets to keep me awake.

Life in the bedroom department, as a result, was totally none existent as I had no interest.

My wife cannot believe the transformation in my life (AS A DIRECT RESULT OF TAKING PRIME MALE CAPSULES) as I feel much more confident, rarely feeling depressed, I am much fitter due to the weight loss (and I have even begun to exercise, with not pain nor ache in either my legs or back).

I can also state that it definitely has helped massively improve my sex drive as well!!!

Pointers from this testimonial include:

  • Tangible results within one month of using Prime Male pills.
  • A total turnaround in the symptoms he was experiencing.
  • He was able to lose weight and stop comfort eating.
  • The unexplained body aches stopped.
  • His sex life improved and had a direct impact on his confidence and happiness.

Another thing that made the testimonials more grounded for me was being able to see the people who testified to the efficacy of the product.

There were photos and even videos of real people testifying the amazing results they had gotten from using Prime Male.

Insider Information on what to watch out for

I know there are several other products out there offering similar benefits as Prime Male.

It is also understandable to want to compare your options.

However, this would only make a difference if you are doing it from an informed perspective.

Here are some things to consider when searching for the best testosterone supplement:

1) Are the ingredients openly listed on the product label?

Your choice of T-supplements should not be one of those trending fads that would tout having ‘some secret ingredients’ to generate a sort of mystery around their product.

It is not the time to experiment and hope for the best.

You should remember that this stuff is going into your body.

So, you definitely want to see the contents that make up the pill.

One of the things I noticed during my search for a solution to my low testosterone levels was that a large number of these supplements do not contain adequate amounts of what you need.

This is a major reason why they don’t work.

For instance, Prime Male lists D-aspartic acid calcium chelate which is an amino acid and neurotransmitter which helps to stimulate the hormone that regulates the supply of testosterone in a man’s body.

It also lists Bio-perin which aids the absorption of nutrients from supplements into the body.

This is an important function as the body cannot always breakdown some nutrients on its own.

One of the reasons why supplements have a negative review is because some people believe they don’t work.

Whereas the problem could have stemmed from the body’s inability to absorb the supplement.

Another important ingredient on the label is Boron, an amino acid that is known to increase testosterone levels.

It works by lowering the female hormones; estrogen and prolactin in a man’s body.

This ultimately improves the levels of male hormones in the body.

2) Does it sound like a one fix-it-all?

One of the major issues in the consideration of using supplements for better health is the unrealistic claims made by creators of such products.

If a testosterone supplement is assuring you of winning the lottery, I’m sure that you would scoff at the very idea.

This is the same way you should consider products that tell you it would fix everything that’s ailing you.

While Prime Male covers multiple concerns concerning men’s health, it doesn’t claim that it can fix all health conditions that men face.

Keep your expectations realistic.

3) Are there believable testimonials?

This point cannot be overemphasized.

It is one thing to see great reviews.

It is another thing to be able to recognize the real ones that are not just fluff to drive sales.

You need to check for unique situations the testimonial mentions and not just repeating the promised features from the product.

4) Is the product FDA-approved?

You are likely to have read that all supplements are not approved by the FDA.

This is a wrong blanket statement as some companies take pains to get their facility FDA-approved.

Roar Ambition’s facility is one of such approved by the FDA.

Since you might not be able to ascertain the quality and purity of products on your own, it is best to let the FDA do that for you.

You can trust their evaluation of the facilities where such supplements are made.

Hence, you should only buy T-supplements from the approved ones.

5) Is the payment method secure?

With all the fraudulent activities that happen on the internet, you need to be careful where you use your financial details.

Only go with products that offer familiar and tested payment platforms to avoid being defrauded.

What next?

If you have read this up to this point, you are probably wondering about the next step to take.

The worst thing you can do will be to spend yet another day or weeks going through all the terrible symptoms outlined earlier.

I can understand that you likely feel unmotivated to do anything.

But this is one thing you need to do for yourself right now.

Are you ready?

What is the worst that could happen if you buy and use Prime Male?

It won’t harm you and you will get a chance to change your situation.

Special offers

When you order 3 boxes of Prime Male supplements, you will get 1 box free!

That’s 4 packs for you to get back on track!

That’s not all.

You will also get free worldwide shipping of your products.

If you want to get a 2-month supply of Prime Male, you will also get free shipping in the UK and US.

It is also perfectly okay if you are not ready to commit all the way yet and would rather order for a pack to see how it goes.

With all the amazing testimonials from previous users including mine, I can bet you would be getting more soon.

Other offers

Roar Ambition also offers other special combos of their Prime Male vitality complex.

You could consider trying the combo of the Prime Male Vitality Complex and the Prime Male Enhance.

This would provide you with overall enhanced positive results.

They service their orders with reliable and fast shipping platforms.

After making your order, you would receive a tracking code within 48 hours to monitor the shipment of your products.

Prime Male

My Verdict

Prime Male Vitality Complex is a T-supplement targeted at improving declining testosterone levels in men aged 30 and above.

It will help you regain your energy levels, prepare your body for weight loss, have a good impact on your heart’s health, and improve your general well-being.

Feeling permanently fatigued, unmotivated, depressed, and having no libido should not be your default mode.

You don’t have to continue to live with it.

I came out of that funk by using Prime Male and I believe you can experience that amazing change too.


Prime Male

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