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Big Thanks to  Joseph for sharing his comprehensive review of ProExtender.

Joseph lives in Miami and is long time member of The Well - please reach out to him if you have further questions. 

As usual, I've done an extensive research about the product and spiced it up a little bit. 

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ProExtender Review - All You Need to Know About This Penis Extender

I will be candid here – I actually got sniggered at after I had built up huge expectations about my very first date.

My girlfriend found me inadequate.

I immediately went into a shell until I decided to do something decisive about it.

My buddy sat me through different non-surgical options as we searched on the internet.

I finally settled on ProExtender for its huge user base and doctor endorsement.

Here is why I chose ProExtender.

What is ProExtender?

ProExtender is an all-natural penis extender that helps the user to increase penis size without needing any kind of invasive procedure.

It uses traction method to extend the existing penis size while compelling the body to create more cells and thickening the organ.

In the privacy of home without any risky procedures involved and completely safe to use...

...this is a boon to those who feel their organ size is inadequate.

Who created ProExtender?

ProExtender has been developed by Swedish doctor, Jorn Ege Siana and is manufactured by Leading Edge Health Inc., a popular name in the health supplement industry.

It was first made in the year 1994 and has since topped popularity ratings among men worldwide for its great effectiveness.


They have been in the business for a long time now and have a diverse range of products formulated to address different requirements in men and women.

The company has its headquarters in Elizabethton, Tennessee USA.

Their marketing offices are located in Victoria, BC, Canada as well as Limassol, Cyprus.

Why was ProExtender created?

ProExtender was created to help men increase their penile size and dimensions and rid them of any feelings of insufficiency in this aspect.

It is a completely natural and non-surgical method to achieve this.

It has also been proven to help in cases of curved penis which can be an added burden on a man’s mind. 

The fact that one can do all of this without needing to go under the knife in the privacy of their home is the best part of the whole thing.

Men do worry overly about this aspect of their physicality and seek out means to address it, not all of which are safe or legal.

Resorting to hacks or untested medical quick-fixes can create a bunch of unnecessary problems. 

Steroid supplements are not recommended long term for their undesirable side effects.

The question that arises here is – what does a man do? 

This is where ProExtender steps in to provide a satisfactory answer and proven solution.

The eternal question – does size matter?

For what seems like forever, men have been conditioned to believe that ‘big’ is beautiful (manly, in other words).

This concept has been applied to everything in a man, be it his muscles, his body hair, his physique, and of course his very manhood.

This association has happened over centuries and has now subtly become a part of the human psyche.

In ancient times, a well-endowed male was looked upon as a sure way to help propagate the reproductive line and carry on the genetic pool.

This was a time when humans faced lots of dangers in the wild. More people were lost to natural disasters, diseases and animals than was desirable.

It was believed, and rightly so that a man with a bigger asset would reproduce better.

Humans have since evolved and coitus became more a matter of pleasure than simply a need.

The mindset about size stayed though.

Most women and almost all men believe that size matters.

Anything less than average has the possibility of being looked down upon and doubts cast about the man’s ability to please his partner.

It is this preference for bigger size that men seek solutions for in order to get what they feel is the ‘right’ size.

A less than desired size leads to lots of issues, most prominently feelings of inferiority and lack of confidence.


This can manifest in different ways to unsettle relationships and eat away at self-confidence, causing further deterioration in performance.

It does seem that size matters in this context, contrary to what some people may think.

Different ways to increase penis size...

In keeping with the context of increasing penile size, there are some ways that one may look at:

  • Stretching exercises.
  • Jelqing.
  • Kegel exercises.
  • Rotating stretch.
  • Opposite stretch.
  • Devices.
  • Hyaluronic injections.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Surgery.

How does ProExtender work?

ProExtender works by gently and consistently providing traction to the penis.

It is a process wherein the device is fastened at two points, namely the base of the penis and the head of the penis.

There is a traction apparatus in between these two points which is used to apply force longitudinally on the penile shaft.

To counter this force, the body reacts naturally by a process called cytokinesis.

This is a natural means for body cells in this region to divide and grow.

When this is done consistently over a period of time, these cells help the penis to grow in size and girth by natural process.

Thus, in a simple manner without using any synthetic chemicals, penile enlargement is effectively achieved by the user.

A revolutionary method, this device is the brainchild of a Swedish doctor by the name Jorn Ege Siana.


It has since provided relief and recourse to tens of thousands of men worldwide without having to resort to medicines, surgery or gimmickry of any sort.

Guided steps towards using ProExtender

I will discuss this in steps, from assembly to use.

1) Assembling the device:

Take the device from the package and assemble it per instructions.

Put in the rods on the thrust ring.

Adjust the length of the rods.

Install the penis bed and strap up according to instructions. 

Device is now ready to put on the flaccid penis and strap on.

2) Setting up the device:

One needs to adjust device tension using notched nuts.

Turning these sets up the tension and the limit of the stretch has to be decided by the user himself.

Do not take it to the point of pain, just a feeling of stretch.

It is advised to begin at the lowest level and gradually move up to maximum load as one gets used to it.

3) Hours of use 

Start with 2 hours every day for the first week, ramping up steadily as you go on.

Ideally one should be using it for 4 hours daily at the end of 4 weeks.

At the top level, wearing the device for 6-8 hours daily is advised for best results with short breaks every 2 hours.

3) Tabulating progress 

It is very important to maintain a chart in order to tabulate and quantify progress.

This needs to include usage week number, total hours, and the tension used.

This will help to keep track of improvement and give the user a fair idea of what to expect in the future.


 Since the device is a bit cumbersome, it should not be used during sleep hours.

Also, to be kept in mind, if outdoors with the device on, make sure to wear loose fitting clothes in order to maintain privacy.

A few words about penile curvature...

It is rare to find men who are perfect down there.

Most men have a bit of curvature to their penis.

However, a few men have marked curvature that is painful to them as well as their partners.

In medical terminology, this is known as Peyronie’s disease

More marked stage of this can cause shortening of penis too.

It is true that marked curvature of the penis is difficult to handle and such extreme stages definitely call for drastic intervention.

Surgery for this condition is not much recommended though.

Even surgeons advise waiting for some time and try other methods in the meantime.

For such situations and definitely for milder cases, ProExtender has been surprisingly effective in straightening the penis.

This traction device works wonders, along with regular application of Vitamin E.

Consistent and regular use has produced remarkable results in men suffering from this condition.

Potassium paraaminobenzoate or POTABA as it is popularly known has been used in the treatment of this condition, to mixed results.

While it cannot reverse the curvature, POTABA has been shown to stabilize the condition and stall further deterioration in patients.

Benefits noted with using ProExtender

Read on to know how I and many other users report after a few weeks on ProExtender:

1) Increase in penis size

This is the primary usage of the product and all users have recorded increase in length and girth of penis.

ProExtender is a safe and assured method of achieving increase in size down under.

2) Extended erection

With more cell production and increased blood flow to the area, most users have reported having stronger erections.

Not only that, they are much better able to hold their erection for long duration.

This results in pleasure for themselves and their partners and a validation of their own abilities.

3) Better coitus

Strengthened tissues and more cell generation in the penile area helps to give harder and more sustained erections.

This automatically results in better coitus, penetration and satisfaction.

4) Correction in shape

Even if one does not have marked curvature, most men do have very slight deviation.

Most times it is par for the course.

Using ProExtender just helps them move towards a more perfect shape.

5) Improvement in virility

It is noted that users have recorded increased energy and sex drive after being on the device for some time.


This is in part because of the confidence and assurance that they gain with increase in size, which acts as an assurance of their ability to perform in bed and please their partner.

6) Better sperm production

Besides lengthening the hardware, so to say, there are benefits physiologically for the user.

With more cell activity happening in the region, there is more blood flow and better nourishment of these body parts.

This automatically leads to more sperm production and a stronger ejaculation.

7) A different person altogether

It is important to remember that intimacy and performance have a lot to do with the mind. 

If your focus is constantly on how big or small you are, and whether you will disappoint your partner, or will you be able to carry through, it does NOT help.

Take it from me or ask anyone around.

With positive results coming in with use, the mind will be at a much better space and the results will show.

Who is ProExtender not for?

Do not use ProExtender if:

  • You are less than 18 years of age.
  • If there is a history of medical issues.

What I did not like about ProExtender?

  • The product might be uncomfortable to wear initially.
  • There might be soreness at times.
  • Chafing is not uncommon.
  • It needs to be worn consistently for long periods in order to produce results.
  • It is a costly product.
  • It might not be suitable for those in active work roles.

Customer Reviews / Testimonials

A delighted user, John H. says:

They say word of mouth advertising is the best. My friend told me, now I’m telling you (And everyone) the ProExtender is the Real Deal!”

Another user, Mark A. has this to say:

I’m 44 years old, feel like 24, and wish I’d discovered the ProExtender 20 years ago!”

Kelly B says:

“The ProExtender isn’t cheap, but it’s a one-time purchase, you have it forever.

From the first time I used it, I could feel the ProExtender working and now after six months of regular wearing, have noticeably lengthened and thickened my penis”

Along with men writing in, I have also come across happy women sharing their views on different websites.

They have benefited not only from the physical enhancement but also the confidence and positivity this has brought into their partners.

There is no need any more to suffer from feelings of inadequacy or inferiority.

The solution is at hand and very easy to use.

Try ProExtender and see the change in yourself and your relationship.

What I liked about ProExtender?

There are a lot of things I really liked about this device:

  • The device is endorsed by doctors.
  • It is recommended for use by urologists and plastic surgeons in multiple countries across the globe.
  • The device helps to enhance the length and thickness of penis.
  • It is completely safe to use.
  • The product harnesses the natural division process in the body to help extension.
  • It can be used in utmost privacy at home.
  • The device is found effective in curing penile curvature.
  • It has upwards of 500,000 satisfied users.
  • This product is a non-surgical means of achieving bigger size penis.
  • It comes with 100% money back guarantee.
  • The device has an incredible 187-day return window that speaks volumes of the confidence of the manufacturer.
  • It has been featured on BBC and The New York Times, which obviously offers more validation than one may need.
  • It is another product from the reliable wellness company, Leading Edge Health Inc.
  • It uses the traction method to elongate the penis.
  • It gives physical satisfaction and mental peace.
  • This device enables you to enjoy better quality of sex.
  • It is light and comfortable to wear.
  • It is a one-time investment.
  • Its claims have been clinically substantiated in studies.

The list is really long but what truly decided me in favor of ProExtender was the fact that it is recommended by doctors in more than 29 countries.

Obviously, the product is doing something very right for this kind of success.

There is also a ProExtender Deluxe version now that has been launched for discerning users.

Insider Information about ProExtender

Like I mentioned earlier, it has been found that ProExtender helps in Peyronie’s disease.

This is not something the product intended to in the first place but users have reported good effect in this aspect.

Of course, it is cautioned to not go beyond a certain point and seek medical intervention in case there is no reversal of penile curvature.

How can we make best use of ProExtender?

Regular usage of this product as per package recommendations will yield best results.

Along with that, one may take some other supplements to boost effectiveness.

  • Take Vitamin E.
  • Potassium paraaminobenzoate or Potaba as it is popularly known, is a good supplement to use with this device.
  • VigRX is a product available on the Leading Edge website that may be used in conjunction with this device in order to enhance results.
  • Provacyl and Genf20 Plus are supplements that also work well as products of male enhancement. One may search for similar products online and help to boost the overall results.
  • You must also go for a balanced diet and exercise program to help your chances. Remember that the final result is a reflection of everything put together.
  • This is something no one mentions but a positive mindset and strong willpower help to achieve your goal more effectively.
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Mind over body or body over mind?

A performance in bed is a symphony of mind and body coming together in a wonderful union.

Although traditionally the focus has been on size in the context of coitus, even lesser endowed males have been known to have great sexual exploits.

And there have been many instances where supposedly generously endowed males have failed to impress.

This issue of having a smaller than desired penis can be a vital factor in every activity associated with manliness.

While it is easy to say so, I would persist in advising confidence.

If you put mind over body, it has been seen to pay off in many instances.

Remember that you are using supplements or devices as a support to aid you

Having a strong mind will go a long way to tide over any situation and help come up tops. 

A negative mindset in fact acts as a vicious circle. 

The more you let your mind dwell on ‘what if I can’t’ the more it will affect performance. 

Win the mind battle; there are enough options to help win the physical part of it.

Buying Advice

Leading Edge Health website is the best place to buy this product.

There are too many wannabes in the market floating around with claims of working a miracle. 

To what extent their claims are supported by actual facts is in question.

I bought mine from the website directly.

Not only did I get discount on my purchase but also was eligible for discount on purchase of other health supplements available on the website.


For someone who was skeptical to begin with, mine has been an astounding turnaround.

Not only do I know I have grown but I can see it in the eyes of my partner every time we are together.

I am in a much happier space now.

The best part about ProExtender is that it is a one-time investment for lifelong results.

I would recommend this product to everyone out there, men for themselves and women for their special men. 

See for yourself how beneficial this non-invasive product is and enjoy your new stint.

Frequently Asked Questions about ProExtender (FAQs)

Is there discrete packaging for ProExtender?

The company values its users’ need for privacy and the content is discretely put in plain packaging.

How long does it take to ship?

Orders are processed within 48 hours and shipped. Depending upon location and country-specific conditions, timing may vary for delivery.

What is the guarantee on the product?

ProExtender has an unheard-of offer of 100% refund 187 days from the date of order. This is sans shipping and handling charges.

Does the website have secure payment?

Purchasing from the website is totally safe and secure and payment is possible through various different cards.

What charges accrue upon user?

Charges for international customers depend upon taxation and duties for their country.

How soon can one expect to see results?

Results vary from person to person as well as duration of usage of device. However, it can be safely said that most users have noted results within 6 months of use.

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David Kessler, MD

David is a certified personal trainer, a licensed clinical pharmacist, and a practicing rheumatologist and immunologist for 7 years.



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